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  • Export orders from Shopify to Xero
  • Seamless financial reporting
  • 24/7 support from Shopify and Xero

Sync your Shopify orders to your Xero account and enjoy seamless financial reporting with just a couple of clicks.

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Automatic Daily Sync

You can choose to automatically sync order data between Shopify and Xero and receive daily notification emails.


Create seamless financial reports. If you’re using Shopify Payments, refunds, discount, and payment fees are automatically recorded separately. If you are using a different payment gateway these fee will not be automatically grouped separately.

Create Invoices

With a single click, you can export your orders into individual invoices that can include partially paid or pending orders. Products on your invoice can be linked to your product report in Xero. You also have the option to automatically import customer information along with your orders.

Global Tax Support

Regardless of where you are, our integration provides worldwide support. If you’re located in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, you will be asked to complete additional tax mapping.

Tax Agencies

We’ll automatically set up new tax agencies and their associated tax rate based on your imported orders. You can also set a primary tax agency for where you most regularly do business, and you can easily run a report to see how much you owe in taxes.

24/7 Unlimited Support

Xero customers enjoy unlimited, free support delivered through a range of options - including email, comprehensive online help and online communities.

Note: If you are using the Xero app by Shopify, we recommend only using one accounting app to prevent duplicate data entry.

Xero reviews (41)


Looks like we're going to have to pay now - in our case 4 sites x $5/month = $240/year (and don;t get me started on why we need 4 different sites to serve the NA market)

After all the back and forth our accountants spent with Shopify helping them get this app working right, they should be paying us!


Not to bad, could be a little better though I reacon


its okay


Great potential but has untapped capabilities. It would be great if it would auto-import Shopify per-order fees/charges and create matching records in Xero.


Problem with Xero API resolved within a day. Occasionally the app falls down. You're better off reviewing than sending a message to developers if you have a problem, the response is far faster!


Flawless support, thought it does seriously lack in the feature department.


We are happy with XERO as it does what we need. What we don't need is an accounting nightmare, so it saves time for us and for our accountant.


Xero has a lot of positive things going for it. But when customers beg for a needed feature that's not on Xero's roadmap already, you get Zero from Xero. A huge volume of customers want customer pricing built into Xero so you don't have to go to a spreadsheet to look up prices based on which retailer you're invoicing. Xero's answer: get an inventory integration that does it. We won't.

Ok. I can live with that answer, but if that IS the answer at least have the courtesy to allow that integrated software to pass back pricing to Xero. I can't even issue a credit memo to a retailer without looking up their individual SKU pricing and manually enter it. SERIOUSLY?

Get with the 21st century, dump your legacy answers, and add some features to make it work. With 10 retailers, a pain in the ass but it can be done. More than that then I'm done. You force us into costly alternative conversions for one little obvious and highly requested feature.

Get It Done.


Receiving MANY errors.

An unhandled error with the Xero API occurred. Unknown response code: 500

(Refund 1) — Partial line item refunds are not currently supported.


Very good app, very happy - works well with one store.
I think it will keep evolving (I hope), especially if it could have two shopify stores (same company) automatically sync with the one Xero account. Missed out on five star for this reason.

$5.00 / month

30-day free trial. Xero plans starting at $9.00/mo

30 days



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Shopify: 1-888-746-7439
Xero: support@xero.com
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