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Location United States

Next time please let your costumers know that you don't have the product in stock, and that the shipping times will be longer than your stated 10-15 days. If you don't communicate with us, how will I know the product is out of stock and will be delayed for possibly another month? Currently have 100+ orders to fulfill. Do better.

Coffee Purrfection

Location New Zealand

UPDATED: I cancelled the app and removed it from my store. Zendrop assured me I would NOT be charged but they have just charged me $49. Ordered and paid on 7th May 2022. Zendrop kept blaming USPS. Even on 13th May Zendrop were saying the item had been shipped. However today, 26th May USPS confirmed that Zendrop did not put the product up for shipping until 20th May. Not impressed, don't like dishonesty! They say 1-3 days processing, 13 in my case! This is not the case for me and some others on here. We rely on this information when informing customers as to when they will receive their order. I got an emails from them telling me not to sweat it and to be transparent with my customer - what transparent like they are listing out of stock products as being processed within 1-3 days? They give low priority to first time buyers I would suggest. I was told that once I purchase more, processing times may increase. Sorry, but if you are displaying a product, it should be ready to go, or is available to source. You can view product for free, but if you want to sell them you have to pay $49/month in app fees. Their shipping rates are higher than I have seen in suppliers who also charge no app fees. I wish I had looked closer at the reviews here before installing this app. I have now removed all ZenDrop products from my store.

Developer reply

May 11, 2022

Thanks a lot for the feedback. We strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible, so we're really upset to see this review come our way. Our COO has already reached out to you via email to see what we can do to make it up to you, but let us also explain our side of things here so you can get a better understanding of how Zendrop works.

We have hundreds of thousands of products on our platform, they are products that we're able to source but are not yet in our warehouse. We have a way of getting 99% of products sourced within the 3 day time frame, but sometimes things take a little bit longer than expected. You unfortunately ran into one of those situations where things took a bit longer than we thought they would.

But we totally understand your frustrations and would like to make things right. We would like to talk through this issue and help you understand our side of things so we can come to an amicable solution to this problem. You can book a call to do that here: https://calendly.com/bradloeffler/30-minute-meeting?back=1&month=2022-05

Hope to hear from you soon!

Fashionably Casual

By far the WORST app I ever used. I placed an order on March 3rd, They never shipped my order. I emailed them several times requesting refund since the order was never shipped, they said at first they couldn't cancel the order because the order was shipped already. They could easily check the tracking number and see that the label was created but nothing else. But no, they refused to take the time and do the right thing. Just in case I filed a claim with USPS, they processed an investigation concluding that the package was never dropped off at their facilities. No surprised there. Finally yesterday, I decided to call Shopify to advocate for me and help me getting my money back. That was fast, Zendrop refunded me immediately. LOL. This is a horryble company. Don't waste your time. You will loose customers over their irresponsibility.

Developer reply

April 15, 2022

Hey there! I just got done reviewing the interaction you had with our Customer Success team and wanted to apologize that you did not have a fantastic experience from start to finish. We definitely should have just refunded the order (which we of course ended up doing) and explained better what was happening and why but it took longer than necessary to get to that point which is absolutely not the way situations like this are normally handled. Please also understand that the supplier for that particular order is not Zendrop Fulfillment but rather a supplier we brought on board some time ago. The experience with that supplier is generally great so that situation is quite rare. We truly do not want to lose your business but also understand why you chose to part ways. If you're up for it, we'd love to make it right, and hopefully encourage you to give us another shot. If that's something you're interested in, please don't hesitate to shoot an email over to joshua@zendrop.com. Cheers!

Nearby Store

By far the worst app for dropshipping, Sand message with live chat, agent will say get back to you tomorrow ( happened 3 times ) no one get back, shipping times like slooooow as hell, usual execuse ( COVID caz China is closed to covid , what do u think we are stupid, covid ended and no one is closed due to Covid, another execuse Chinese year ) which happened in February ) still items ordered since February not being delivered. I thought they changed there business model after they changed there Com name and now I understand why they changed the name because they don't know how to run a business..... Jesus I am so upset, 2 months for items and delivered and I am on your Pro Plus plan...

