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Subscriptions by ReCharge

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4D Mascara

Support is slow and makes it impossible to hit any real world deadlines. 8 hours for every reply from them and each of their responses starts with "Apologies for the delay" but in reality they cripple a business for 2 full business days

Coffee Hero

Worst customer service support and such a confusing app to use. Looking for another solution. I cannot see my rulesets and customer service takes two days to get back and every message you send back to them will need two days to respond. Absolute joke of an app. I lost so many customers as the recharge app was telling my customers i had no stock.

Kill Cliff

With the pricing they charge, I'm not sure what they spend their development time on...

From Migration:
You send them a file with fields mapped, but you are responsible for everything. What I mean by this is they do not report any errors or potential errors back, its on you to export what they imported in and check it against what you sent them.
The other issue is that we migrated from another platform that allowed customers to have more than 1 card vaulted. ReCharge would only allow us to use a customer ID and pulled the "Default" card on the customer record. We had to go through 3000+ customer records manually to make sure the card on file for their subscription was set to their "Default" card. A better solution would have been for ReCharge to allow the unique token id that referenced the customer and the exact card they were using.
Another issue we had was with the frequency, but some of that I'll take the blame for. We switched from offering every Month or every other Month as shipping frequency options. We setup 30 Days or 60 Days. Instead of being able to map those during import, ReCharge imported as is. While this did not affect orders from processing correctly, it did cause an issue when customers try to edit that frequency. Since they didn't write their code to handle both frequency (30, 60, 90 etc) and interval (days, months, etc) my customers are presented with the option of 30 or 60 MONTHS, yes MONTHS when they try to change their frequency. I've since been able to fix by exporting all our subscriptions, editing the frequency and interval manually and having them re-import.

For whatever reason ReCharge has discounts, but they didn't set it up to handle the basic logic that Shopify does. So you can't setup discounts like:
1) Fixed $ amount or % off an order
2) discounts off specific products/variants

It only lets you set % and $ off ALL PRODUCTS in your cart, as specific product (yes, a SINGLE product...apparently they forgot what multiselect is), or a specific collection. While some people might not mind creating a collection for every single discount they setup in ReCharge, a collection still does not get you the option to exclude/include specific variants.

While ReCharge does seem to read products to see if they are taxable, they didn't think it important enough to read the customer record to see if they are tax exempt or not. So we currently have hundreds of customers screaming at us that we are charging them sales tax even though they are tax exempt. ReCharge's suggestion: "A lot of our customers just give the customer a discount." Yes, because I'm sure the IRS will take the excuse: "Oh yes, I know our accounting software is showing we collected all that money in taxes, but it really wasn't taxes, we gave a discount. You see?" What could possibly go wrong?

This is great app but the charge is too much $59 a month is too much.I dont think i would want to spend that. Bold works better for me

The Keto Co

Integration is manual by them and it takes ages with no answer. don't be fooled by nice graphics they show to you. it is waste of time and effort

Reverse Activewear

This app caused nothing but problems. Confusing to set up and there is never anyone to answer you questions. They put the code in the wrong subscription so it wasn't saving my customers information. Then it would double charge customers after the dates I selected to be reoccurring. It was a nightmare.

Potty Plant

We have been waiting for over a month for Recharge to get our store working correctly. Despite contacting them it is still not setup. Beware if you think this is an easy integration, they have to write custom code to make it work with a standard theme and it also uses a completely different checkout to Shopify so you dont benefit from any of Shopify's checkout features as it is a poor clone.


I hate the fact that I cannot have it billed through Shopify, but instead I have to manage a separate subscription. Utterly pointless and unnecessary!


Awful app tried to uninstall it and now its messing with our cart and not allowing customers to checkout !

Hhn Marketplace

Extremely poor customer service! pissed me off. I emailed Recharge Support team 4 TIMES!!! and did not receive any type of response back for someone to assist me in setting up and installing the Recurring app! this has gone on for weeks! The app seems great, but the customer support from Recharge is extremely poor and unprofessional!! I do not want to invest into a app where the customer support will always be like this. I have been really patient to hear back from Recharge, probably more than I should have and I'm just fed up. I'm going to Bold Recurring Subscription app which offers a whole lot more fantastic, robust features, which is probably where I should have went at anyway because I have history with Bold Support team and they always provide 100% top-notch customer service and they're very prompt and professional in responding to their customers unlike Recharge team.

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