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Swym Wishlist+

Swym Wishlist+

Developed by Swym Corporation

22 reviews
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  • Smart wishlist for your site that doesn't require users to be logged in, and includes their browsing history on your site
  • One-click install, simple customization and rich insights into your site engagement metrics
  • Intuitive and always-on access for shoppers to their Browsing/Shopping History on your site

Help customers pick up where they left off

Swym’s intuitive Wishlist+ module blends in with your site and allows users to save their shopping sessions, bookmark their favorite products, and keep track of their activity – all in one module. This provides continuity in the shopper’s purchase journey even if they switch between multiple devices and channels, helping you create a a truly seamless shopping experience for them.

** App Update :

  • Nov 21 - Enabled support for an optional hosted Wishlist page on your store, in addition to the default popup UI

  • Nov 1 - Instantly preview changes to your site post app install

  • Oct 17 - Enabled support for Add to Wishlist+ button on Product Collections pages

  • Oct 10 - Performance improvements, bug fixes for Swym Dashboard

  • Oct 1 - Currency settings are now automatically derived from the site, and with that change, Swym Relay will now support all currencies that Shopify supports

Why Swym Wishlist+?

Purchase journeys are now carried out over multiple sessions, and likely spanning more than one device/channel. Shoppers begin their journey on one device and continue on another, and it is a challenge for them to continue from where they stopped earlier - making it imperative for e-commerce sites to connect these sessions and provide a consistent shopping experience across devices and channels. That's very hard to do given users typically don't log in.

Swym Wishlist+ makes it easier for these shoppers to ‘Pick up where they left off’. With Wishlist+, the shopper's activity is intuitively organized for them via the UI module, is always available and connected to all their devices. The module also triggers highly relevant engagement alerts while the user is on-site, at key stages in the purchase journey to ensure discoverability and ease-of-use. Its everything you'd like in a smart shopping assistant on your site, and available as a feature that you can brand as you see fit.

With Swym Wishlist+ you can:

  • Enable shoppers to capture and carry their shopping activity across devices/channels with our platform’s cloud capability

  • Leverage on-site context specific notifications and off-site email campaigns - triggered due to shopper activity on your website

  • Make data-backed e-commerce marketing decisions with our smart dashboard
  • Want to see how Swym Wishlist+ works on a live store? Check out our demo store.

    Getting started

    Setting-up Swym Wishlist+ is quick and simple - just login into the Dashboard by clicking on the Swym Wishlist+ app from your Shopify Admin console, follow the steps under ‘Deploy’ and you'll be live with your new Wishlist in seconds.

    * FAQ
    Find answers to common queries regarding Wishlist+ app on our FAQ post

    Here’s a quick overview of the benefits some Swym customers have seen:

    • Conversion rates for Swym sessions that are 4x higher than the site average

    • A typical increase of 25-30% in the Average Order Value (AOV) for a Swym-influenced purchase

    • 2x lift in site engagement features like the Wishlist because the login barrier is removed

    *The metrics above are based on past data from existing customers, actual performance metrics on your site might vary

    The best part? Its FREE!

    The Swym Wishlist+ app is free. No fine print, just free. We offer a rich set of features completely free of cost in our basic app. We do plan to offer a Premium version in the near future with even more compelling features that that will be a Paid app, but rest assured that a FREE version will always be available.

    Other apps by Swym that you may find useful

    Watchlist: Allow shoppers to subscribe to product alerts on your site and get automatically notified when those updates happen. Check it out at http://swym.it/shopify-watchlist

Swym Wishlist+ reviews (22)


This is a very excellent apps for online store. Their support is very helpful and responsive. I give 5 stars to this Apps. Can check the Apps in my store at www.venustjewelry.com


It is very modern looking and will give your site an expensive look. It does so much.

Also, it is super easy to install. No messing with code.

I can't believe this is free. Thank you Swym! I look forward to additional features you will be adding.

I wish I could keep this a secret, but the developers deserve credit. :)


Wonderful app and great support!


Amazing app! I love it!


Love this ap! Works a treat and the support team were absolutely amazing when I wanted to make cosmetic changes. I can't believe its free. Wonderful work guys, thank you!!!!!




Great App! Super easy to install. Customer support is exceptional. They anticipated my websites individual needs without having to ask. Lovely personal experience, doesn't make you feel like another number in the queue. Highly recommended.


Excellent app. Gives a very professional feel to my site! Had some teething problems but the support is exceptional, quick replies and keen to help me. First class


WOW - fantastic service from the Swym Team.

I mentioned a couple of improvements and within a couple of hours one important one had been implemented for us.

The other improvement is on their list already so we are happy to wait for it.

I can't rate their service higher than five stars but a big thanks from us here at www.truetalon.com


First off - great customer support from Arvind. He replies to emails quickly and helps out the best he can. Even made a couple of improvements after we made a request.

Works well and set-up is super easy.

Thanks from The Gift and Gadget Guys (www.giftandgadgetguys.co.nz)



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