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May 30, 2023

So far I'm using the free trial to try and get all of my images from Etsy to Shopify since they didn't all transfer with the CVS import. Updating is supposed to be a free feature, however even when I turn on the auto SKU generator it's not able to match my products and nothing is being updated. Was really hoping to use this app in the future to transfer new listings from Etsy to Shopify but as nothing seems to work I will have to keep looking. Pretty disappointed.

Spaced Out Mama
United States
Time spent using app: 9 days
May 15, 2023

Paid the monthly fee and paid $50 for all of the objects that I needed. Import finished and I'm missing pictures on many listings, and the variant images are also incorrect across many listings. Going to have to manually review everything. Sent in a request for help and I am still waiting. Not impressed.

Years of Patents
Time spent using app: 4 days
Edited February 28, 2023

If you have variations of products expect to pay more than just the $15.00 advertised, when it comes to my business I prefer instant support, it was hours before someone responded to my emails. This app has a Quota and if you go over the Quota it's more charges, I only have 89 products in my Etsy with many variation and would have had to pay a 1 time $69.00 just to resolve the syncing blockage they put on your account. I canceled and they still charged my account.

Trulee Universal
United States
Time spent using app: 7 days
omniWP replied March 16, 2023

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to share your review! We apologize if you've encountered any confusion or misunderstandings with Shuttle. We'd like to kindly clarify a few points to ensure that the accurate information is presented:

1. Variations do not impact your subscription cost or object pricing. A product with 1 or 100 variations is still considered a single product.

2. Our most affordable object tier costs $15 and can easily accommodate 89 products. Additionally, the Base Standard plan (9 USD/month) would also cover 89 products without any issue. The $69 objects tier mentioned in your review is designed for 5,000 objects, which exceeds your current needs.

3. As for the payment process, Shopify handles the billing for our app. When you subscribe to Shuttle, you are charged for the first month. If you choose to cancel, the charge for the first month still applies.

4. Finally, concerning support response times, please keep in mind that we are located in a different time zone. We received your request during our nighttime hours, which may have caused a delay in our response.

We appreciate your understanding and are always here to help if you have any further questions or concerns.

July 31, 2022

Really liked the app, until I paid for it and decided to cancel after most of my transfers were complete. It said I would be able to continue using the remaining data elements purchased until the end of the month, but it actually doesn't. It stops all your access right then and there and you cannot transfer anything further from that moment on. I literally had 3 days to use the app, but was charged for a month. Not really impressed and chose not to contact customer service to reimburse for $3. I was lazy and didn't want to manually enter in approximately 40 new entries from Etsy. Make sure you remember to cancel at the end of your monthly service.

Whale Paperie
United States
Time spent using app: 4 days
omniWP replied August 7, 2022

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave the review! It sounds like Shuttle saved you time transferring these 45+ products :) Please note that Shopify charges for the month at the beginning of the period, it is unable to predict how long you are going to use the app (it's applicable to all apps and services in Shopify), if you didn't feel the time Shuttle saved you worth 3USD, you could have just contacted us, and we would have issued a refund :) As to the inability to transfer after cancellation, I'm sure we would have been able to resolve this on the spot, if you had just contacted us. I'm sorry you felt leaving the reviews was the fair thing to do. But thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Edited April 1, 2022

Bait and switch. Nothing is said about how the stock syncing is a separate plan AND lowest level cost is $29/month. Even spoke with support pre-install and asked specifically about stock syncing and they made no mention of a separate plan.
Even if the stock syncing worked (which BTW doesn't look right on their admin panel for multiple Etsy shops) I would not use/buy this app because of their subterfuge. Updated: So now app developer is saying I should have gone to their website and should have known the inventory syncing was a different thing. Why wouldn't I think all the information I needed was presented on the Shopify App Store? As far as the pricing... First page within the app that mentions inventory syncing says $29/month - gee, so I was supposed to research further to know that they really would charge me something else? Developer's choice then is to be argumentative and tell me I'm being unfair? Best practice is always transparency.

Red Beauty Textiles
United States
Time spent using app: 20 minutes
omniWP replied April 1, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to leave this review!

