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Merchants find this print-on-demand app user-friendly, offering a wide range of unique products and seamless integration with various platforms. They appreciate the competitive pricing and the responsive customer service that efficiently resolves issues. The app's designer is also praised for his assistance with technical queries and design edits. Merchants highly recommend it for its quality products and speedy delivery.

January 14, 2018

this app is nice but you have no way to contact them directly you have to email them and that takes a long time for them to get back to you! I would say 5 stars but because there is no direct messaging im giving you 3 thats really a simple thing to set up.

Starchild Works
United States
Over 3 years using the app
September 2, 2018

So far so good. just getting started with adding products to my store. I would give 5 stars if they added the Bella Canvas 3001 unsex tee to their products. I am especially looking for the heather prism colors that all the girls want!

United States
About 3 years using the app
Edited May 3, 2019

They have a few descent products but their customer service is lacking. With that said, they do respond quickly during normal business hours. The customer service agent Dave Alpers was rude, condescending and ignorant. Rather than take constructive criticism about how their app doesn't show the products I created and imported to my store, they say you can see it in Shopify by looking under all products and searching for the word teelaunch which is what the vendor will be listed as. Although that is true and as they said "it's basically the same thing" being basically the same is not the same. They still don't have a section showing the products you've imported into your store. That is not user friendly or good for business. Every other dropshipping app that I have been using and I use about a dozen lists the products of theirs that have been imported into our store. Poor manners from customer service and their less than average overall product offering knocks them down to three stars. Do keep in mind that they have a YouTube channel ( where they post videos that you can use to embed in your product descriptions for some (not all) products. That is very thoughtful and helpful. Also see this link ( for more teelaunch product details. If their customer service gets better, and my orders are produced and shipped in a timely fashion, then I will change my review to four stars. If not, then I won't.

UPDATE: Shortly after leaving this review, the owner "Chris" called me to apologize for David's poor customer service and said he didn't mean to be rude or condescending. I don' really think that is true because he seemed pretty purposeful in his response to be that way to me. However, the call from the owner made me update their review to three stars from the original two-star rating. There is still room for improvement and I am weary of order fulfillment based on others reviews...wait and see game now... Still no list of products imported. :(

American Patriots Apparel
United States
About 2 years using the app
November 1, 2018

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Crowned Millennial
United States
About 1 year using the app
August 20, 2018

so far i have just started looking so, i guess we'll see

United States
About 1 year using the app
Edited June 18, 2016

The sweatshirts are great, best price I've found and quality. The tshirts are a little sub par. My first test order the design wasn't even centered and I used their auto center tool. It looks kinda awkward and I was not pleased. Will be using this app for the hoodies though.

If you are looking for really cheap pricing where the customer isn't going to complain because of it, then I'd probably go this route for tshirts.

United States
About 1 year using the app
September 20, 2017

The app itself is excellent, works well, and is easy to use. The samples I received were decent but not amazing. I would consider it "good enough" but not something I could charge a premium for.

The reason for the 3 stars is because when I received the package it had my personal information all over it. The shipping label contained my home address as the origin and the packing slip contained my personal phone number.

Teelaunch has a specific area within their app for you to enter your personal information. This information is for their internal use. They also have a business information area for things such as business return address and business phone number. While, I was sure to keep my personal information separate from my business information, teelaunch just threw it on their label and packing slip.

I did reach out to support about this problem. I was told they didn't know where the business information gets pulled from. I sent them pictures of the problem on the label, slip, and within their app. They said they would reach out to development.

It's nice that they may eventually work on a fix but I have since removed the t-shirts from my shop. The relaxed response from support makes me feel that there is no sense of urgency. I wonder how many merchants have unknowingly exposed their personal information to their customers due to this problem.

This is not the first time I've had packaging issues with TL. I had another issue with packaging and marketing materials last year [different shop].

United States
11 months using the app
Edited August 6, 2016

Update 8/6:

I am updating my review after the founder of Teelaunch contacted me. Chris seemed to be genuinely concerned about the issue I had expressed with the drop-shipping packaging. While, I only contacted Teelaunch in hopes of getting to the bottom of the shipping issue, Chris went above and beyond by not only refunding my purchase but also sending me a replacement in the proper white-label packaging.

Unfortunately, I only updated my rating from 1 to 3 stars because there was a visible quality issue between the two shirts that were shipped to me. The first shirt met the color of the original artwork. However, the second shirt was faded and in some areas was completely washed out. If you could imagine printing a color document on paper when you're almost out of ink -- this is what the shirt looked like.

I have not begun advertising my site because I wanted to have first hand experience of what a customer could expect, so the impact to me is minimal. However, for those experiencing high returns rates or lack of repeat customers, I would suggest you check out what you're actually selling.

Original Post 7/26:

I wanted to understand what my customers would experience when using my site to purchase shirts, so I placed an order myself. Everything seemed to be going well; I was notified when the order was accepted and when it shipped. However, when it arrived, the shirt was in a bag that read "Red Bubble". I opened the bag and on the tag was an additional tag that read Red Bubble and explained how to return your order via Additionally, there was an RB sticker in the bag.

Obviously, I was annoyed to see this because as a merchant and TeeLaunch partner, my first thought was that TeeLaunch was also Red Bubble and they were in the business of stealing customers by redirecting them to another site after each order.

I contacted TeeLaunch via their chat software found on their site. I was speaking with one of their reps and I was quickly transferred to Dave (Customer Service Manager) after I mentioned Red Bubble. Dave asked me to send them a picture of the order. I sent him a picture of the shirt and the RB material included. I also sent him a picture of the shipping label, which included my site's name, tee launch fulfillment, and the RB logo bag.

Dave explained that RB is actually a competitor and they use the same fulfillment center. He said he had emailed the manager at the center and also emailed the owner of Teelaunch about the issue. He says I am the first one to report this problem. I explained to Dave that while I understand he has no part in the mixup, I have very little history with TL and this mistake is very concerning. Dave replied by saying he doesn't know what I want him to do -- the name on the order was correct and at least my customer would have still received their correct order. He went on to say he doesn't know if this has ever happened before and can't say it'll never happen again and I have the option to delete the app if I don't want to use them anymore.

I am completely frustrated by Dave's crappy customer service. Instead of understanding how detrimental this could be to a business of any size and how important partner trust is, he chose to blow me off.

Accidents can and do happen. I can't imagine this is the first time this has happened but Dave's job is to make sure relationships are kept in tact. Instead he responds to my concern with the equivalent of the middle finger.

Do your business with TeeLaunch at your own risk.

Just Me Tees
United States
7 months using the app
Edited July 5, 2017

AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!! After countless tries, I am giving up on this company. We had a customer order in March and the printing was wrong. Their customer service said they would correct and resend a new product. After 16 emails, they still have not responded nor sent a replacement to the customer. We would not recommend this platform. There are so many more options out there, don't waste your time!

UPDATED rating from 1 to 3 STAR: After leaving the 1 Star review, the owner of the company contacted me and worked with me diligently to make my customer happy. While the damage to our company's credibility with our customer cannot be mended, at least there was a valiant effort made to restore credibility as a business partner. We are uncertain if we'd use this company again as there are many, many more options, but I will say their platform is hands down the best one for uploading and positioning the images. I would recommend ordering a sample before just posting on your site though to ensure the quality is what you want.

United States
6 months using the app
Edited October 24, 2015

Sorry for this but it's true.

The good point is this app is very easy to launch many variants of the shirt........BUT their customer support is very bad and other back offices about the invoice, the money charge, the shirt itself isn't good and clear enough.

Buzz Mazuma
5 months using the app