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AdRoll For Shopify

AdRoll For Shopify

Developed by AdRoll

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  • Attract new audiences and convert your site abandoners
  • Target users across the Web, Mobile, Instagram, & Facebook
  • Get free Dynamic Ads that feature your own product catalogue

Most e-commerce visitors leave a site without completing a purchase. AdRoll retargeting helps you reach those lost visitors with ads and emails across a high quality inventory on websites and apps (including Facebook & Instagram).

Shopify customers see up to a 9.5x ROI when using AdRoll!

Within minutes, online merchants can install AdRoll and start running campaigns without any developer resources by using our Shopify integration to automatically place the AdRoll tag. We create dynamic ads for free using your existing product catalogue and run them across a diversity of inventory from web, mobile, Facebook, Instagram, and even email. Audience segments, like shopping cart abandoners and past purchasers, are automatically created for your use in targeting users in real time.

Free Dynamic Ads & Product Recommendation Engine

With AdRoll, you’ll have access to our product recommendations engine. We’ll automatically synchronize your product feed catalog which will allow you to build dynamic ads that feature personalized product recommendations. Our Design Squad team is also ready to help you get started by providing a set of 6 ad creatives designer by AdRoll experts upon your request.

Customer Support

Our incredible Delight team is waiting and eager to help you via chat or email should you need any assistance. If you're more of a do-it-yourself kind of marketer, visit our comprehensive Support Center if you have questions.

Email Collection

In order to track your potential customers across devices and browsers, this integration will send email addresses collected on your site to AdRoll for data and email services. AdRoll may persistently store and use hashed versions of these email addresses and combine these with email hashes from other customers to improve our services.

Got email lists in addition to recent visitors? Upload them to AdRoll to retarget your email audience with ads across the web and amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

AdRoll For Shopify reviews

101 reviews
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  5. 1 star (27 reviews)

Easy-to-use app for running web and Facebook ads. Love the easy setup for dynamic product ads and the reporting tools available. The ROI on the retargeting campaigns is better than we've seen on other platforms and we're already seeing a great bump in new traffic from running "Prospecting" campaigns. Would recommend!


Great app! Makes it so easy to run multiple ads, across multiple placements, against your main goal. The automation makes management super easy for a small biz like ours- the allocates budget, picks placements and creatives according to what is performing best. So easy! Performance is pretty great too ;) Definitely recommend!


Beware! DO NOT use this app, they refused to give me a refund after uping my daily budget without permission, claiming they can increase your daily budget by 20%. A representative contacted me to use their app, and it is the BIGGEST mistake I have made since opening my small store about a year ago. Guess what? My weekly paid in ads was $80 and jumped to $150 plus for 3 weeks (I mistook that they were taking payments in advance only to realize they were not). I contacted support and they only fed me bullshit about how they system will never overcharge you, well setting up more ADS then the consumer wanted is NOT right. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Wish I read the bad reviews before putting in my credit card info.


Dear AdRoll,

Based on these horrible reviews i'm removing the application. I was about to enter my credit card and give it a try for a month.


Great service. The ads go to the right places and our CPA is the lowest so far from any service we used. This app plus a retargeting app is the perfect way to make quick conversions. Upping your AD spend here gives a good ROI so I wouldn't hesitate to give it a go. This is way better than FB ads (they were once good but not as effective anymore) SO I would invest more spends is AdRoll over direct FB platform. Thanks ADRoll !


awesome and easy to use. very effect tool when it comes to re marketing! highly recommended


Works good, not the best customer support for low budgets but still does the trick. Hoping to win that gift-card from writing a review! Can someone from adroll confirm that i'm entered to prove that this contest is real ;D


I work on multiple websites, quite a few for my clients and one for myself (PROShopWorld.com), I use AdRoll for all my clients and my business and return is worth every penny and every second. This is one of the best and easiest tool I have used in my 15 years of marketing experience. Amazing for brand awareness and letting your prospects know about your brand and ultimately convert them into customers.

Highly recommended.


Really helpful, very easy to use, very responsive staff who will help set everything up at the drop of a hat, and so far, good return on investment, which is what it's all about.


Although it took some time to understand how are the things working, after our data analysis, everything was clear. ROI 7.3x is not seen commonly! Recommend


Only pay for the amount spent on ads - an amount you have complete control of.



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