Developer reply

March 24, 2022

Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about the negative exchanges you've had with our Customer Success team and the slow shipping times. Zendrop as a whole is a very transparent company and is always upfront with all of our users about any delays. The situation with some regions in China being locked down due to the pandemic is something that is completely out of our control but is already slowly getting back to normal again. The best we can do is make sure you are in the know so you can make decisions on how best to move forward with your business in the meantime. I'd love to dig into both of these items with you so please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email at joshua@zendrop.com. I hope to chat with you soon. Cheers!

Impreza sales

Worthless, you guys need to understand, people hate to be boxed in and not allowed to navigate, what is the use of an app, if it stops what it was intended to fix.

Developer reply

March 21, 2022

Hi there! I'm really sorry to hear that you haven't had a great experience with Zendrop so far. I'd love to touch base with you on the issue(s) you're facing. Please reach out to me via email at joshua@zendrop.com whenever you have a moment. Cheers!

Beauty Peachy

disappointed, still waiting for my orders to be send to my customers, they wrote 1-3 days to ship, its been 2 weeks and still counting for some of my orders to be processed, my orders on Aliexpress are faster than this App, lucky me i don't pay for it. Disappointed, another app with fake reviews.
My order are not sent yet!! i made the review on 12/10 we are on 18/10.

Developer reply

October 12, 2021

Hi there! We want to start off by saying we're very sorry to hear about this delay with your orders. This is not something that happens often, in fact, it's very rare. Regardless, we will do everything we can to make sure this is taken care of for you as quickly as possible. We see that our Customer Success team has already been in contact with you regarding the delayed orders. They're looking into the cause of the delays, and are making sure that everything is shipped out as soon as possible with the highest priority. Please feel free to reach out to joshua@zendrop.com should you have any further questions, comments, and/or concerns. He's always more than happy to help.


- Update got a sample order and the quality and packaging is similar or worst than other platforms I used. Put the items side by side and there is not difference of quality. Also, this service charge you monthly and plus it charge you more per item the thank you letter didn't come with the order. Absolutely horrible. I will give up on this service it sucks.
- Update: Brad and Joshua are helping get through our issues and for that I change my mind and make this a 5 star for now. Old Experience: I am so disappointed with this app. I had a great plan to migrate everything to Zendrop. I started with the free plan and everything was going smooth. Then I sign up for the pro plan and everything started to go down hill from there. the Aliexpress import featured stop working. Then customer support was discussing logistics with me told me that a 25 CM plush that could get compress will cost 28 dollars for shipping and that turn me off so hard. Here is the ridiculous logistic they were showing me: https://app.zendrop.com/product/499933 if you see the product link the 25 CM and the 70 CM shipping is almost the same. which is insane because the weight is totally different and their size well of course 25 CM and 70 CM can't compare. I though they had a flat rate of $6 or $9 for the express shipping but they started to give different shipping rates. I was starting to wonder why would I pay 49.99 a month if their shipping is so expensive. After that things got even more weird they have other products for the same size with the flat rate but only mine the one that sell a lot was different in terms of shipping that was a little fishy in my opinion here is a item that is bigger but they charge way less for shipping. https://app.zendrop.com/product/18661 I hope they get their logistics together and solved this because this is the reason I downgrade to a free plan and planning to go to another platform at the moment. I told the customer girl to give me a reason to stay but she didn't have one so I left. I am willing to turn this review to 5 stars if they do the right thing and fix these issues

Developer reply

July 23, 2021

Hi there!

We're really sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been great since you upgraded to the Pro plan, but we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to leave us your feedback.

