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Single Page Order Form (Wholesale & Consumer)

Single Page Order Form (Wholesale & Consumer)

Developed by Goldj

18 reviews
Price: $8.99 / month Free Trial: 8 days More info
  • Make ordering simple for your regular (recurring or wholesale) customers.
  • Save your customers time searching for products, Improve shop experience and boost conversion.
  • We integrate with wholesale pricing apps (Supple + Bold Apps)

Now your customers have easy access to your entire product list on a single page order form, so they can add multiple products directly to their cart. This is perfect for a shop with returning or wholesale customers who know exactly what they want to buy.

List products and variants.
Integrates with any shop theme.
Integrates with custom pricing and wholesale apps.
Hide items by product or by customer.
Works on Mobile so your regular and wholesale customers can order on the go!

To showcase Single Page Order Form(SPOF) follow these steps or visit our FAQ here.

1)Click update theme after installing.

2)Create a link to show the SPOF.

3)Point the link to your store's web address and add "/apps/shop"at the end. See Example here ---> http://your-shop-name.myshopify/apps/shop.

☞ See it in action Here!

And don't be shy if you need any help, send us an email so we can make it perfect for you!

*Note, there may be a small fee for supple + bold apps integration if it takes manual developer time.

Single Page Order Form (Wholesale & Consumer) reviews (18)


A great App, simple to install, our wholesale customers love the order form style. Support is fantastic, the Tech team helped me sort out what I thought was an issue with the App - when they discovered it was a problem with my own computer all along!! No issues with the App at all. Great service.


Fast, easy, simple to install, easy for the customers. Technical support has been great!


WOW! I just set this up yesterday, told my customers and the 1st user said:

Super easy and I spent more because of it! I often would limit my order due to frustration looking for the items and going back and forth. This is a huge improvement!

And I set the thing up in no time. Nicely done folks!


Fantastic app with great customer service. Very easy to use, and is the perfect way to help customers find the products they're looking for without searching through every product. This is one of the best and most helpful apps I've used so far, and I highly recommend it to all ecommerce shopify users!


Great app and awesome support. The guys helped me integrate it with both our sites and were easy and fast at communicating. Excellent work!


The single page order form is a "must have" for anyone that is offering wholesale. We are using it in conjunction with Supple Apps Wholesale, Membership and BOGO. Support worked quickly and proficiently to integrate the order form with the other apps which required some tweaking to make them all play well together. Over all I'm very pleased with the results. Now our wholesale customers can quickly order the products they need without having to shop like retail customers. A+ guys!


This team was great to work with, we set this store up for our client and had to get an integration set with Supple Apps Wholesale app, and time was of the essence, and the team over here got us up and running in not time, and even helped us out when we changed our entire order form list. 5 star service all the way around, and great app.


App provides a solid solution to a problem we've been working with for some time. The support staff was incredibly helpful and well-versed! I would certainly recommend this app to all looking for a good solution to quick ordering or a B2B portal.


Works well right away. Easy to install and configure


This will be the first 1 star review we have ever left for an application. We work great with many other organized applications on Shopify. We were approached by the programmers of this application in the beginning stages of their application, and tried to work with them on issues we were having with their software.

Since the very beginning they were slow to fix issues, and the application was not even working properly for the 2-3 months. Please keep in mind during the down time, we were still on their pay subscription. After updates were made, we would provide feedback on what features needed to be modified or added. Each time it we would receive some sort of attitude from the developer.

Technical support was extremely unprofessional and unpleasant to deal with. They definitely have the attitude you owe them every time you ask for support or changes. Eventually we decided to move on as it was just taking too long to get things done.

Before uninstalling the application we noticed many of the features we mentioned were now available and the application was working much better, but still has some bugs and aesthetic issues. But here is the best part. After most of the issues were fixed, their team made us feel we owe it to him to keep the application, that they programmed all the fixes for us. Are you serious? The fixes we mentioned would help your existing clients and future clients when using your product, not just us! I highly doubt they created this application for one single user.

In all, the application is actually better than than before, but I wish you luck with support.

$8.99 / month
8 days

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