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April 19, 2024

did not liked it
existing vendor are getting counted even they do not use this portal to ship.
multi location option not available

About 2 months using the app
Shipturtle Apps Private Limited replied April 22, 2024

Hello, thanks for your feedback.
Currently there is no way in the app for us to distinguish between vendors who ship or do not. Our plans are basis the number of vendors existing on your store and we let merchants select their plan themselves according to their requirement.

Our team is trying to reach you to resolve this problem and see if there is anyway we can help here.

Thank you.

November 24, 2023

Not a good fit for us here in Europe, unfortunately. Glitchy app, complex UX, rendering issues, questionable ethics, translation errors.. Startup plan support requests for basic functions are met with a demand to "upgrade to at least the Peak Plan". Poor strategy, really; if the base plan fails to function properly what can be expected on a higher plan? Perhaps a misalignment in Eastern (indian)/Western business approaches, but this mentality wasn't sustainable for us.

About 1 month using the app
Shipturtle Apps Private Limited replied November 26, 2023

Hello Haeva store,
Apologize for your experience.
With customers across 50+ countries (over 80% in Europe and US), we have the flexibility to change the translation as per the customer wherever Google Translate does not work properly. As part of onboarding, we also advice the country-specific requirements for shipping / taxes / payouts.

Our plan features and support policy are published on the website and we often go beyond it as per customer's need.

Our team is trying to connect with you to understand your issues and solve them on priority.

November 29, 2021

We used shipturtle for 6 months with Enterprise plan and leaving it because their customer service is rubbish, they ask for money all the time, even for a demo, They will not show you how to process orders, how to do integration, they will say pay us our time is valuable. Their system has limitations but they don't check and ask us to make videos and send us. It was a bad experience overall working with stubborn people, We wasted our money and precious time but we had experience and that is what intending to share with you guys to take extra measures using this app. I dont think they deserve 1 start it should be -1.

British D'sire
United Kingdom
8 months using the app
Shipturtle Apps Private Limited replied November 29, 2021

Hi Wajid, as per our policy we give full onboarding demo and training to your team when you install the app and also support you on whatsapp chat so you can get answers to your queries easily within hours instead of replying to emails.
In your case, you hire new people and consultants on your team every 2 months and expect us to spend a few hours on call every month training them afresh. This is not possible for us since we have a lean team, and hence cost effective plans. We have actually gone out of our way to do the demo not once, but thrice with you.
All our features are extensively documented on our website, and your team can easily go through them to understand. In case something doesn't work specifically, we are always around to help.
I believe you would not be using the app for the last 6 months if you were not given complete support till date.
There is an expectation mismatch, if you expect someone to spend 1 day training your team each month, its not possible with our standard plans.

May 15, 2023

Several technical errors and glitches. The support team we're unhelpful and quite rude. We have since moved to Multi-Vendor Marketplace which we recommend.

Carhoots Car Gifts
United Kingdom
6 months using the app
Shipturtle Apps Private Limited replied May 15, 2023

Dear client,
We spent almost 1 hour with you to demostrate our app and features.
You wanted our support features on the Enterprise plan, while staying on a free plan.
We shared our website's published policy several times in our conversations lasting 2-3 days, but you insisted not to go with it.
Not a single error or glitch was shared by you, nor was any money charged.