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May 17, 2023

how can I integrate now the vidaxl app and import products into shopify, without paying the 30$ a month, because I already payed that

8 days using the app
Woosa replied May 19, 2023

Hello theBfamily,

You will need to pay €29.00 for the Shopify app and seperately €30.00 per month for vidaXL Dropshipping itself.

There is now way, to not pay one of them. Hope this clarifies!

Team Woosa

October 21, 2022

App half way works. Support doesnt respond well to the problems you have with the app nor do they try to fix it.

Pet Video Verify Supplies
United States
9 months using the app
Woosa replied October 24, 2022


Thank you for your review!

However, we're not familiar with your experience. Normally our support responds fast and well.

Did you submit a ticket via support@woosa.com? If you didn't please do so, we can help you with fixing any issue.

Kind regards,
Team Woosa

Edited December 18, 2022

Many problems with this app and over the last 5 months and every time they rerspond to the ticket once and then not again.
They never solve the actual problem.
This time they ignored 400 duplicates created and we actually loose money on the orders - last app bug made us loose $210 on one order.
Support has not replied since we asked refund.

Julgiganten AB
4 months using the app
Woosa replied December 2, 2022

Hi team Julgiganten,

Thank you for your review. Sorry to hear that you're experiencing trouble with our app and Support Desk.

We have seen indeed, that your ticket was lost in many responses. We'll give it priority right away!

P.S. We already noticed that there are no duplicates created in your shop, only duplicates existed (with the a similar product title) in the XML feed of vidaXL.

Enjoy your day!

Team Woosa

Edited February 12, 2023

Awful customer service, i wanted to cancel my trial and it's taking forever. A simple thing like this takes sooo long. You can't make anything succesful with this company for sure. If i wanted to cancel my trial in the last days, waiting for their response would get me paying for this app. Nice strategy there, the hunger is big.

3 days using the app
Woosa replied February 12, 2023

Hello Shopzy.ro,

Thank you for your review. However, this seems a bit weird to blame us.

You are aware that you have installed the App via Shopify and you can also remove the App from your Shopify backend? Once doing this no payment or trial period will continue. We cannot do this for you, it is simply how Shopify works :)

Maybe consider starting another business? Good luck!

Kind regards,
Team Woosa

November 9, 2022

Customer Service is useless. They responded to my first email, and when they requested something which I provided information on they have not responded in the last week. Before they respond in the comments (like they have done so in the other bad reviews) YES, i have emailed support@woosa.com.

casaza store
United States
8 months using the app
Woosa replied November 11, 2022

Hello Casaza Store,

Thank you for your review.

I can see where it went wrong. Your impatience on getting a reply is working against you. Instead of getting the ticket "to the top" again, every reply puts it back to the bottom.

We reply based on oldest response and not on newest responses. Every 24 hours you should get at least one reply.

We have you now on top of the list and will get back as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Team Woosa

December 20, 2022

Works well as of so far.
I only have one thing that makes things complicated.
Is it not possible to import products with taxes(VAT), because if not, then the sales price percentage won't be very useful.

4 months using the app
Woosa replied February 12, 2023

Hi ShopHurtigt,

Thank you for your positive review, we appreciate!

We will note your feedback and try to find a solution for it.

Have a great Sunday!

Kind regards,
Team Woosa

Edited October 9, 2022

EDIT: After a full week of using the app I must say it is definitely worth the money. Not only is it a great workaround for the 15mb csv file limit, it also lets you choose which categories you need. Imagine if you had to figure that out in a csv file without messing up the formatting. One small thing though: I hope you'll make the product upload go faster in the future :)

11 months using the app
Woosa replied October 7, 2022

Hi Boondahl,

Thank you for your edited review, we appreciate!

The speed of upload will be improved in November 2022. So a little more patience is needed!

You are free to contact us, normally we'll answer within hours via support@woosa.com.

Kind regards,
Team Woosa

August 8, 2023

I'm testing this application, but I can't figure out the categories. It is unreal to show product categories in Shopify. The application imports them as product types. It is very annoying . I can't get the items out and show them in my shop. Only by creating a collection can I show the products in the store. But when there are 150 thousand + products, how can this be done? To manually create collections? It is unreal. Is there any way or life hack how to beautifully display the tree of categories with products in shopify.

ArniHouse.de - Besser leben, weniger bezahlen
4 days using the app
March 31, 2023

I don’t really enjoy this plugin, the products variant like sizes, colours etc are listed as single products, it’s so hard for customers to find the size or colours they prefer. Please developer look in to this, is very important. Thanks!

7 months using the app
Woosa replied April 3, 2023

Hi Furnishmaxi,

Unfortunately this is not solvable for the app itself. vidaXL simply doesn't have a recognizable structure in their product feeds, to recognize parent products and its variations.

We also want it to be otherwise. Thank you for your review though, hopefully to rest of the app such as the fast synchronization is worth the struggle!

Kind regards,
Team Woosa

June 13, 2023

It is ridiculous how rudimentary this app works. When importing, you hardly have any options and if you choose the automatic update, the products are simply deleted for no visible reason. Apart from that, VIDAXL is unfortunately not a good dropshipping provider.

10 days using the app