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In Stock Alerts

In Stock Alerts

Developed by Swym Corporation

Price: Free – $59.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Out of stock products? Products on sale? Bring customers back to your site with personalized Product alert emails
  • Be live in minutes - Easy installation, simple configuration steps and extensive customization capabilities
  • Get access to key performance metrics for your site and insights on your most engaging users & your most in-demand products

Why do I need a Product Alerts app like Swym In Stock Alerts?

Customers rarely buy on their first visit, but the fact that they visited your site is a strong indicator of purchase intent, and engaging with them is critical to building that relationship and keep them coming back. Use the Swym In Stock Alerts app to automatically send them personalized email alerts on products that they like, anytime that product is back in stock, or there is a price reduction, or when you add a new variant in a color that they like.

What kind of alerts does the In Stock Alerts app send on my behalf?

Once you've configured the app, In Stock Alerts automatically watches your site to detect any relevant updates to notify customers. Depending on your plan, these include the following alerts for products that a shopper is watching:

  • A previously out-of-stock product is now back in stock

  • The price on that product was just reduced

  • A new variant was added for that product

  • That product is trending based on recent shopper activity

How do I install Swym In Stock Alerts on my site?

We’ve worked hard to make sure the Swym In Stock Alerts app is super simple to set up on your site. Once you install the app from the app store, choose from one of our four plans (Free, Starter, Pro and Premium) based on the features you are looking for and use our intuitive Dashboard to configure your app settings. That's it, you are good to go!

Or if you'd rather we helped you set it up on your site, no problem at all - we'd love to! Just email us and we'll be happy to get you set up, free of cost of course

How do I verify that the Swym In Stock Alerts app was correctly configured on my site?

Once the In Stock Alerts app is enabled, you should see a “Watch this” button on your Product pages that users can click on to subscribe to alerts for that product. (If you are on the Starter plan, you'll only see the "Watch this" button on pages for products that are out of stock). There is nothing else you need to do, the emails will automatically start going out when you update your products.

What will those Swym In Stock Alerts app cost me?

We offer the following plans:

  • FREE – Back in stock alerts, send up to 50 emails

  • Starter ($19.99 per month) – Back in stock alerts, send up to 250 emails

  • Pro ($29.99 per month) – Back in stock + Price Drop alerts, send up to 1000 emails, simple customization of In Stock Alerts module + Emails

  • Premium ($59.99 per month) – Everything in Pro but increased limit of up to 5000 emails per month, other Product Alert types and support for extensive customization and ESP Integration.

Need to send more than 5000 emails? Please email us for more information on our Enterprise plans. You can also check out our site for more information on the In Stock Alerts app and our pricing plans.

How do I monitor how well the Swym In Stock Alerts app is working?

Swym In Stock Alerts comes with an intuitive Dashboard that surfaces all the key metrics and analytics for the module on your site - overall site activity as well as engagement for the In Stock Alerts module specifically (# of Alerts requested, Emails sent, Revenue attributable to the app, user engagement on emails that were sent and more).

Can I customize the Swym In Stock Alerts module for my store?

Yes, of course. We’ve taken pains to make sure the default configuration is extremely easy to install and configure, and allows you some simple customization options. However, we fully appreciate that you might have very specific customization needs for your site. We’ve designed the module to be able to support those extensions, so please email us and we’ll be happy to work with you on making that customization possible. And if you are keen on integrating our platform capabilities deeply into your store, we offer a very powerful Javascript API that your developers can access and enable those integrations

Have feedback or questions?

We love hearing from our customers. If you have any questions on the app at any point, please drop us a note at support@swymcorp.com and one of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible. Our committed team of developers is working constantly on building more capabilities into the Swym platform and you can watch this space for those feature updates as they get rolled out. You could also sign up here to receive these alerts directly in your mailbox.

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Free – $59.99 / month
14 days


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