I must correct a few things, please – first, the website and Shuttle's dashboard clearly separate between Shuttle's Base plans and the Syncing plans, also, the lowest cost of a Syncing plan is 15USD (which can be seen in the subscriptions page and on the website, which I assume you have not visited).

Shuttle comes in tiers, which allows you to pay only for the features you need, to ensure you are not overpaying for stuff that you don't plan to use. You have never asked us regarding plans, pricing or subscriptions – we have answered all your questions clearly.

I don't feel it's fair to leave a bad review for an app you haven't tried (you were still on free trial, and have not used any of its features). You also blame us of deceiving our customers, which is extremely unkind – even though all the information is easily available through the website or our dashboard. We do not hide anything from our users.

I'm sorry Shuttle did not fit your needs, but from there to leave a bad review while accusing us of subterfuge - that's not very kind of you.


February 10, 2022

can not transfer products from shopify to etsy. its been for 2 days. good thing i did not pay for it.

Time spent using app: 5 months
omniWP replied February 11, 2022


Thank you for taking the time to write this review!

I wish you would have sent us a message – as your issue was happening because you have not selected a Shipping Profile for your Etsy products. We would have helped you choose the right profile – and all products would have been transferred smoothly :)

Since you are still on your free trial, please feel free to give Shuttle another try, it won't disappoint, I promise :)

Best! Nimo

January 5, 2022

Buyer Beware. DO NOT SELECT A PLAN payment is taken and if you find it doesn't work for you you don't get your money back! This does not sync your product even if you upgrade to their syncing A product with zero inventory is transferred with a quantity of one creating inventory issues. and the worst part about it is you can't even try the app. you pay and then find out it doesn't work and your out even if you use for a half a day.

Rubbish Restyled
United States
Time spent using app: About 3 hours
omniWP replied January 5, 2022

Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave the review!

First, Shuttle comes with a free trial of transfers and syncing, so you have the time to make sure it works to your expectations, before you make a purchase.

Second - In the past 5 years, we have not refused a single refund request - so if you had contacted us, I'm sure we would have been able to either resolve your issue or issue a refund - but you did not contact us. You can still contact us, and we'll be happy to make Shuttle work for you, as it does for thousands of other merchants :)

Thank you again! Nimo

July 22, 2021

I purchased the paid plan which happened to have a limitation or "runs" (I didn't see mention of this before paying), which apparently I did with 2 or 3 button clicks. This is the absolute worse feature and quite a scam. Usually the paid plans for any apps will allow the user to use the software. They should have this app just free and not take people's money for no extra service.

United States
Time spent using app: 32 minutes
omniWP replied July 22, 2021


Thank you for taking the time to leave the review!

Shuttle's paid plans allow you for unlimited updates of products, and for different level of automations (auto transfers and review exports). They also provide a fixed amount of object quote per month (between 50 to 200) - if you need to perform a larger transfer, you need to purchase an object quota - it is clearly mentioned in the subscriptions page (and the website).

Please note that even after you purchase the quota, Shuttle is still significantly cheaper than its competition for what it offers :) So, its definitely not a scam.

I wish you would have contacted me before you left the review, I'm sure we would have found a fair solution. You could still drop me a line at any time :)

Thanks again!

January 8, 2021

I have this app and keep getting a error code every time I try to open it. When I try to contact customer support no one ever messages me or emails me back. Waist of money since I can’t use it.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 3 years
omniWP replied January 24, 2021

Hello, Thank you for leaving the reviews. Just to be fair, since the review paints a pretty bleak image :) I have personally communicated with the customer, the issue was resolved, and the customer has been using Shuttle for a few weeks now, without issues (as far as I can see)... thank you for the review again, and have a great day! :) Nimo

November 5, 2020

This app has gone right down hoill since the update and rebrand! Used to be so easy, click transfer and done! NOT SO EASY with this new app! You click transfer then nothing happens. You add products to queue, click update and it doesn't add any, maybe 1 out of 10. So confusing now. Not happy.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
omniWP replied November 6, 2020

Hello and thank you for leaving the review! I'm sorry you're feeling this way about Shuttle! I'll be happy to get you familiar with Shuttle and all its new wonderful features! It is different than Etsify, but I assure you its as easy to use :) Sorry for the confusion! Please contact me through the chat bubble in Shuttle and I'll be more than happy to assist! Thanks! Nimo