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Upsell on Exit & Visit

Upsell on Exit & Visit

Developed by SpurIT

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  • Make an offer (a coupon, special price or gift) to a client who is leaving your store without a purchase and increase your sales
  • Make a special offer to a client who visits your store for the first time
  • Boost your sales by using "Upsell on Exit/Visit" app together with our "Unlimited Upsell" app

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On average about 98% of visitors leave web stores without making a purchase. Using the app you can make your sales more effective and the clients more loyal.

How it works

When a visitor is trying to leave your store and moving a mouse cursor to close your store, then a pop-up window with a special offer is shown. Or when a user is visiting your store for the first time, then they get a special offer in a pop-up window. You can set both offers for your visitors or just one of them.

The offers are fully customizable on the admin panel of the app. You can offer a coupon, free shipping, a special price for some product, a gift (the offer with the gift can be created in Unlimited Upsell app) or any informational message to your clients. Ways of how to use the app are very diverse. For example you can inform your visitors about some promotion, about support hours, etc.

You can set additional conditions for showing the pop-up:

  • Show the pop-up window if there is a certain quantity of products in a cart.

  • Show the pop-up window if the cart total is within the range of set by you.

  • Show the pop-up window only during a certain time period.


You can create an unlimited amount of offers in the app. For example you can set up offers with gifts that are offered if a client is trying to leave your store. But the price of each gift can be different and depend on the dollar amount in the cart. Or you can set up different offers for different time periods. For example you can create an offer that will be shown on the day when sale starts.

Design of this pop-up window can be adjusted for any theme with the help of an excellent insightful editor with the online preview feature. You can adjust any element of the pop-up window without any knowledge of CSS (background, link colors, link sizes, text colors, text sizes, button colors, etc.).

Just a few examples of how to use the app:

  1. Offer a coupon if a client visits your store for the first time.

  2. Offer a discount if a client wants to leave your store without a purchase.

  3. If a client wants to leave your store and there is a product in the client's cart, you can display a message like: “Spend $X, get a gift”. The offer with the gift can be created using Unlimited Upsell app.

  4. Show some information to your clients when they are visiting the store (for example your store description or its rules).

  5. Inform your clients of Holiday Sale.

  6. Notify your clients they can get a gift if they buy 2 or more products.

  7. ...Other promotions.


The app doesn't require any manual modification of your theme during the installation process!

Question: Will the app be free always or just for some time?

Answer: The app will always be free.


--☛ Click here to see the app in action on a live demo site



Unlimited Upsell : Offer additional products based on the cart content.

Upsell Bundles : Show customers relevant bundled products with a discount.

Back In Stock Alerts : Your customers will receive a back in stock email alert.

Crowdfunding Manager allows you to raise Funding and Donations.

Discount & Sales Scheduler : Select products in bulk and schedule a sale for them.

Countdown Timer (FREE) : Place a flipping Timer showing the approaching sale end.

Pre-Order Manager (FREE) : Let customers pre order out of stock products.

Upsell Motivator Bar (FREE) : Display information in a bar based on cart content.

Upsell by Email (FREE) : After the purchase, email customers relevant products.

Discount Reminder (FREE) : Email customers when some product prices are reduced.


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Enjoy the app for free! And email us if you need custom programming or design for Shopify stores!

Upsell on Exit & Visit reviews (248)


Love it!


The application was easy to install. Setup and customization of the app are simple, and the app is very user-friendly. The app looks very promising!



great creation, thanks


Just what I needed to decrease lost conversions. Don't miss out! wonderful!


We love this app and we are very happy with it. The offer customization is great. Nice! We've just started to use it on our site - so far it's great!


Love the app. thank you!!!


awesome app


Excellent apps. It does what we need. Thank you.


awesome product helped me make 4 sales this month, that i wouldn't of made without it.



Great app , works wonders


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