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Terrible experience and terrible customer service.
We just added Recharge and some of the products were set to be subscription forever, although we wanted to undo them.
Not only that, now our customers cannot add them to their cart, it is a massive bug. Currently is costing us some money. We asked for help, and they didn't get back to us. Every day we are losing money and still waiting for a response

Myles Fitness

Horrible customer service, and horrible product. Crashed multiple times a week, and clients were then unable to check out. Multiple day wait times to hear from back from customer service. This has happened to my website now 6 times, and they have failed to provide any help or reasoning behind it. Would not recommend this product to anymore.


If you offer Free Shipping coupon codes. Their system will NOT match the shopify "limit up to $x". So if a customer orders a $50 they will get $150 free overnight FedEx. It is idiodic. Yet they reply "But free usually means free" And they just see it as yet another of 100 little upgrade requests. Costs me an arm and a leg. Please fix!

Modern Piping

I don't usually rate things but this app is beyond bad. Not only do their customer service take days to get back to you when you need an answer quickly but the actual recharge app never opens on Shopify. Or is extremely slow. Even on different browsers, devices with high-speed internet. The app is super buggy, my product frequency changed without my knowledge on the backend due to a system update and my customers were over charged. Unless you have a developer who can work on the app and customise it for you and fix things quickly I would not recommend.

Bible Hint

This app is absolutely horrible. There is so much custom code and it is incredibly slow to load. I get so many errors when trying to set up the product. I am a software engineer and am currently debating building a product that actually works for subscription products on Shopify. If I am having issues, I can only imagine how many a non-technical person would have. I'd go with another app.

eFlow Nutrition

None existent customer service. Charges don't go through and tech support doesn't know why and won't answer you. Impossible to get help

Elie’s Bowtiful Bows

IF YOU CAN AFFORD PAYING FOR ANOTHER APP, PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR CLIENTS MONEY AND DO NOT USE RECHARGE My previous review said that the customer service was great... They upgraded me to the advanced support because of a big problem that their software caused. BUT I think it's even worse than before.... Support takes days to reply. They assure me that problems are resolved and the same things are still happening. All my new subscribers get Recharged in double for their first subscription. It's frustrating to try an explain to NEW customers what is happening and then I have to refund them which I lose money doing because of transaction fees.... I've been growing with a rate of about twenty new subscribers per month.... So you can imagine the issues I'm dealing with.... Support is almost unexistant at this point Even though I was upgraded to the advantage level support for the issue below... BEWARE there is an issue when applying store wide discounts to your website for sales and such, even if you choose NOT to apply discounts on the Subscriptions when creating in shopify, the system does not take that into account and provides the discounts anyways. You have to manually code the discount into the recharge app, which might I add is not a simple task if you don't have the knowledge to do that. This issue cost me 250$. But they were quick to offer free advantage plan support for three months. Please read carefully when choosing this platform to make sure you don't have a similar issue. Back end could use some work. They should revise how they display upcoming subscriptions, and they don't really take into account if you have more than one type of sub, because they just bundle everything together in the back end.... could be confusing some times. Customer tagging based on subscription type should be editable, because it would solve multiple issues.... Including a list of customers for specific subs, make it easier to count how many I need to prepare, and also make syncing with Mailchimp a breeze as all my lists are managed manually now...

Our Daily Bottle

Significant issues are left unresolved
We have an integration with and we have flagged many times that there are some significant issues with the way recharge has set it up. We flagged this to Rise as well. They are aware of it and explained that many customers are experiencing the same issue and that recharge can easily make a plan to make the integration work smoother. However, as it turns out they are not prioritising this leaving ourselves and many other merchants to their mercy. What is this issue? We have a subscription business, obviously. Recharge works with one integration only for gift cards, which is When customers receive a gift card and we need to correctly register it, recipients need to give in credit card details in check-out, which to many is a serious issue. I have flagged and flagged this numerous times, I know for a fact other merchants have too and they refuse to do something about it. Not taking any responsibility. It has led to so much manual work and inconvenient workarounds that we have come to a point where we actually can't scale if we keep using recharge. I'm currently looking at other options than recharge, because gifting is a major part of our income and their refusal to remove this UX obstacle is revenue-impacting.


There are better subscription solutions out there. I tried using this app for subscriptions, but I had to change the API keys for my payment provider and ReCharge doesn't allow us to to change API keys securely in the app, and the support team asked me to email them the new API keys, which is completely insecure. How can I trust a company that suggests that? Any decent app would allow me to securely update the keys directly in the app, without having to contact their support team, or send via insecure methods.


This app is really one of the worst apps I've ever used. I started using shopify about a year and a half ago and started using Recharge since May for context. I have tried for the past 5 months to accept the flaws but it is terrible. To put it simply, every month there are errors to which support just replies "there are many reasons for errors", and i have to ask about 2-3 times before the charges are regenerated. I am not sure if they don't understand me but they always go a roundabout way before finally understanding my request. The number of things that cause errors is phenomenal. A customer can be subscribed and charged fine for 2 months, NO changes made on their part or mine, and suddenly the next month there's an error. A customer can purchase from me normally, but then under the subscription apparently there's no shipping zone set up? How is that possible when they purchase from me ALL the time or just was subscribed the month before? If you want a charge regenerated you can't even list the names of the customers. You have to provide them with the email address. Imagine if you have 100 errors, you have to click through the customer's page, copy and paste the email addressed INDIVIDUALLY to support to get it done? No to mention they take forever to reply you? The last straw was I had insufficient inventory listed, which is my fault, and so the charge had to be regenerated. I set it to charge the next day, it did not. I emailed support and they regenerated it for me, but suddenly the next month's charges were ALL errored. SO the problem just carried forward to the next month? and If i manually retry the charge, all the bills turn to $0? Why should one error just lead to another? To multiple others actually. And if you email them about the multiple errors they seem to only respond to one at a time. Example: Email problem A and B, answers A and then bot sends "how would you rate my support?" when i haven't even got B sorted out? Terrible app for 60USD, terrible support. App needs SOO much work. I don't even know why it is launched. It’s very suspicious that all the bad reviews were removed and only shows reviews from 6 Nov onwards. My review is truthful, please be warned.

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