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Merchants appreciate this app for its wide range of customization options, including 3D previews, especially for personalized or print-on-demand products. It's praised for seamless integration with Shopify, producing ready-for-print files, and positively impacting sales and cart abandonment rates. The pricing is seen as fair for the features provided. The customer service is noted for its responsiveness and openness to feedback.

October 11, 2022

One of the worst apps out dont get me wrong nice interface and system but terrible rude customer service.Shopify needs to ban this software developer and start and investigation. its a cash grab just take your money for a system with no help . if you are United Stated Based dont dare use it has tons of bugs when it comes to the imperial system

United States
11 months using the app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) replied October 13, 2022

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We highly value our customers' opinions and make use of each feedback to improve the way we serve our clients every day.

After investigating the issue, we noticed the pricing rules for your products were not properly setup. We see you have contacted our support team but our instructions were not clear enough to help you change the settings in a timely fashion. We apologize for that and for not explaining it was not a bug, but a settings issue.

Great part of our 10,000 customers are based in the US, and we are deeply committed to providing the best service to each and every one of them. Sometimes that might not happen, and in those rare occasions, it makes us deeply apologetic and unhappy.

We believe in second chances! I hope you do too.
Feel free to reach out, so that we can make your experience a better one.

April 20, 2021

I had access to this app for 6 months and paid their awful support team to install and set up the 3D modelling system, which cost approx £1.8k in total. The setup never got completed to a standard expected at the start of the project. I have near enough 80 emails trying to sort out this mess with their support. Constant problems and painfully slow to get resolved. Never mind the fact the platform is unstable at best so good luck if any issues arise on Friday night. You wont be selling for a good few days. A waste of 6 months. Don't bother with these guys unless you like a headache.

Hayaa Sports
United Kingdom
9 months using the app
August 26, 2022

I really wish I could have gotten your app to work, it would have been a great addition to my site. The site I have available for viewing is not what will be launched, but unfortunately it does no look like Zakeke is interested enough to help out the little guy. Too bad, you have some good ideas, but no way for the average person to implement them. But then maybe that’s your gig, just the monthly cash until total frustration kicks in. Hope I am wrong, but if I am you might consider revamping your customer service.

United States
About 2 months using the app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) replied August 29, 2022

Thank you for you review. We're very sorry to hear that you're disappointed with our app and service. We really care about our customers, no matter the company's size. Indeed, Zakeke was developed also to help small and medium merchants to empower their customers with a visual customizer with no need to invest a lot of money in custom solutions! I went through your tickets and it seems you were provided with help and answers to your questions, maybe we should have provide you further information on how the Zakeke + Printful integration works and how to make a preview of your customized items. Please send a message to asking for a call with Carlo, we will make sure to hear all your complaints and you'll decide whether to give another try or not! Thanks!

January 15, 2020

In theory, this app works well. In practice, the app does not work as advertised. Apparently there are significant limits to the number of variants you can make available to customer (number of colors, sizes, etc). The customer support is non-existent and despite providing credentials to both my Shopify and Printful accounts, they've not been successful in showing me one situation where this app allows customization of a product and seamless creation of an order with the Printing partner. Turns out you need significant edits to your theme to make this work properly and to create customizable products as digital products that don't require shipping or weight thereby causing many issues for shipping.

Overall, I wish this worked as advertised but it doesn't. The technical support is abysmal. Consider yourself warned.

Swish Embassy
About 2 months using the app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) replied January 15, 2020

Hi, we’re very sorry for your review. Please find here below our comments:

1) there is no limits on the variants you can make available to your customers. Zakeke just imports the same variants you have got on your store in order to allow you to have a 1:1 match with the store. If you have a limit, is with the variants in Shopify itself.

2) You don't need to edit the theme to make Zakeke to work properly. In Shopify, each customized product is a new product in the catalog. We just offer a solution to this and avoid the creation of duplicated products (that, by the way, requires a change to the theme only in specific cases).

3) Regarding support: we really care about our customers and We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer care service. We take criticism very seriously and we double-checked and we have replied to all your questions. We’d appreciate it if you could give us details of your disappointment.

March 19, 2020

The application was not user friendly and we could not get anyone from Zakeke support to assist. Shopify made several attempts by emailing them but they would not contact me as support. Zakeke is a 3rd party application and Shopify does not know the functionality of it. We attempted twice to use the application in less than 15 days but to not much success. Finally, they billed me for a year and now is refusing to return my money . This really is a good example of poor business . I will now file a report with my bank for the return of my money and if that does not work, we will seek litigation.

Countryboy Graphics
United States
22 days using the app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) replied March 20, 2020

We’re very sorry for your bad experience with Zakeke. We double-checked and it seems we have replied to all your messages within the day, including questions that were addressed for another app and those where Shopify was copied. Maybe you were not able to receive our answers or they got in the spam folder? Regarding the billing, you selected a 1-year plan with 30% discount, that’s why you were billed for that plan after the free trial, it’s the standard process. Hopefully this clarifies your situation, but feel free to reach our support for further details.

November 15, 2021

CAUTION! If you try this app and then choose to remove it much of the code is left behind. In addition all of your collections will have an additional filter for "zakeke" left behind. I am still looking through code to find all the remnants, I think I may send an invoice for my time to clean up after the uninstall.

blueGreen Souvenir Shop
United States
7 minutes using the app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) replied November 15, 2021

Thank you for review.

The filter "Zakeke" is needed to exclude the products created after a personalization from your collections. In certain cases, Zakeke is forced to create a product from a personalization because Shopify does not allow to change certain attributes of a product (such as the price), that's why you need a filter on the collections to exclude those products from the collections.

Unfortunately, when you uninstall the app it's not possible to remove those filters because Zakeke has no longer permissions to access your store.

1) that filter does not change anything to your store, it won't work because there won't be personalized products.
2) we are happy to remove it when merchants ask us to do so and give us access to the store :)

July 6, 2022

I looked at this app briefly, but after reading Zakeke's rude responses to other customer's complaints and the unclear billing practice, I have decided not to waste time or money here.

Zeman Woodcrafts
United States
2 minutes using the app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) replied July 6, 2022

Hi, thank you for your feedback, we're very sorry for your 1-star review.

We really care about our customers and we take complaints very seriously. We see you installed and uninstalled the app in 3 minutes, even before starting a free trial. Would really appreciate it if you could tell us what issue you had with billing since you are supposed not to have received any bill. Happy to investigate and provide you with details if anything went wrong.

UPDATE: we see now your comment when you have uninstalled the app. Apparently, the problem is the phrase when you install the app that says "charged up to $ 5000 for 30 days". For Zakeke you pay a transaction fee of up to 1.9% on orders received through our app. That sentence explains that, regardless of the fees due, these will never be higher than 5,000 USD/month, i.e. if you sell customized products for 1,000,000 USD/month, however you will pay Zakeke 5k USD instead of 19k! That is meant to be a protection for you. Hope this clears things up.