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Merchants highly recommend this print-on-demand app for its user-friendly interface, extensive product range, and regular addition of new items. They praise the product quality, leading to high customer satisfaction, and commend the responsive customer service, particularly the leadership. The app's competitive pricing, fast fulfillment, and shipping times are appreciated, as is the automated order tracking and fulfillment process. The app is recognized for its commitment to resolving issues and celebrating wins.

October 26, 2023

Oh boy, I really wanted to like this app. I downloaded it today, launched 1 product and immediately had issues. With jewelry, they send a text box for customization. Well you can't select the finish until you add the name into this unmarked box. The box is also located just above the add to cart button. Somehow they have it locked down that you cannot change the order of any options for this product. You cannot take the box out, label it or list it first. This is confusing as everything is grayed out until that box is filled. I contacted customer support and was told it was a shopify issue (I spoke to them first) and that I should just put a note in to fill out the box first. I'm sorry I have to just deal with the bad coding? Uh no. This is my business and if you cannot correct something to make it functional, and let's be honest, correct, I don't think we can be in business together. First day 2 hours, waste of time. If they contact me regarding this and fix the issue I will update my review.

The Sandy Merchant
United States
About 4 hours using the app
teelaunch replied October 28, 2023

Very sorry for the issues, I've reached out to you this morning to figure out how I can resolve this for you.

May 17, 2023

Extremely poor customer service despite multiple emails. Extremely long waits for shipping. Avoid them. There are plenty other POD companies who actually take care of their customers.

United States
6 months using the app
April 2, 2022


Helicity Designs
United States
Over 6 years using the app
teelaunch replied April 5, 2022

This issue has been fixed and we apologize for the short downtime. We tried to contact you about this but your email bounced back. Please reach out if you are still having trouble.

November 9, 2018

They don't give accurate shipping times. One of their printing facilities was affected by a hurricane weeks ago yet they've continued to take orders for the items they knew they wouldn't be able to fulfill anytime soon without telling sellers but continuing to charge them when those orders come in. Now we have orders that have been stuck "in production" for two weeks and angry customers.

Sic Tranist Gloriaa
United States
Over 5 years using the app
March 23, 2022

ALL OF MY PRODUCTS AND ORDERS ARE NOW GONE AS A RESULT OF THEIR APP UPDATE! Worst update EVER! No warning, no information, nothing. One day everything is there, next day, GONE! Unacceptable!!

The Atlas Society Store
United States
Over 5 years using the app
teelaunch replied April 5, 2022

I looked into your issue and your products aren't gone, they just had trouble importing into the new version of the app. Your frustration is understandable but this is an issue we can fix if you give us another chance.

Edited April 5, 2022

THEIR RECENT APP UPDATE DELETED ALL MY PRODUCTS! Been using them since 2016 along with a couple of other providers here on Shopify app store and all has been OK, but suddenly they did an update and all my products are gone! I have written to them and they have not helped me at all! I have moved all my orders out of their site and onto their competitors who do a much better job with customer support.

CSG Store
United States
Over 5 years using the app
teelaunch replied April 5, 2022

I'm sorry for the trouble you had migrating to the new version of the app. We let you down and understand why you felt the need to leave. That being said, if you ever want to give us another chance we'll work hard to regain your trust.

Edited September 26, 2022

The following pertains to T-shirts only:
Want to do business with a POD company that often ships you shirts that are over sprayed with pre-treatment thus leaving weird stains on your shirts after you wash them? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that often prints your designs off centered? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that often prints your designs crooked? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that after 3-4 washes the print often develops lots of tiny cracks? Teelaunch is for you. Want to do business with a POD company that cares more about money than customer satisfaction? Teelaunch is for you.
Want to do business with a POD company that treats you like a number and not a valued customer? Teelaunch is for you. Want to do business with a POD company that when they run out of the pricey shirt you selected for your business decides to ship your customer a lesser priced shirt brand without so much as notifying you? Teeluanch is for you. Want to do business with a POD company that will tarnish your company's reputation? Teelaunch is for you. Krusty the CEO is not to be trusted. This company is doing shady business. Please look elsewhere when selecting a POD to do business with. I've personally dealt with Teelaunch for several years and have had enough. UPDATE: 09-26-22
Teelaunch, I see you updated your response to my review by removing your lie...only after I called you out on it via email. Way to save face. So did I send a vulgar email filled with swearing to Teelaunch? I sure did. One out of a couple dozen is not bad. Yes, I've had to reach out to Teelaunch dozens of times in the past due to bad product they sent me or my customers. I was always cordial, which in turn the Teelaunch representative rarely was. They need lessons in manners and professionalism. After so many screw-ups from Teelaunch, I just about had enough of their incompetences and went off the rails in my email to them. The fact that I did this does not and will not change much with Teelaunch. Most of the problems I have addressed with Teelaunch in the past so many years still exist. I think only one issue I addressed has been addressed. The fact is that they are inconsistent. One may or may not get quality items from Teelaunch. Their quality control department is one I would not be proud of if this were my company. Good luck to you if decide to use Teelaunch. Inspect all sample orders from them and don't assume just because they got it right once, they'll get it right every time. They don't....often.

Method Of Thrashing Hard
United States
Over 5 years using the app
teelaunch replied September 22, 2022

This is one of those unfortunate situations where the issues were something that could have been sorted out but we had to make the hard decision to protect our employees and discontinue our relationship with this customer.

The emails that were sent from this customer contained a shocking amount of swearing and abusive language. Even when threatened with this negative review we decided that due to his behavior this was a customer we could no longer work with.

December 7, 2021

I am so upset about the latest transaction with Teelaunch. An item was ordered via Etsy on Nov. 17th and didn't ship until the evening of Dec.3rd. I had multiple communications with them up to that point and multiple emails with my customer who was ok with the long processing time as long as they received it by Dec. 5th. The amount of excuses as to why it took so long to produce and ship is a joke. Every email was worse than the last with their addition (it looks like 16 days before shipping but when you factor in all their employees wellness days to them it was just 11 days of processing). They refused to credit me ( I had to refund my irate customer) and then I said fine ship it to me and they went ahead and shipped to the customer anyway which was icing on the cake. I have removed all their products and warn if you are a small business that relies on your own customer service this type of business transaction can really put you in a bind. No one wants to wait for a purchase this long. OH, and if you didn't realize how long the Teelaunch processing times are (because it's not listed with the products) they will send you a blog link that you should have read to find out. SMH.

United States
Almost 5 years using the app
December 13, 2018

If you want to lose customers, items to ship weeks overdue, and dealing with customer service so horrid you'll want to tear your hair out, you've found the perfect print on demand company.

United States
Almost 5 years using the app
June 1, 2018

You'll be in for a shock if you encounter Dave. Unprofessional, rude and either does not know how to solve issues or refuses to.

Trying to order samples for a store, paid in full upfront per their instructions, now they are refusing to i) fulfil the order ii) refund the 50% (for sample) unless they see screenshots because it does not show in their system. So sent screenshots, even then they claim they now need access to my store to verify the order, because apparently i) their app, ii) their PayPal, iii) our PayPal screenshot iv) the orders screenshot per their request are insufficient.

What a waste of time. Refuse to resolve issues. Obviously not vetted by Shopify.

Highly unprofessional, thieves. Absolutely disgusting.

About 4 years using the app