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Wiser - Smart Product Recommendations with Cross Sell Module

Wiser - Smart Product Recommendations with Cross Sell Module

Developed by Expert Village Media Technologies

121 reviews
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  • Cross Sell or Handpicked Recommended Products system that allows you to handpick each product to be shown under other product as recommended products.
  • Smart product recommendations app. Show recommended products on your store easily. Try Cross Sell module in app.
  • Recently viewed products, most popular, recommended products and many more sections can be shown by this app.

Boost Sales by Smart Product Recommendations

Wiser - One of the top rated app to show target product recommendations to your customers. Showing multiple product recommendation options to customers is always one of the best upsell tool. Its one of the best feature in Amazon as well by which Amazon do the upselling.

By using this app, you can show the Product Recommendations Section in your store on any page of site :

  • Handpicked Product Recommendations

  • You can select the products to be shown as recommended products under each product by this app. It allows you to handpick recommended products for each individual product.

  • Best Selling Products:
  • Shows the products which were being ordered the most in the store. If a store is new and has no orders then it shows the best selling products as per Shopify's default best selling system.

  • Related Products:
  • In this product recommendation, it shows the products related to the one a visitor is currently browsing. Related products determined based on the product tags and their collections too. Its a good option for upselling.

  • Featured Products:
  • You can select some products which you want to show as featured products and then assign them to a collection, then select it in the app to show the featured products.

  • Recently Viewed Products:
  • It shows the products which a visitor browsed during his entire browsing session. Showing recent browsing history to a visitor increase chances of him making a purchase decision faster.

  • New Arrivals:
  • It shows the newly added products in store.

  • Trending Products:
  • It shows trending products based on our AI algorithm.

    You can add these sections in your site anywhere on any page. It shows it automatically, no need to add any code or html in site. Its fully automated and you just have to enable or disable the sections on specific page that you can do easily from the app admin area.

    It allows your visitors to see an enhanced product recommendation in your site which makes it easier for them to make a decision based on recommendation.

    We have seen a huge growth in sales of other users of app due to the product recommendations. Its fast, easy to use and really work well for Shopify stores. Try it today.

    About Recently Viewed Products

    Customers always like to see the products they have visited on your site. It increase chances that a customer saw the products he visited recently and purchase one instantly. It also adds a nice section under products detail page so that your product page will not look too empty.


    Finding a previously visited product becomes complex when the user has to depend on the browser’s “Back” button or has to renavigate the categories or use search. To avoid this, a recently viewed products section helps a customer a lot in finding a previously checked product. Its important, use it.




    You can embed your Instagram feed on your site using this app without any coding required.


    You can make your Instagram Shoppable using this app and add on your store. Let your Instagram followers purchase from your Instagram photos easily.


    Create amazing Lookbooks for your store to showcase your product images & link products on it so customers can easily buy from the Lookbook Gallery.


    Wiser - Smart Product Recommendations with Cross Sell Module reviews

    121 reviews
    1. 5 stars (106 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (10 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (3 reviews)
    4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    Uninstalling this app is a nightmare. It injects code that broke my store!!! Stay away


    Love this app, it improved the appearance and functionality of our store 100%! It's everything you are looking for from recently viewed, to trending products, even best sellers, and recommended products. This app handles it all from one convenient and easy-to-use place. We use a modified products page for the majority of our shop and had a couple issues with the install. Their support team has been excellent in helping us resolve those issues to get the app working for us. 5-stars!


    Good Quality and Good Pricing. It is realy easy to use and compared to other it is the cheapest solution.


    This app is awesome!

    Great app with even better service. Support was able to help with some customizations that made a big difference for our store.

    Their Autoinstallation is supper and very easy to use.

    - Excellent job understanding and automating product relationships
    - Easy to use back-end interface (from installing to check analytics)
    - Top notch customer service and tech. support
    - Work awesome on mobile devices too.

    The best recommendation app for Shopify by far.


    Had an issue with the app where the recommend product is not showing on the cart page. Contacted the support, only after a day after they showed me a javascript snapshot and told me to delete the javascript assuming I know how to do it. After I asked them yet again how to do that, they told me to contact store developer?! Not sure why they can't just go in and solve the issue for me but I won't even bother asking them again.
    Plus, all the recommended products are the same among all product pages.


    Multiple up-sell algorithms, and free styling customisation. Total bargain.


    the app is working well for me so far. it's super easy to setup. matches my theme very well.


    the app is working well for me so far. it's super easy to setup. matches my theme very well.


    ver nice and simple to use app..


    Uinstalled the app and now when I try to checkout on my store I get this message:
    GET https://wiser.expertvillagemedia.com/recently-viewed-new/app/CreateDraftOrders/?evmcallback=jQuery... 500 (Internal Server Error)

    Customers can't order anymore!!! How can I remove completly this app please?

    Edit: thanks to the support, responded really quickly and removed the files that were causing troubles.


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    7 days


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