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  • Save time by automatically exporting orders
  • Make accounting easier by linking products from Shopify to Xero
  • Track online store customers through Xero for simpler reporting

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Sync your Shopify orders to your Xero account and enjoy seamless financial reporting with just a couple of clicks.

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Automatic Daily Sync

You can choose to automatically sync order data between Shopify and Xero and receive daily notification emails.


Create seamless financial reports. If you’re using Shopify Payments, refunds, discount, and payment fees are automatically recorded separately. If you are using a different payment gateway these fees will not be automatically grouped separately.

Create Invoices

With a single click, you can export your orders into individual invoices that can include partially paid or pending orders. Products on your invoice can be linked to your product report in Xero. You also have the option to automatically import customer information along with your orders.

Global Tax Support

Regardless of where you are, our integration provides worldwide support. If you’re located in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, you will be asked to complete additional tax mapping.

Tax Agencies

We’ll automatically set up new tax agencies and their associated tax rate based on your imported orders. You can also set a primary tax agency for where you most regularly do business, and you can easily run a report to see how much you owe in taxes.

24/7 Unlimited Support

Xero customers enjoy unlimited, free support delivered through a range of options - including email, comprehensive online help and online communities.

Note: If you are using the Xero app by Shopify, we recommend only using one accounting app to prevent duplicate data entry.

New to Xero? Sign up and try Xero free for 30 days


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Xero reviews

13 reviews
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  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

We experienced an issue with Xero's integration with Shopify. Paul of Bold Commerce Support was very patient and persistent in making sure we get to resolve the issue through and through. We are also very satisfied with the speed of response by customer support.


Very basic app that doesn't even allow you to assign channels. No way for me to segment my statements and isolate shopify sales from my other sales channels.


I had a problem with integration but Bold Apps were really helpful sorting it out for me. Big star for service. My advice is: if you have any problems, get help from these guys straight away (I didn't and wished I had!). :-)


Support on this Free App has been very speedy and efficient. Normally an error in a Tax setting that I did, but they have spotted and advised correction speedily.
Works well for me, Bank reconciliation is straightforward enough- just takes a few minutes to associate each days sales with the Bulk payments and the Fees in the Card fee account.


Does exactly what it says.

Makes life so much easier


No issues so far and is doing what it says it will do. I will update if I begin experiencing problems.


I begrudgingly have to give this app 1 star as it's the minimum, but If I could give it zero (no pun intended) I would.

We used this app for well over a year before BOLD took over at it worked like a charm, no problems whatsoever.

It now gives invoices ridiculous invoice numbers and imports orders from dates that you have specifically asked it not to, amongst numerous other issues.

It is simply awful, and I would advise anyone not to use it.

it cost us hours and hours of removing invoices it had duplicated (even though we asked it to import from a certain date, it ignored it).


We must manually adjust every Invoice number created by Shopiy when exported to Xero as Shopify cannot accept the Xero invoicing number. As our invoicing numbers by law must be sequential, we must manually adjust every invoice number which is time consuming and leads to unreliability due to mistakes. Upon contacting Shopify (Bold) support, we were told "sorry not possible". Sad.


Sadly since BOLD taking over the app, bugs have presented themselves and are not being fixed, rendering the product completely useless...


I want to love Xero, I really do, but some features are SO frustrating, and their customer service is so BELOW PAR, that I just can't help but hate this app.

To get an answer on anything, you have to go back and forth through ridiculous forums rather than have individual help. All business owners know, customer service makes or breaks you ... Their customer service has made me want to move our books off this program forever.

And the lock on the checks? Ridiculous!!! The amount of checks we've had to void because of a printer error is absurd. The fact that they wont allow or assist in fixing this so that I can't simply fix my check sequences is downright dumb. AND to add the icing to the cake? There is a bunch of taxes and fees that are not relevant to my account that are locked in my account. So I can NEVER get an accurate view of my bills waiting to be paid... After going back and forth with them relentlessly via email, I gave up and just kept the fees on the account. Because god forbid someone calls you and actually helps you resolve your issues with this program...

TERRIBLE. Such great potential, such poor execution on the areas that matter.


This app is free to install and use. Xero plans start at $9 per month and your first 30 days are free.




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