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8 reviews


OCU is rigid and expensive. Having to completely rethink our checkout. Doesn't convert nearly as well as the clickfunnels checkout on cold traffic.

Developer reply

February 16, 2022

Hey AgelessLX sorry to hear you're not happy with your experience so far. I would like to point out that OCU doesn't control the checkout, Shopify does. We only show offers prior to and after the checkout. We have numerous reports from users that their Shopify checkout with OCU out-converts Clickfunnels by quite a bit. If you'd like to have the team look into your specific situation to see if we can help get those numbers up please reach out so we can help! :)
-Team Zipify

Liftmas Tree

The app boosted my AOV for sure. The issue is that when a customer adds a post-purchase offer to their order, it doesn't automatically request fulfillment for the new item from Printful which is my supplier. Leading to dozens of customers not getting their items or having the items shipped separately causing them to have to pay import fees twice. I've talked to everyone about this and they all say it's the other app's responsibility. Another thing is you don't have the option to edit the "pay now" button unless you edit your whole store's checkout button. So if you want it to say "add to order" to avoid confusing customers, you can't do that. I have multiple emails from customers ordering again by mistake since both the checkout buttons and upsell buttons must say the same thing. I love this app, but until these 2 issues can be fixed, I'll have to uninstall it for the sake of our customers.

Developer reply

October 5, 2021

Hey Liftmas Tree thanks for the review. I looked over your conversation with our support team and I'm sorry we weren't able to provide a better solution. We are trying to connect with Printiful to see if we can get a better sync between our apps. Sorry you're having such issues. We're working on getting this solved. Hopefully when we do we can welcome you back. If you need anything else please reach out!
-Team Zipify


Recently installed the app however the pop-ups don't seem to be appearing when customers click 'continue to checkout' despite being set up to do so. It bounces them straight into checkout landing page when the 'Go to Cart' button is selected skipping the shopping cart landing page? (skip to cart has been disabled but still doing this) The app seems to be very clunky and have been waiting days for a solution to my issue, had to disable the app as I don't want customers skipping the shopping cart landing page. Whilst still paying for it and lack of communication. See potential within the app if issues get sorted

Developer reply

October 1, 2021

Hey Blk Box sorry to hear things didn't go as planned. The team has dug into your specific installation and is working on a fix. When it's rolled out and working hopefully we can continue to work with you to change your perspective on the app. If you need anything else please reach out!
-Team Zipify

baby bubble LTD

is the currency converter available on the upsell if my store currency is different rent from my customers currency ?

Developer reply

June 21, 2021

Hey Baby Buble LTD thanks for the review. Was the currency converter the only issue or was there something else you weren't happy with that caused your two star review? If there is something else please let us know so we can fully understand your needs and help try to find some solutions for you. At this time Shopify's API doesn't allow us to integrate with currency converters. The offers will be displayed in your stores native currency that you've setup for your store. As soon as this functionality is open to us, we'll make sure to create some integrations for currency converter apps! If you need anything else or we can help you out in anyway just reach out. Thanks!
-Team Zipify

The Big Silk

The app is intuitive, well built and the upsell pages look great. On the paper it all looks great. *BUT* My main issue has been my ads conversion tracking. OCU "highjacks" the thank you page by adding an extra page before the customer reaches the "official" thank you page. As a result, most people understand that their original order went through and just close the page and never see the shopify thank you page. This means that the conversion tracking doesn't fire. I totally see the added value of the app but its not worth loosing all your ad conversion data.

Developer reply

June 11, 2021

Hey everyone at The Big Silk. Sorry to hear things aren't functioning as you hoped. That's always frustrating. This issue actually has to do with the Shopify checkout API. We're working with what they give us. They know this is an issue and have been working on this so you'll be able to track conversions more effectively. Our data suggests across all of our 9k users suggests that only 10% of people don’t make it to TY page. That being said, it is in the works and Shopify is going to fix this to allow for better tracking. At that point I hope you'll be able to have a better experience with OCU. If you need anything just reach out!
-Team Zipify


Was working fine, then they changed the settings and now won't work with recharge anymore, poor communication to customers, no one let us know

Developer reply

March 12, 2021

Hey Amino, we are really sorry to hear that our app updates have caused you problems. As discussed with our support team updating to the newest version of ReCharge should fix the issue. We do apologize for not making that more clear to you. We always try to keep users informed of changes so they can take the appropriate actions, but in this case it seems we never got you that communication. Again we apologize, and hope that we can continue to build a good relationship moving forward. If you need anything else, please reach out to the team.
-Team Zipify


Can you think of a solution where customers stop making the upsell purchase on accident? about 10-15% of upsells are canceled because customers didn't mean to buy. We even use the message fields to ensure customers understand its a second order. This creates extra work for us to cancel orders and not accidentally ship two orders to customers. UPDATE WARNING: 4/05 Just when you think the app can't get any worse, they are now adding products to the paid cart, and then OCU will remove it from the cart and refund customer. ShipStation won't recognize the change so this will lead us to send items unpaid for if you don't check every order manually.

Developer reply

December 16, 2020

Hey Lamborghini thanks for leaving a review. We looked into your upsell offers and discussed this with the team to see about avoiding the high refund rate you are experiencing and we have a few recommendations for your offers...

First, if you're going to offer one more of the same product then it's important to make it super clear that this is in addition to what they've already purchased. We can see you're doing some of that already! But a more clear headline that says something like, "Thank you for your order, your order is complete".

We also recommend offering an upsell product that costs less than the original product they bought. Some may refund due to buyers remorse after seeing the final price of what they just bought. For example a wine glass set.

If you are going to offer the same thing as they just bought, since it's a higher price point some more left right content explaining the offer and how it's in addition to the original order would be helpful.

Give that a shot and see if refunds come down.

-Team Zipify


Recently OCU has merged with Shopify, which at first was very exciting for us. Unfortunately, after discovering the app for 5-10 minutes our team quickly realized that the integration is far from being a well-developed Shopify App. The post-purchase page has very little customization. It's so basic, you may think that it's spammy and only something drop shipping stores might use. I do not recommend this app. I will re-review once the company emails me with significant updates as I am truly excited to hopefully see a strong customization function. Brands.. Need to stay on brand. Good luck.

Developer reply

November 24, 2020

Hey PaliRoots sorry to hear you're disappointed with the app. Unfortunately the features you're talking about aren't a limitation of OCU, they're a limitation of what Shopify allows. They do this so that the offer pages are more consistent with Shopify checkout and less promotional. We worked really hard to get as much flexibility in there for the reasons you listed...but ultimately it was up to them to limit it to what you see. That all being said, we have actually seen an increase in conversion with these new, faster offer pages. Plus we will be adding new functionality within the Shopify guidelines as Shopify allows. We hope you'll not only revisit this review with this new insight but you'll also give OCU a shot to see if it can still help you boost your AOV.
-Team Zipify