Yes, we unfortunately ran into an issue with the AliExpress import feature recently. A hotfix was released, but there are still some issues, and our development team is hard at work doing everything they can to correct everything as quickly as they possibly can.

For the shipping cost, we're actually in the process of making some changes there to be more transparent with all of our users so there are going to be some products that haven't been updated since we have hundreds of thousands of products in our catalog. When we started Zendrop, we thought a standard shipping fee was the best way to do things, but we’ve realized that in order to provide full transparency to our users, we want to provide accurate product and shipping pricing as best we can. The total price is the same as before, but now you get a better sense of the cost for products and shipping individually.

With that being said, all of these things are being worked on, and we're doing everything we can to complete them in a timely manner.

We'd really love for you to give us another shot, and provide us with an opportunity to make this right for you. Please feel free to shoot our COO, Brad, an email at brad@zendrop.com so he can help sort you out.

Talk to you soon!

Bounce Back Rehab

ABSOLUTLEY HORRENDOUS. Do NOT use this app. They've screwed up orders in a row on my account, their "processing times" take longer than they say, and they continue to charge me OVER AND OVER again MONTHS after I've switched to their "free plan" and have been in contact with them over and over again. Even Shopify got in on it and cc'd them in an email with me, and this month they STILL charged my card for their app yet again. They CANNOT get it together! DO NOT bother!!! Stay far away!!

Developer reply

February 23, 2021

Hi Leanne, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I've sent you an email from brad@zendrop.com so we can get to the bottom of what happened, fix it and make it right. Please reply to that email whenever you get the chance and I will be happy to resolve this issue!

Adore Soigne`

Currently waiting for BRAD to respond b/c outside of your reply to this REVIEW no one has bothered to respond to ANY of my messages. Hopefully Brad will respond soon and resolve this issue b/c I'm extremely unhappy and will not be happy until I receive a FULL REFUND.
I would never recommend this APP to anyone. I downloaded the APP for the free trial. I deleted the APP before the free trial ended and never uploaded any products of theirs to my site. To my dismay Zendrop still withdrew $399.99 out of my bank account despite not using any of their products or their APP. They claim express emailing well that isn't accurate either because I've yet to get a response.

Developer reply

February 10, 2021

Hi, thanks for the feedback! We would never withdraw money from your account without your consent, especially if you did cancel your free trial. Are you emailing us at support@zendrop.com? Someone always responds within 30 minutes so if you haven't gotten a response yet, please email brad@zendrop.com (our COO) and he'll handle your situation personally and make this right! Cheers :)

Bunch Of Happiness

I tried this app to fulfil one of my orders firstly the price they quoted was 3x the price on aliexpress. They state they have high quality products which is acceptable for a slightly higher cost but 3x the price of the same item coming from china? Kept my order under processing for a week & after wasting my one whole week they stated can not fulfil the item and give their silly reasons. Probably the only good thing about this app is their support which replies very quickly. So not recommended.

Developer reply

January 26, 2021

Hi there, thanks for leaving us a review!

We do get a lot of inquiries similar to yours about pricing here at Zendrop, so we'll try to provide an explanation to that here as succinctly as we can.

When you go on Ali Express to compare pricing, typically the pricing you're looking at is a price that includes 30-45 day+ shipping times. We know that this is not the type of service you want to provide for your customers, so we offer transparent and up front pricing with quality shipping times right off the bat.

If you go on Ali Express and select a reasonable shipping time, you'll find that often times the price of that product now jumps to 2 - 3x the price that is listed on Zendrop.

To address your concern about processing times, our usual processing time is 1-3 days but on rare occasions, it can take a couple of days longer than that since we are purchasing products from thousands of factories, shipping them to our warehouse, quality checking them and then processing and shipping orders.

We're sorry to hear you had a less than perfect experience and we want to make it right! Please shoot an email to brad@zendrop.com and we'll make sure we get to the bottom of this and help you experience the beauty of Zendrop!

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