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AdRoll For Shopify

AdRoll For Shopify

Developed by AdRoll

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  • Easily connect your Shopify store with AdRoll to retarget visitors across the web, mobile and social media.
  • Make more sales and solve shopping cart abandonment with the power of AdRoll’s real-time algorithms. Get the right ads in front of the right customers.
  • No commitments. No minimums. Just something to help increase ROI.

What is retargeting?

On average, most e-commerce shoppers leave a site without completing a purchase. AdRoll retargeting helps you reach bounced visitors with displays ads for your products across the web, mobile, and social. AdRoll is easy to use and helps boost sales and win more customers.

We’re confident you’ll love it, you'll get $60 credit for signing up!

What’s new in this release?

  • Collects anonymized customer data from your Shopify store to help target ads to customers across the web, mobile and social media.

  • Let you upload ad designs. Or request ads--we’ll give you free designs!

  • Choose your target audience (visitors to your shopping cart, product pages, and more)

Here’s what Shopify entrepreneurs have to say:

“For us, the ROI on Adroll can't be beat! Also, the dashboard is very easy to manage and makes my job so much easier! We are a small company, which means one person is in charge of many different tasks, and Adroll makes it easier for us to get the job done without much work. You can't put price on efficiency when you run an online store!”

--Michelle, President of EchoClubHouse.com

“AdRoll reminds buyers to come back to our store to complete that purchase that they were considering minutes or days earlier. Within the last month alone, we’ve benefitted from a 27.8x Return on Investment from each Dollar spent on AdRoll retargeting. Among the things we’ve enjoyed the most with using AdRoll: the ease of integrating the Ad Campaigns, the measurable results, but most importantly, the incredible level of support that they give to their clients.”

--Jano, Owner of MMO-armory.com

"I count on AdRoll and Shopify. They've helped me scale my business and save time and resources. I use Shopify to run my e-commerce website and AdRoll to engage website visitors and bring them back to become customers. Best of all, these intuitive platforms have let me focus on sharing delicious and fresh food with the world."

--Ching-Yee, the CEO of Sprogsfresh.com (In the interest of transparency, A founding consultant for SprogsFresh is married to the CEO of AdRoll, Aaron Bell.)

The data that fuels AdRoll

Every second, AdRoll ensures your advertising dollars are spent efficiently. Our machine-learning tech bids based on hundreds of factors, so your ads reach your most valuable customers.

Got email lists? Upload them to AdRoll to retarget your email audience with ads across the web and amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


You'll get $60 credit when you sign up. Once you have spent your $60, your account turns into a paid account. AdRoll is priced for performance.

  • You are in complete control of your budget (spend as much or a little as you like depending on how you set your budget).
  • You set your own retargeting budget based on the number of visitors to your site.
  • You only pay for advertising impressions we buy on your behalf (Dynamic Cost Per Impression pricing)
  • No commitments. No minimums.
  • Billing

    We work on a weekly pre-pay system based off of the budget you set. For more information, check out our Billing System support page.

    Customer Support

    Our Delight team will help you via chat, phone and email. Visit our Support Center if you have questions.

    AdRoll For Shopify reviews (22)


    Easy to use


    Awesome App, so much easier than setting up your own retargeting campaigns!


    Kelsie was great to work with! Love the dashboard and ease of use!


    Super easy to set up campaigns and the complimentary ads to start looked amazing! Love the $60 credit to to take it for a test drive :)


    VERY DISAPPOINTED they tempt you with a free $60 "try adroll for free" is what they claim, the reality? they charge your credit card each week without any consent or notification of how much it will be. $30 per week they have been charging me and i had no idea as i was told i had a $60 free trial and didn't agree to any further spend beyond that. This is my first bad experience with a shopify app and i would suggest you stay well clear!


    Said above "Your first $60 is free. After that, AdRoll is priced for performance." Yeah, my A**! Within an hour of setting up my campaign with them I got billed for over $210.00. Right off of my credit card. RUN!


    Adroll just keeps charging your card without notification!


    Really swift to use - 5 stars for simplicity. Will feed back more on the advertising effectiveness.


    Love Adroll, definitely the highest value PPC advertising! If you aren't using adroll you are leaving money on the table!


    Great team of people who are always look out for us. Being new to the game, it is nice we got a group to watch after us and make sure our ads are performing well.


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