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February 13, 2024

Smartrr has been a great partner over the last 2+ years. Way better than ReCharge. Casey has been our point of contact and has always been super responsive and available. Highly recommend this app if you are looking for a feature rich Subscriptions app.

Wholesome Story
United States
Over 2 years using the app
March 20, 2024

Smartrr has revolutionized our subscription service with its intuitive interface and innovative features. Their exceptional customer service stands out, offering quick resolutions and demonstrating a genuine commitment to our success. Since adopting Smartrr, we've observed improved customer satisfaction and retention, significantly boosting our recurring revenue. Highly recommended for elevating subscription services.

CRYO Kratom
United States
12 months using the app
February 9, 2024

Highly recommend Smartrr! Great platform, and they're constantly launching enhancements to make it even better. Their client service is best-in-class - our account manager acts as a true strategic partner, and jumps to action whenever we have a question or issue. Very glad we picked Smartrr for subscriptions!

United States
Over 1 year using the app
Edited March 14, 2024

The core functionality works well, but very dissapointing experience with support. I've reached out over the last 3 months about broken Gorgias integration, which they advertise. All I get is the team is looking at it. Never any followup unless I email.

It hasn't been resolved, and I've been dropped by support.

If it works out of the box you're in luck. If you need any kind of support with something not working as advertised, you'll wish you went with another app.

UPDATE: Lead developer reached out and was very helpful in providing great communication and helping resolve the issues we were having. Updating to 5 stars.

Drone Deer Recovery
United States
4 months using the app
February 12, 2024

The Smartrr team have been fantastic over the past year. They are responsive, innovative and are growing alongside us. It feels like a partnership where we can input on their product and they listen.

United Kingdom
Over 1 year using the app
September 15, 2023

I first heard of Smartrr last year during several informative webinars and was intrigued by their subscriber account portal and seamless back-end management of the tool. I decided to investigate them since our online customers were having several problems using our subscription platform and we had multiple technical glitches.

I’ll admit, I was hesitant because Smartrr was new. However, after moving our store from WordPress to Shopify, I was trying to build the best tech stack possible with apps we could rely on long term. I gained more appreciation for Smartrr after learning that they went through a rigorous process in order to be selected as a verified Shopify application. This gave me more confidence that their technology would work seamlessly with our Shopify store.

Their entire team was phenomenal in terms of communication. They detailed the differences between their platform versus the one I was using. They weren’t pushy to try and sell their tool. Rather, they truly wanted to help me learn how their platform would address the concerns and issues I was having with the other subscription platform. In addition, with the number of features that came standard with Smartrr, and at a very cost-efficient price point, I just knew we had to give them a try.

Since switching to the Smartrr app, we’ve been able to provide an optimal experience for our online customers. We’ve also eliminated the technical issues we were previously having due to the other subscription platform. The Smartrr team is also constantly looking for feedback so that they may continue to develop and provide even better service for us.

Honestly, I don’t feel like Smartrr is just a subscription app – they’re our partners, and they’re striving for success along with us. If you’re thinking of adding subscription to your store, or you’re looking to switch – don’t hesitate to reach out to Smartrr.

Wild Planet Foods
United States
4 months using the app
August 11, 2023

We launched our subscription program with Smartrr and it quickly became 75% of our returning customer sales. They have a small but mighty team that continues launch new functionalities. The level of service and support from the Smartrr team was incredible and better than any other App partner we've worked with.

United States
Over 1 year using the app
September 12, 2023

Amazing app that streamlined our subscription service for our loyal customers. Beyond that, the customer service is miles ahead of the competition. Would highly recommend for any entrepreneur

United States
About 1 year using the app
April 22, 2022

We switched from Recharge to Smartrr and haven't looked back. The transition was extremely smooth and none of our members had any issues with their accounts. The Smartrr team helped us throughout the entire transition. Highly recommend!

Cooking Panda's Store
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
smartrr replied May 18, 2022

Thank you for your review! We are so grateful to be partnered up with the Cooking Panda team and look forward to growing together.

January 3, 2022

This was the easiest software decision I've ever had to make! Smartrr is 1000000x better than any subscription software out there and our customers are saying the same. We received complaint after complaint while using other subscription providers (you probably know who I'm talking about) and our CX tickets for customer service were through the roof. With Smartrr, our churn has significantly decreased, our customers are incredibly happy (and actually buying more - so our LTV is very happily increasing) and we are scaling our subscription business very efficiently. If you haven't already - time to make the move over to Smartrr!

United States
Over 2 years using the app
smartrr replied January 14, 2022

Thank you so much! Makes our day to hear how Smartrr has been able to help Rejuvia. Cheers to a great partnership :)