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May 29, 2023

If you already have another source for dropshipping, NEVER switch to zendrop. I made that mistake. Orders take forever, I ended up refunding customers orders. Only reason I am giving this 1 star is because I can't give it 0.

Snorlax Finds
United States
Time spent using app: 22 days
Zendrop replied May 30, 2023

Thank you for reaching out and leaving us your feedback. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced.

Regarding the shipping times, we would like to inform you that our team does not keep stock of the products in the warehouse, and they are sourced as soon as the order is fulfilled. As a result, the estimated shipping times are around 15 days from China to the US, which is one of the best shipping times in the drop-shipping industry.

In regards to your specific order, we can confirm that our team has sourced the product and is currently in the process of fulfilling it, and it will be shipped to your customer soon. As a gesture of goodwill, we have initiated a refund for your order and will be shipping it to your customer for free.

Moreover, our team member has directly contacted you to assist you extensively and ensure that you get the best possible experience with our services.

Thank you for sharing your feedback here, and we assure you that we will continue to work hard to improve our services and provide you with the best possible experience.

May 19, 2023

Hopefully you read the lower star reviews before reading the paid 5 start reviews. The product provided are few and far between with the majority being low quality. The US provided products are even worse. Its seems the company is only interested in working with individuals that already have a high volume drop shipping company. Take note, when signing up, the promotion for "this is the only time you will see this" promotion is predatory and a low moral advertising tactic. The per-set-up shopify store is a mess, disorganized, and takes a lot of work to straighten out. They will also insert really weird contradicting promotions on your store I.e.. "Free shipping" then on the checkout there will be a counter for your customers that reads "$160 more for free shipping" thats a bait and switch. All the learning curriculum is out dated. all the pod casts are over 2 yr old. Marketing has changed since then. Their return policy is no standard at 5 days once you press checkout say goodbye to that money. This is sad, Its a great concept, just the execution seems lack-luster. Accountability and a full refund would have been a great way to redeem yourself Zendrop.

United States
Time spent using app: 15 days
Zendrop replied May 22, 2023

Hi there! Thank you very much for the honest and transparent review. Zendrop's COO of Zendrop reached out to you over the weekend to touch on all of your points here and issued a full refund for the bad experience you've had overall. We're constantly working on improving the platform, and your feedback will help us do exactly that.

May 12, 2023

ich werde noch 2 Wochen warten bis der Bestellung kommt.
- wann erhalten meine Kunden Trackingnummer?
-wieso kann die Lieferung nicht verfolgt werden? bin aktuell auch andere app am testen dort sehe ich bis es bei Kunden ankommt und app ist kostenlos. und bei andere Dienstleistung erhalten Kunden sofort eine Trackingnummer?
-Keine Video vorhanden
- Ich zahle für Zendrop Monatlich 79 Franken was bieten Sie mehr als Aliexpress?
-Ich darf eine Musterbestellung machen jedoch es ist auch Kostenpflichtig weil Sie keine Video machen aber warum Zahle ich so viel?
- Ich habe eine Mail geschrieben ich hoffe ich erhalte schnell eine Trackingnummer für meine Kunde?
wenn ich so viel Zahle dann erwarte ich mehr als die Kostenlose app die ich gerade am Testen bin.
wie gesagt ich teste noch Zendropp jedoch wünsche ich mir das Sie meine anliegen entgegen kommen danke voraus

Time spent using app: 23 days
Zendrop replied May 12, 2023

Thank you for the review. These are great questions, I'll try to address them one by one:

- wann erhalten meine Kunden Trackingnummer?
a. Your customers will receive a tracking number as soon as the order is fulfilled and shipped. On this, I can see that the order is in the process of being packaged and sent over to your customer.

-wieso kann die Lieferung nicht verfolgt werden? bin aktuell auch andere app am testen dort sehe ich bis es bei Kunden ankommt und app ist kostenlos. und bei andere Dienstleistung erhalten Kunden sofort eine Trackingnummer?
b. The delivery can be tracked as soon as the order is shipped. When the order will be tracked a tracking number and link will be generated for you and the customer.

