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March 25, 2024

This app does not consider tax, so its not helpful when the customer tender amount for one of the split payments is fixed!

Mike's Bikes
United States
About 2 months using the app
Edited November 30, 2017

An honest review:

I am not sure why this isn't a fundamental shopify option. The idea is great. I have had some time to test the app and found I problems a few times.

Support are also very slow, and either don't understand english, or are simply stupid. They will waste a lot of your time and cost you alot of money.
I really don't think the Devs of this app are really competent as theres issue after issue with this app. I have never been able to use it for a whole week with out issues.
Its not a simple install.
Theres a lot that needs to be changed in CSS and it isn't completely responsive. I had to get them to fix it because it overlaps on many mobile phones. Still to this day, you cannot use it because it overlaps on some mobile screens. Devs don't know what they are doing again.

Theres a payment widget that pops up with your new split orders. That widget breaks your website. I will disable anything and everything that its on top of.
If it sits on your menu bar, say goodbye to your whole menu. You cant click anything. Making the app useless and you lose sales.

All in all. I have good hopes for this app but I cannot see it being used untill it works and support sort their stuff out. Because as of right now, Alex from support is about as useful as a potato changing the the light globe.

2 stars, one for a great idea. and 2 for it being free.

Emer Jones Apparel
3 months using the app
Edited March 27, 2020

Initially gave this app a 1 star review. PLEASE NOTE: THIS APP DOES NOT TAKE ANY AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS. It simply splits the payments for your customers, and you have to rely on your customers honor to pay during the time period you give them. Well, I had 5 customers that didn't pay once the deadline came and went. Now, their status says "expired" on the app. Now, I have to take the time to email each customer individually that a payment has not been made, because I cannot do anything about this status on the app. I was informed I can't do anything once the deadline has passed. I'm now out $150. If customers knew this about any shop that carries this app, they could actually just wait to get their item, and decide not to pay since it's not an automatic payment. I can't rely on customers to honor their word to pay once they've received the item. There's no incentive then. Gave an extra star for the customer service rep that calmly helped me.

Rock Blocks
United States
About 1 month using the app
FINLOOP SOLUTIONS LLC replied March 27, 2020

Thanks for your feedback. We tried to contact you via email, please drop us a line at your convenience in order to discuss the situation.

March 22, 2018

This App needs to improve. It didn't solve my billing problems through shopify for the following reasons:

- The Deposit feature is replaced by Discount which is very confusing
- You can not give any discounts on the items once you add them to the order. (you would have to go change the initial price of your product every time; it doesn't make sense)
- The app forwards automatically 2 different invoices to the client that are confusing

Casa Suarez1
7 days using the app
Edited April 7, 2020

UPDATE: I would like to update to say I was contacted almost immediately after posting my review and offered support in a very professional and customer-focused manner. If I could give a separate review for the developer it would most likely be a 5 star review. For the app itself, though, my rating remains at 2 stars until the issues below are changed.
The app basically does what the description states. However, the method used creates several issues.
1. It uses a discount code to 'remove the other half' of the order total. As a result, customers cannot use any discount codes they would normally use.
2. Since it creates 2 duplicate orders and uses a discount code to remove half the payment, when the customer completes the first order, they now have a receipt for a PAID IN FULL order saying that they were GIVEN A DISCOUNT of 1/2 off (and free shipping because it sets the first checkout to free shipping to prevent charging shipping twice). Technically speaking, they have paid in full for an order and are entitled to the merchandise based on the receipt they now have, and the store is now out 50% of the value of the order. Even if you cancel the order and refund the 50% the customer paid, they have full grounds and DOCUMENTATION to run around and leave reviews and tell people that you provide bad service because you "cancelled their order just because you didn't want them to get the discount you originally gave them."
3. If you have free shipping set up in your shipping settings, based on a minimum order amount, and its set to calculate the amount after any discounts are applied, this app will not be compatible. For example, say your settings are for free shipping for orders of $50 or more after discounts are applied. Your customer creates an order for $60 and wants to split payment. The app creates 2 duplicate orders and sets the first one for $30 and free shipping with a $30 discount, and sets the second one for $30 with a $30 discount. On the second one, because the total is less than $50 the customer now can't get free shipping.

The concept is nice and would be very helpful, but the method used to execute it here is just not well thought out given even the most elementary potential failure modes.
I am waiting on a customer now to finish paying the 2nd half of an order and then will be uninstalling. Best of luck in the future. If these issues are corrected I would be willing to try again.

Mels Crafty Mojo LLC
United States
3 days using the app
FINLOOP SOLUTIONS LLC replied April 8, 2020

Thanks for your feedback. We tried to contact you over the phone and via email but didn't receive any response yet. Please drop us a line at your convenience in order to discuss the situation. Thanks in advance!