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This print-on-demand app is appreciated for its user-friendly interface, wide product range, and seamless integration with platforms like Shopify, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Merchants commend its efficient customer service, large catalog selection, and prompt order fulfillment. The pricing structure allows for a reasonable profit margin, making it suitable for businesses with limited stock capacity. It's particularly praised for supporting the growth of small businesses.

December 20, 2023

Been using them for a while and I'm finally cutting them off due to the fact that they will not let me cancel orders and get refunded even after they emailed me saying they are having major printing issues and won't know when they will be able to print my products. Also, they are always slow as molasses. And if they mess up your print, their reprints take even longer. Don't suggest printing flags with them. It will only frustrate you.

The Original Deer Mullet Shop
United States
Over 1 year using the app
October 1, 2023

No good for international orders. They used to be really good with great support, but now with rising shipping costs and VAT rules for Europe and the UK it's no longer worth it. Not all their facility's can give the IOSS number needed by couriers to ship to Europe or the UK so customers may get charged customs fees and it causes big delays with orders. This is not a problem with other POD companies that I use. My last order from Etsy came in over 2 weeks ago and at the time of writing the order still has not been shipped, and it seems that there is nobody at support during the weekends. Sadly I will have to find alternative suppliers if I want to sell outside of the USA.

United Kingdom
Over 5 years using the app
teelaunch replied October 28, 2023

I genuinely apologize for the hiccups with our international shipping. Good news: we're actively exploring more options, including introducing FedEx International Connect. Plus, I've been in touch with the facilities about the IOSS numbers and am doing my best to ensure they're accepted. Also, we're in talks with our main printing partner, who has centers in the UK and Czech Republic, to offer more of their fantastic products. This means fewer shipments from the US! I truly hope you'll stick with us and allow us another opportunity to make things right for you. Thanks for your understanding!

February 15, 2024

A lot of orders errors. There must have been an issue where all files were compromised, but almost every time someone orders, I get an error and when inquire about it, they ask me resubmit the file. I'm going to be switching to another drop shipper app.

Diggin Her Roots Boutique
United States
December 21, 2018

I have been using tee launch for quite some time and have had very little issues. in this past month or 2 I have had so many customer complaints on late orders. Items that were taking 2 to 3 days from order to ship are taking 5 to 9 days in production and then no tracking data on shipments. Lost orders as well as orders not shipping in order. I have had to request orders that were lost be reissued instead of this being suggested by the company itself. This is the holiday season and my business is taking a hit because several orders that were placed from back on November 30th are still not delivered to my customers. I am beyond disappointed.

United States
Over 3 years using the app
October 9, 2015

1) Really really good app! Fantastic process of setup, although you can't easily set every combination.

2) Product came quickly

3) They list the value of multiple tshirts as $10 (total) so that customs doesn't bother charging Canadian customers for importing - nice. Potentially illegal though.

1) Not great email customer service. I think they're still ramping this team up. That said, when I asked for a phone call with a manager, it got a response within a couple of hours. Not a deal breaker.

2) They basically have two tshirt types that are exactly the same but different labels on them. They were really helpful in explaining that I didn't need to pay more for the more expensive tshirt. But I ended up deciding to do so for the perceived value of the product I'd be shipping. Only thing was, they didn't HAVE the expensive one in stock, so rather than contact me and ask what I wanted, they just opted to send MY product out to MY customer on the cheaper shirt.... and charged me the extra buck for the more expensive tshirt. I didn't like them making decisions about my brand that way. To their credit, they immedaitely refunded me 100% when I complained and they said it would never happen again. Not a deal breaker.

3) Their system is really picky about the size of the image. I can understand why it shouldn't be too small, but how can it be too large? Not a deal breaker.

4) Their printing process leaves a smell on the shirts that resembles vinegar. It dissipates after a wash or two, but it's pretty strong coming out of the package. When we ordered a test run of a half-dozen shirts the team in the office complained until we sealed them back up. Not a deal breaker.

4) Their printing process involves making subtle changes to the image to optimize how it looks on a tshirt. In my case, it printed a white background behind the colour ink to make it pop. That might work for other images, but our product is faux-vintage. There are "holes" in the images to represent where the shirt is worn.
Without the holes, the product doesn't look right. Ultimately it was this product incompatibility that caused us to switch to Printful. If it hadn't been the case, I probably would have continued to work with them... and I might work with them on other products. I will update this review as I try that.

Dotcomvintage Com
Almost 2 years using the app
Edited September 18, 2018

we need new exclusive products to be personalized, like for example, clothes for dogs and cats but personalized people will do nothing but love these products.

I Shih Tzu
Costa Rica
About 1 year using the app
January 28, 2016

When things are running smoothly, all is well. For this reason, and because of the good pricing, I stuck it out for quite a while. But when you have an issue you are in for a ride. Expect to wait days before support tickets get any attention, and when they do, don't expect the communication to be clear or the problem to be addressed. They seem to be in over their heads most of the time, and confused. Communication is an essential when I need to keep my customers happy and informed about their orders. Mistakes are fine, as long as communication is there. With these guys, it isn't there and never has been. When you run into trouble, you'll feel like they are either ignoring you or they just plain don't know what's going on.

The Mad Papist
United States
6 months using the app
March 27, 2017

Three orders lost in our first month using Teelaunch and when they resend the order, the customer does not receive a new tracking number.

Postales Bien Cool
United States
4 months using the app
September 26, 2015

Disappointing. After establishing our online store, we chose Teelaunch for fulfillment. We were impressed with the App's ease of use, and although we would have preferred additional product options, it wasn't a deal breaker.

The first issue came when we ordered a test run. Teelaunch advertises "The majority of orders ship within 1-2 days and since we're centrally located and use USPS your US based customers receive their orders in less than 3 days." Our order shipped after 7 days and we received it 10 days after ordering. I contacted customer support and their response was: "Order are printed and shipped 7 days a week ... Many factors play in the time the shirt is printed and shipped. We do apologize about this delay."

The second issue arose when we opened the package and inspected the shirts. The design was a very basic, single color, underlined text with the shirt as the background. The image provided was per their pixel recommendation and format (2400-3600, PNG). The print color was silver but what arrived was a grayish purple. The text and underline seemed smudged, not crisp and clear.

The third issue was when I contacted customer support on September 8. Initially, the company was very apologetic and seemed as though they wanted to correct the problems. We resent images of both the PNG uploaded for print as well as the delivered product. To date, September 26, we have not received a response despite contacting the company several times simply asking for an update.

We gave Teelaunch 2/5 stars because their App is streamlined, and the order did process. However, the delays, quality, and customer support were something that needed to be addressed and made known to others looking at Teelaunch. Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision.

United States
3 months using the app
October 31, 2020

It is alright, everything is so good, and it would be perfect if the shipping costs were a tad lower.

United States
3 months using the app