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  • Export orders from Shopify to Xero
  • Seamless financial reporting
  • 24/7 support from Shopify and Xero

Sync your Shopify orders to your Xero account and enjoy seamless financial reporting with just a couple of clicks.

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Automatic Daily Sync

You can choose to automatically sync order data between Shopify and Xero and receive daily notification emails.


Create seamless financial reports. If you’re using Shopify Payments, refunds, discount, and payment fees are automatically recorded separately. If you are using a different payment gateway these fee will not be automatically grouped separately.

Create Invoices

With a single click, you can export your orders into individual invoices that can include partially paid or pending orders. Products on your invoice can be linked to your product report in Xero. You also have the option to automatically import customer information along with your orders.

Global Tax Support

Regardless of where you are, our integration provides worldwide support. If you’re located in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, you will be asked to complete additional tax mapping.

Tax Agencies

We’ll automatically set up new tax agencies and their associated tax rate based on your imported orders. You can also set a primary tax agency for where you most regularly do business, and you can easily run a report to see how much you owe in taxes.

24/7 Unlimited Support

Xero customers enjoy unlimited, free support delivered through a range of options - including email, comprehensive online help and online communities.

Note: If you are using the Xero app by Shopify, we recommend only using one accounting app to prevent duplicate data entry.

Xero reviews

52 reviews
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  3. 3 stars (13 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (13 reviews)

We sell high end designer ski wear all over the world. Occasionally (and this is ver common in clothing retail) customers order more than one size or colour to be sure of getting the best item for them...but here are the problems...
1. No ability for Xero app to recognise partial refunds so we get errors
2. No ability to understand that we a UK company have to charge VAT to our European customers so we get a lot of rejections of exports.

Please SHopify and Xero sort this out. We are not the first to complain of this!


Great App, simple and effective – we recommend it for all our clients www.echic.com.au


Changed my feedback from 1 to 3 since it is now free. However, it is still a bit half-baked in terms of functionality. For example, the assigning bank accounts should have more options (an extra one for manually edited as paid for example.


DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP! It will cause your account to rage at you and your books to be completely screwed up.
In theory this was going to be amazing. But I've been using it for several months now and so far I get more fails than passes.
I'm now looking for a replacement as I've come to the end of the tax year, and this stupid app is going to cost me a fortune to hire a xero accountant to fix up all of it's screw ups.
The single daily dump of invoices isn't good enough.
I get fail errors saying that the payment amount is different to the invoice - which is impossible as most of the time the customers haven't even PAID yet!!! And those invoices are marked as unpaid!
Once it's failed I can't get them to re-export and it's so much faffing around.
At least entering them manually, is RELIABLE.
Every second export has fails.
This app needs a hang of a lot more work. Disappointing.It needs to be withdrawn from the market!


Promises so much and delivers so little. I would advise using a Xero certified accountant before using this app. I'm a relatively tech savy but I'm struggling to see how this app is easy to use. It looks beautiful at first glance but don't be fooled.

Customer care is terrible. No telephone number, all I get it emails with unrelated videos that are supposed to help.

If not set up correctly you'll spend hours and hours manually moving numbers. (The opposite of what you want.)

I'm now in search of a Xero expert to help resolve my accountancy issue.


works in a basic way, lots of reconciling still to do though, and it seems to put all the fees through in an add way so i have to delete the statement lines manually. Still easier than entering the invoices one by ones


*** DO NOT USE. *** There is a SERIOUS bug in this app, which Shopify is refusing to resolve. This bug exports all transactions with a discount incorrectly. (The numbers will be totally different when they arrive in Xero.) This is not an issue with Xero or how the integration was done...this is indeed a bug.

*** If you currently have this app installed, you should deactivate it until the bug is fixed. ***


*** Hire a GOOD accountant ***

We have been avoiding using this app for some time due to all the negative reviews. With few alternatives available, we decided to give it a try. The result, it works great! The biggest mistake some store owners might be making is to think they can implement everything on their own. It doesn't mater what software you have, it is still accounting. We had our accountant, who is XERO certified, do the setup and then transfer in our previous data. He had it fully implemented and running in a single afternoon.

*** If you do not set up the chart of accounts correctly, then you will indeed have many issues and much frustration!!! ***

When we expressed our concerns using this app, he said many problems are caused by improper set up of XERO accounts from the beginning and assured us it would work fine. We are glad we took his advice and gave it a try as our accounting headache has now been relieved. All our payment sources import in to the app (Shopify, PayPal, etc..), Shopify / merchant processing fees are accounted for and our accounts have been accurately reconciled.

Yes there is some limited functionality. But this app is FREE so we are not going to complain. Even at a small fee every month it would be well worth it. If you have shunned this app as we did, or if you previously had difficulty, then consider giving this app another thought. Just be sure to hire an accountant that knows what they are doing with XERO and have experience with the Shopify integration. Do this and you should have a smooth running accounting platform that requires little time to maintain :-)


Uninstalled, I would give this app zero stars if I could! This app is a total and complete waste of time. The Automatic syncing doesn't work, which was inconvenient but not a show stopper. However when it stopped importing all transactions, randomly dropping invoices, this became a concern. After 2 weeks of trying to tell me that the error was on the Xero side, Shopify admitted that it was an issue with their unreliable app. They then informed me that although they were working to fix it, they could offer no time frame for completion and that our accounting team should enter the missing invoices manually. If you are reading this, do yourself a favour and use a third party solution!


So if I were to just rate the integration itself, I would give this app a 3. It does a decent job and is fairly easy to use. The problem is that because it is created by shopify, it doesnt have the backing necessary to continue to expand its features and integration points. If this was created by xero, then I believe we would be looking at a much better integration. There is no way to sync inventory, which would help us know an accurate amount for inventory assets in our books. Orders are collapsed to a degree that it takes additional work to separate the numbers. I really hope shopify can continue to build out this app. I would be happy to update my review if these things were to change.

I have dropped my review from a 2 star to a 1 star. It seems shopify doesnt care to upgrade or update this integration. This has been an ongoing problem since the integration was first launched. Sales invoices are sent over to xero fully collapsed. Meaning, in shopify I offer a discount on shipping for sales over 35. It shows properly on the shopify side, I have a gross sale amount, I have a discount amount, and I have a net sales amount. But the data shopify sends xero is that each line item has the discount split equally as a discount on each line item. So my gross sales in Xero are always wrong. I am having to spend a bunch of time with our accountant unwinding all of this. My gross sales in shopify and my gross sales in xero have to match up. That is a basic need, but right now its not possible with this integration.


Xero plans starting at $9.00/mo



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Shopify: 1-888-746-7439
Xero: support@xero.com
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