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July 9, 2019

REVIEW(A productive criticism):
I heard about Subliminator on YouTube, the reviews were good, and since I'm implementing All over Print into my store, I wanted to try it.

I currently use Printful, with 10 to 20 orders a day, switching to another provider needs to be well thought.

✅5/5 QUALITY OF PRODUCT: I have nothing to say about the quality, the shirt is PERFECT, looks as good as the pricier Printful all over shirt.

✅ 5/5 CUSTOMER SERVICE: The owner is present and accessible through Facebook what the heck you can't get better service

✅ 5/5 PACKAGING: not a single chinese word! Packaged professionally, arrived in perfect condition, no complaints.

✅ 4/5 PLATFORM: It's user friendly, not as good as Printful, but I can live with it since it's not something that would impact the customer experience.

❌ 1/5 FULFILLMENT: It took the full 7 days mentioned in the website to fulfill, it even took around 24h for the order to be submitted and the transaction to pass.
Compared to Printful that submits the order right away, and fulfills my shirts sometimes even the same day.

❌ 3/5 SHIPPING: I don't have much to say about shipping, I'd like it to be faster, but I understand that's not something you have much control on.

I ordered the shirt(as a customer through my store) on June 19th, I received it on July 9th.
Which means it'd take my customer 20 days to actually get their item.

Conclusion: The company has a lot of potential, it could easily become one of the top providers. The product itself is amazing, but shipping and fulfillment time doesn't justify the price.

Will I use Subliminator? With 7 full days to fulfill? No.
If that gets fixed, and my customers get their orders faster? DEFINITELY!

I hope my review helps both the company and its clients.
I will bump it up to 5 stars as soon as fulfillment improves

1NTIK Boutique
Over 1 year using the app
Subliminator replied December 3, 2019

Thank you for the thorough review.

Giving us a 1/5 for fulfillment is not really fair, since we clearly state our production time to be 4-7 days. Which in this case was 7 days, so that should not have come as a surprise. Although our average sits well around 4-5 days for production.

In the mean time we've also added FedEx shipping as an option to upgrade your orders. On average we're seeing about 9-12 days from order to delivery when this upgrade is used. Give it a try and we'd love to hear what you think of it now.

February 28, 2021

5 stars for the quality of the actual product and ease of use of the app. However, trying to get in touch with the Subliminator team for any question or issues either aren't answered altogether or takes a chunk of time to do so. I still will use their service because of the quality of the product, but I hope they improve with their customer support team.

Another Day Ali
9 months using the app
Subliminator replied March 7, 2021

Thank you for your review. I do agree that our previous support software was not the best option. It would request the same info from you on numerous occasions.

We've made the switch to a new one, which has been a much better experience for our merchants. We started using it this last Monday. And it should recognise you as a merchant after your first interaction, as well as being able to see previous conversations you'll have with us. Give it a try, and let us know if that is what you meant that could be improved.

June 11, 2020

I'm looking at using the app, but I'm wondering how payment works. Does it charge the card I provide directly for the base cost of each order, or does it withdraw the cost from the customers account?

Eatin ribs, ownin libs
United States
9 days using the app
Subliminator replied June 11, 2020

Hi :)

So the purpose of Shopify app store reviews is to give your opinion of us after you've used us, had some orders fulfilled, etc. Other potential new clients will look at the reviews given here, and your 3-star review of us based on absolutely nothing will only bring down our average. So removing this review would be greatly appreciated, since it isn't really a review.

Having said that: Your question is not really related to any print-on-demand service. As the principle with Shopify is that you always receive the funds from your customer into your account. The money can never go directly from your customer to a print-on-demand provider. From your side you add a billing method inside the billing settings of Subliminator.

So for example: You sell a hoodie for $60 > You get paid the $60 to your store > Subliminator automatically charges you the basecost + shipping of $34 through the billing method you've set up inside the Subliminator App.

For the next time please just contact our support through and we'll be glad to help you further over there.

Thank you :)