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Address Validator

Address Validator

Developed by RoboTurk

47 reviews
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  • Prompt customers with corrected addresses to reduce costly shipping related delays
  • Customize prompts and alerts to match your store's branding and identity
  • Email notifications for orders that slip through with unverifiable addresses

★ Robust address validator for Shopify stores ★

Get started in seconds to increase successful delivery rates and to reduce checkout times!

What is Address Validator?

Customers often mistype shipping addresses and this leads to failed deliveries and ultimately, upset customers. Inaccurate shipping addresses may result in returned shipments and costly redelivery fees. Address Validator solves this problem by prompting customers with corrected addresses. Our simple interface can help boost customer satisfaction by reducing the frequency of failed deliveries. Your store's conversion rate will not be affected because the validation prompts are embedded into the checkout flow.

⚡ Check out a live demo here

How does it work?

Easy installation: Store owner installs Address Validator with a single click - no coding needed!

Address validation: Customers are automatically prompted with corrected addresses when inconsistencies are detected

Highly customizable: Text and colors on the prompts can be customized to match your store's branding and identity

☝ Millions of addresses processed and trusted by hundreds of Shopify stores! ☝

Other features

Mobile friendly: Validation prompt is optimized for desktops as well as mobile devices to ensure a seamless consumer experience

PO box check: Some couriers do not deliver to PO boxes - we have built a feature to alert customers whenever they input a PO box address

Street # check: Customers often forget to put their street number and we have built a feature to alert them whenever this happens

Email notifications: Notify customers and/or store owners whenever an order goes through with an inaccurate address

★ Simple, affordable pricing ★

FREE TRIAL! First 100 addresses free and $0.03 per address processed thereafter.

Frequently asked questions

Does it work for all addresses? Currently, we are validating addresses in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States. We are working on adding 240+ countries!

Which orders will this app process? Address Validator only processes orders in supported countries that have not yet been fulfilled. You will not be charged for historical orders.

Will Address Validator work with our custom theme? Regardless of whether you use Shopify or Shopify Plus, Address Validator does not change any liquid templates and will work as long as your checkout flow is standard. You can customize the look and feel of the app to match your brand and identity.

What happens when an address cannot be validated? When an address cannot be validated, the customer is notified via a prompt on the checkout flow. Furthermore, Address Validator has an email notification feature that can alert the store owner and/or the customer whenever an order contains an address we cannot validate.

Have questions? Need help? Got suggestions?

Email us at support@roboturk.co or call us at (415) 349-0975 and we will get back to you ASAP.

✌ We are constantly making improvements to this app and are super receptive to any questions or feature requests! ✌

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Address Validator reviews

47 reviews
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1000% needed by everyone online. Helps our team to get every address correct! AWESOME,


Just installed it and already love it! Thank you!


Great app, FAST customer service as usual ;)


We have been very happy with RoboTurk's AVS. In addition to offering our consumers a proactive way to validate and fix their erroneous addresses, it also generates an Email Alert to our Customer Service team to notify them when a consumer ignores the alert. This way they can follow-up and ensure the address is validated.


This app is great and easy to use.


Product does as advertised and brings up addresses very quickly. I did put in a support email for a problem that actually turned out to having nothing to do with Roboturk Address validator. This was very promptly answered by Wilson who gave me instructions of how to fix the problem which was actually a setting in the base Shopify store.

The service is great as is the product.

Well worth having.


Thanks for the fast service Wilson! #speedygonzales


We just recently launched, but I'm glad I found this app. I was able to use it on test orders and I like how it works. I'm looking forward to it preventing us from having any address issues .


This app is incredible, and the support team is on another level, they literally answer in less than an hour every time I have a question! Highly recommended!


the app has been installed for less than a week and we are already noticing a significant decrease in address issues. the customer service has been tremendously helpful and responsive. i would absolutely recommend.

From $0.00 / month

FREE trial: First 100 addresses free

Simple, affordable pricing: $0.03 per address processed

Amazing support: We respond to inquiries within 12 hours

Contact us for volume pricing (10,000+ orders per month)

Support & Sales

(415) 349-0975
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