-Keine Video vorhanden
c. The videos are available for some products but not all within our catalog. You can always order a sample product and create videos and creatives around this. Our goal is to ensure the quality of the products to the customers and with over a million product catalogs, it is hard to manage creatives. That is why we leave it to the customers.

- Ich zahle für Zendrop Monatlich 79 Franken was bieten Sie mehr als Aliexpress?
d. For $79 we offer trendy products, auto fulfillment, Zendrop Academy, Unlimited orders per month, Chargeback management, and $100 order credits that can be used to fulfill the products from Zendrop.

-Ich darf eine Musterbestellung machen jedoch es ist auch Kostenpflichtig weil Sie keine Video machen aber warum Zahle ich so viel?
e. For the sample or any orders we take only the cost and shipping of the product. While we'll be happy to offer these for free, with thousands of stores it will not be a scalable option for us.

We appreciate your feedback on this and would ensure to offer the best service to our customers!

April 6, 2023

so far so good It isn't threatening, defamatory, or being left in exchange for an incentive. If published, we may include additional details about your store to help merchants read relevant reviews.

Steel's Goodies
Time spent using app: About 2 hours
March 24, 2023

Unfortunately, it was not possible to chrck how it works. Everything is fine, but there is no transaction.

AFC Finland
Time spent using app: 9 days
Zendrop replied March 27, 2023

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that you weren't able to test out Zendrop the way you would have liked. In order for me to understand how that happened, I'm going to reach out to you via email. I hope to talk to you soon.

March 16, 2023

Estou aprendendo a usar, portanto ainda não é possível da minha parte realizar uma avaliação mais assertiva tendo em vista que apenas estou começando a usar.

Time spent using app: 27 days
Zendrop replied March 16, 2023

Understood completely. We are extremely confident that after you give the app a try, and test out all of the features, you'll find that it's a fantastic tool to help you in your dropshipping journey. I hope in time you have a 5-star experience!

March 7, 2023

Zendrop's system is preventing me from downgrading.

Zendrop's system also doesn't use my sign in when your system forces me to submit a request. so when we are forwarded to submit a request we are not logged in. Your system then says you haven't received the request and to check email.
Email says sign up for new account because your system doesn't let us logged in peoples be logged in when submitting a request.
Then we have to go back to the support place and login then attempt another request. 1 out of 7 attempts seems to have submitted.
But then another email response of please create an account. It has been over 4 business days since the suppossed successful request with zero communication from Zendrop. Further trying to frustrate us into leaving it alone and not downgrading. Forcing us to come to email and complain. Forcing us to come here and review.

2 days from now i will submit at better business.

This is lawsuit stuff.

United States
Time spent using app: 10 days
Zendrop replied March 7, 2023

Hey there! I'm really sorry to hear about your issue being able to properly and efficiently submit a request for help. This is not at all the way we have intended this to work, and we're always doing everything we can to improve the support flow. I'm going to shoot you an email to dig into this with you asap. I hope to chat with you soon.

March 1, 2023

Cant seem to get in contact with support, trying to work out product pricing showing in a different currency. But without any support for three days now. App seems to have limited functionality and can not find options to make these changes myself.

Time spent using app: 2 months
Zendrop replied March 1, 2023

Hi there! I'm really to hear about the issue you're having with support. I'm not sure why that is at the moment since we've been all caught up this week, but I'm going to shoot you an email directly to dig into this. I hope to talk to you soon!

February 14, 2023

is a very very a varasity of equvilent to one hundred divided by the perimiter equeals pain ful zwendrop

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Zendrop replied February 14, 2023

Hey there, I don't quite understand what you mean by this, but would love nothing more than to connect and figure out what your pain points are. Please shoot me an email at joshua@zendrop.com at your earliest convenience so we can go over any pain points you're currently facing!

Edited February 8, 2023

Looking Useless where is the damn Live Chat Support.
and to import a product first you will have to start selling without knowing the product price, shipping cost HOW THE HELL will i decide my profit margin.
No Automatic Fullfilling for FREE version is nonsense.

Time spent using app: 1 day
Zendrop replied February 24, 2023

Hi there! Just letting you know that I attempted to reach out to you via email, but have not received a reply yet. I'm going to try again as I'd really love to dig into this with you. I hope to talk to you soon!