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AdRoll For Shopify

AdRoll For Shopify

Developed by AdRoll

60 reviews
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  • Use AdRoll to retarget visitors across the web, mobile and Facebook.
  • Make more sales and solve shopping cart abandonment like our 25,000+ customers.
  • No minimums. Customer Support via Email, Chat & Phone. We'll even give you free ads!

Most e-commerce visitors leave a site without completing a purchase. AdRoll retargeting helps you reach those lost visitors with ads across the Web and Facebook.

On Average, Shopify customers see a 7x ROI when using AdRoll: For every $10 spent, they see $70 in attributable revenue to AdRoll!

Got email lists? Upload them to AdRoll to retarget your email audience with ads across the web and amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Customer Support

Our Delight team will help you via chat, phone and email. Visit our Support Center if you have questions.

Now with Facebook!

When you install AdRoll we allow you to run ads not only across thousands of sites, but also on Facebook. To do this we automagically place a Facebook Pixel on your site. This does not interfere with other Facebook Pixels you may be using.

Introducing Free Ads!

Every Shopify customer is offered complementary ad creative services: we'll create 6 ads for Web + Facebook tailored to your site and products.

This integration will send email addresses collected on your site to AdRoll for data and email services. AdRoll may persistently store and use hashed versions of these email addresses and combine these with email hashes from other customers to improve our services.

AdRoll For Shopify reviews

60 reviews
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  5. 1 star (22 reviews)

Great for remarketing! Easy interface, too.


They will assign you an account rep who will recommend the highest budget possible and rarely check in. They're billing system is horrendous so forget about tracking how much you will actually spend with them. Avoid and learn retargeting on your own or use other apps!


AdRoll is a fantastic App and Service. Re-targeting is very important for any business and AdRoll really does it well. They create stunning ads and manage campaigns seamlessly. I give them 5 stars and would highly recommend.


I was concerned by the 1-star reviews I saw here and asked AdRoll about it. It turns out most of these people had issues with the billing system, which has since been changed.

My experience: great results, but you should understand how the platform works, and be sure to get an account manager. This is an "app" in shopify but it actually is used on a ton of platforms. They create all of your ads, which is nice. Also the billing and reporting is really straightforward.

If you are getting a decent amount of traffic and can get on board with one of the AdRoll account managers, this is a great platform. If you're just getting started and only have a few visitors and want to do everything yourself, then maybe look elsewhere.


The AdRoll team created my ads and had me up and running same day during a busy holiday season. Since starting re-targeting ads in Nov 2016, I have had a 2.3X return on investment with AdRoll. It's a no-brainer for any small or large business.


The absolute worst customer service of all time. PATHETIC
If you think this is an option for you my advice is to make sure you learn as much as possible from your account rep you have the first 30 days; take notes and make sure your tracking pixels are working because afterward you are totally on your own. The online chat cannot answer questions. They will create a ticket and not follow up. AdRoll must be very successful for some because they do not care about helping you once you are a regular customer. I paused my campaign for several months and when I had more money to spend on a campaign the support was extremely negligent; they were unable to assist in making sure my tracking pixels were working properly. After 100,000+ ad impressions my ROI was literally 0%. Sign up at your own risk. FYI: when you do a search in their Help section under "cancel my account" there are no results!


I had high hopes for this but it didn't work out for my particular shop. I was told to try it longer and I would see results but I had already spent a lot of money and didn't even break even. If you have the extra funds, give it a try. But for now it didn't seem worth it for me.


I would't recommend this app to anyone. The conversions they show you are false, and its nearly impossible to get them to cancel your account. I have now tried calling and emailing all week to find out I was billed yet again while my campaigns are paused.


works well with www.westcoastvapesupply.com


Why can't we choose zero stars?

I tried AdRoll twice for my company and noticed awkward billing and click attribution both times.

In the first instance, everything was moving along fine. Then, all of a sudden my charges per click increased exponentially. Concerned, I paused my campaign and then ended that round.

I returned to the platform in January of 2017. Even though my customer base was small, they were maxing out my daily spend. Which I wouldn't have minded. However, I noticed that their click attribution wasn't even close to what I was seeing in Shopify or Google analytics. I contacted customer support and it was clear the rep was "grasping for straws," providing me more excuses than solutions and only exasperating my concern regarding this company.

Personally, I hate working with online ad companies who are not transparent regarding their billing/attribution practices. There are plenty of other options out there. Facebook has their own Dynamic Ads protocol as does Google. I have lost far too much money using AdRoll and I hope this review saves other stores from similar pains.


We work on a weekly pre-pay system based off of the budget you set. For more information, check out our Billing System support page.

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