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Wishlist Plus

Wishlist Plus

Developed by Swym Corporation

254 reviews
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  • Smart wishlist for your Shopify store that doesn't require users to be logged in
  • Seamless integration with your Shopify store
  • Get rich insights on your customers Wishlisted items and site engagement

Swym Wishlist+ features:

  • Easy customization of the look and feel of the Wishlist+ module

  • Seamless integration of a smart Wishlist module with your Shopify store

  • No login needed for your shoppers to add to Wishlist

  • Easily sync user activity across devices and make their history available to them on any of their devices

  • Shoppers can share their Wishlist with friends and family

  • Smart dashboard providing you metrics and reports of the Wishlist activities on your Shopify store

Want to see how Swym Wishlist+ works on a live Shopify store? Check out our demo store

Need help configuring the Wishlist app to match your website look and style? Just email us at support@swymcorp.com


Find answers to common queries regarding Wishlist+ app in our FAQ section

Why Swym Wishlist+?

Purchase journeys are now carried out over multiple sessions, and likely spanning more than one device/channel. Shoppers begin their journey on one session and continue on another, possibly days later, and it is a challenge for them to continue from where they stopped earlier - making it imperative for e-commerce sites to connect these sessions and provide a consistent shopping experience across devices and channels. That's very hard to do given users typically don't log in.

Swym Wishlist+ makes it easier for these shoppers to ‘Pick up where they left off’. With Wishlist+, the shopper's activity is intuitively organized for them via the UI module, is always available and connected to all their devices.

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Wishlist Plus reviews

254 reviews
  1. 5 stars (240 reviews)
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This is the best Wishlist option for any Shopify store. It is easy to set up and the customer support I received was fantastic!
We have a very customized store, and wanted to use this Wishlist as part of a marketing strategy. They helped us get it where we needed it to be!

Thank You to the Swym Team!


I love this app so much. Really easy to install and you're able to design the look and placement of the wishlist button. I came across an issue and contacted the support team. I then added them to my staff accounts and they were very kind and eager to help me. They ended up fixing the error I made and I could not be happier with the service and support.


WORLD CLASS SUPPORT. Any customizations you need, they'll take care of it immediately.


It's a great app for my Shopify store. Now my shoppers don't have to log in to access their wishlist. It will surely help my store's conversions.


Great app with good customer service! We definitely recommend having a wishlist, to keep your shoppers coming back.


Costumer service is very good, the app works fine, a bit slow when the page loading but overall good and free product! Very recommend!


Really easy to set up and their analytics setup is well done and easy to understand, even in the free version.

I was having some issues, my pop-up window was buggy. When I contacted support, they discovered that there was a compatibility issue with the wishlist menu item and my theme. This was no surprise because Brooklyn has caused issues with other apps as well. They offered to fix it for me by putting a wishlist icon in the header. I asked them to mimic the red dot like the cart has when there is something in the cart and they agreed. Within 8 hours I had a perfect little icon up there with full dot functionality. They even got it to work with the light/dark color scheme switching that Brooklyn does.

I would highly recommend this app to anybody and everybody.


Looks perfect on the store the staff were very helpful and blended in the icon with the theme like a I asked,


I love this little app and the support is exceptional. If you want to see what it looks like check out my site - https://fashion-favourites.com/collections/work/products/elegant-contrast-floral-print-patchwork-a-line-dress - there are a variety of options on how you want it to look and work such as popup, own page, colours etc. The red icon on the footer shows all the items you add to the wishlist. If you get stuck with anything the support is very responsive. Very impressed.


The perfect wishlist app! Super easy to install, gives great insights/reports and the customer service is spectacular!
I had a couple of issues getting access to the app because of changes on my shopify store and they were so quick to help by not only showing me what I did wrong, but fixing it for me too!
The support and app functionality continue to impress me! Check it out on my store: todogswear.ca

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