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Winback: SMS Marketing

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8 reviews
December 30, 2022

I installed this app in the summer of 2021 and it was fantastic for a few months as was customer service with "Joe". By January of 2022 (I was and still am on the $179/mo plan and have purchased thousands of extra credits), the delivery rate plummeted and customer service became sparse. I have BEGGED (via the app and email) to have management call me to discuss the issues with the app not delivering despite the count saying 100% (I signed up as have numerous customers just to test it and RARELY receive the texts). The app "takes credit" for sales after texts go out even when those customers verify they did NOT receive the text and thus, their purchase was not at all thanks to Winback. My emails and messages requesting management contact me to fix errors (and surely offer a massive credit) are to date, almost a year later, unreturned. I am very frustrated with the lack of care for a customer who has spent a decent amount of month and who has begged for help. I do not, in any way, recommend any level of this plan given the entire 2022 performance. I am uninstalling it now as I cannot see groveling for help for another year with most of the 3k customers signed up verifying they RARELY get the texts I send out.

KB Designs
United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
December 20, 2022

Application has no possibility of configuration. It keeps sending text messages to our POS customers, when we cancel or modify an order at the POS. It should only be concerned with online orders. There is no such thing as an abandoned POS cart!!!

Hickey Freeman
United States
Time spent using app: 7 months
March 26, 2022

This used to be an excellent app and I used it for several years successfully, but around March 2022 it completely changed, the dashboard changed, I stopped receiving notifications when customers replied to messages, so they ended up being unreplied to. Chat support replies also weren't sent to my email so I didn't know when support had replied. Something has become seriously broken with this app and I can no longer recommend it. Too bad as it was very effective before it was changed.

Emu Joy
United States
Time spent using app: About 2 years
November 11, 2021

if I can give zero star i will. The app is helpful, but the customer service is really really bad, the one Named "Joe" never helped anyting, yes, you sent an email to him, the first time he replied, and then if you asked for some help, they never reply. you have to contacted them time and time, he should be fired right now!! this waster so much time. report you, if i find a better SMS app, i won't use this right away

Time spent using app: 4 months
Edited July 15, 2021

This app was helping me but I had to check few more options prior finalizing, they punish you for testing the waters. I have been blocked by these guys, this is really stupid! And this was coz' I had used them on a previous store of mine and had left a great review as well & I was in consistent conversation with them. And they have hard-blocked my IP address, else the current store here never even got to use this app as a result. Had been very patient with you guys, but enough, I had to leave this honest review now, it's been a frustrating experience. I just saw your response to my review, what spam was sent to you, why are you lying? Provide the proof of the spam sent to you please... You lack the capability to keep proper checks & just disturbing genuine customers. And then you say spam! You lack professional sense, that's the reason your growth has staggered, learn to identify what's really spam!

Time spent using app: 1 day
Winback replied July 13, 2021

This review is for a store that was banned from using Winback due to abuse. It's unfortunate, but we had no choice but to stop them from signing up another store after their first one was caught sending spam.

Edited March 19, 2021

3 REASONS NOT TO USE THIS APP: 1. The metrics that are used are totally false. I brought this up to Joe that it makes it seem like the app has brought in a lot more money it actually did and he told me to go use another app instead. The app literally said that I had made a certain amount JUST from the app that month when I hadn't even made that much at all! Insane! 2. Please beware his prices are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE THAN OTHER APPS! I switched to Postscript and I am much happier now and pay a lot less for much better service. Thank you for giving me the suggestion to switch apps, Joe. Great suggestion! 3. He is the only customer service agent so his responses are very slow in comparison to other apps. *All of this was documented via the chat and e-mails.*

The Dog Mom Club
United States
Time spent using app: 4 months
Winback replied April 6, 2021

We use both click-through and read-through attribution, just like all other email apps (like Klaviyo) and SMS tools (like Postscript). All orders we take credit for are tagged in Shopify and can be verified with UTM parameters. Shopify would not allow us to do marketing event attribution through order tags if we were not doing it correctly.

Our prices (0.96c/SMS) are cheaper than Postscript and SMSBump. Anyone can look this up and do a simple cost comparison.

The only fact in this review is that we are a small team and cannot respond instantly. Postscript has a much bigger customer service team, which is why we recommended them to this merchant since fast response times are important to her.

Edited September 5, 2020

Update: There was no miscommunication in the email. I checked and verified that winback staff created coupons in my store without permission and sms prompt was on my live site. It is not acceptable to make changes to a business website without permission.


OVERLY AGGRESSIVE!!! They turned on a feature to our live site which tells customers they will receive 10% off if they provide their phone number. Seriously! They just turned it on and sent us a message afterwards informing us. I have never seen such unprofessional and overly aggressive behavior. The app “appears” effective but didn’t do much compared to what the standard free emails do anyway. I was already on the fence about deleting it and then they had the nerve to implement a 10% sale on my site without my permission!!

Sankofa Edition™
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Winback replied September 5, 2020

We emailed you asking you for permission to turn it on, and we showed you what it would look like. We did NOT turn it on for you!

All SMS apps (Postscript, SMSBump, etc) create discount codes on behalf of your store. We do the same thing since but the default is for you to use your own discount codes (or none at all).

Edited August 7, 2020

I actually really like the app but, woke up to some unprofessionalism from WinBack who removed the app from my store. Why? Apparently my free account “wasn’t approved.” Believe it or not I actually got an email that they’re “financially unable to support my account”. Good app just don’t get too attached because they do change plans and do not honour what you already have.
UPDATE: Go figure after calling my phone 5 times and begging in email to remove my HONEST REVIEW they turn to deformation. Of course I didn’t pay because the services were free up to 250 messages which I didn’t use.
Joe if you need to feed you family with your app I suggest you do not spam peoples instagrams with a pitty story about your family just for people to change HONEST REVIEWS. Make your business better, leaving petty lies in your review section says more about you then it ever will about me.
But I hope everyone does google More traffic, More income

Montreal Mink
Time spent using app: 5 months
Winback replied July 16, 2020

The app is only $14/month. You had been using the app for free for 5 months, and we even offered to extend it for free for another 5 months. Offer still stands btw despite this unfair review