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AdRoll For Shopify

AdRoll For Shopify

Developed by AdRoll

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  • Use AdRoll to retarget visitors across the web, mobile and Facebook.
  • Make more sales and solve shopping cart abandonment like our 25,000+ customers.
  • No minimums. Customer Support via Email, Chat & Phone. We'll even give you free ads!

Most e-commerce visitors leave a site without completing a purchase. AdRoll retargeting helps you reach those lost visitors with ads across the Web and Facebook.

On Average, Shopify customers see a 7x ROI when using AdRoll: For every $10 spent, they see $70 in attributable revenue to AdRoll!

Here’s what Shopify entrepreneurs have to say:

“For us, the ROI on Adroll can't be beat! Also, the dashboard is very easy to manage and makes my job so much easier! We are a small company, which means one person is in charge of many different tasks, and Adroll makes it easier for us to get the job done without much work. You can't put price on efficiency when you run an online store!”

--Michelle, President of EchoClubHouse.com

“AdRoll reminds buyers to come back to our store to complete that purchase that they were considering minutes or days earlier. Within the last month alone, we’ve benefitted from a 27.8x Return on Investment from each Dollar spent on AdRoll retargeting. Among the things we’ve enjoyed the most with using AdRoll: the ease of integrating the Ad Campaigns, the measurable results, but most importantly, the incredible level of support that they give to their clients.”

--Jano, Owner of MMO-armory.com

"I count on AdRoll and Shopify. They've helped me scale my business and save time and resources. I use Shopify to run my e-commerce website and AdRoll to engage website visitors and bring them back to become customers. Best of all, these intuitive platforms have let me focus on sharing delicious and fresh food with the world."

--Ching-Yee, the CEO of Sprogsfresh.com (In the interest of transparency, A founding consultant for SprogsFresh is married to the CEO of AdRoll, Aaron Bell.)

Got email lists? Upload them to AdRoll to retarget your email audience with ads across the web and amplify the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Customer Support

Our Delight team will help you via chat, phone and email. Visit our Support Center if you have questions.

Now with Facebook!

When you install AdRoll we allow you to run ads not only across thousands of sites, but also on Facebook. To do this we automagically place a Facebook Pixel on your site. This does not interfere with other Facebook Pixels you may be using.

Introducing Free Ads!

Every Shopify customer is offered complementary ad creative services: we'll create 6 ads for Web + Facebook tailored to your site and products.

AdRoll For Shopify reviews (36)


I have requested the ads for the fourth time - they made my ads in rupees... my customer based in Canada/US.UK


SCAM At this best. They will keep your money that has not been spent. They make it very difficult to end the campaign - this is not the same as 'pause'. And harder to get a refund of unused funds. The funny thing is you don't even know what your un-used funds are.

Be Very Careful When You Use This Company - They Pre- Charge you and If the budget is not spent, you have to manually request to be refunded. They will not tell you about it. Think paying for a phone bill but you are pre-paying for all the features and minutes even if you use it or not. Very unethical.

If you end the paused campaigns and if the budget of the new campaign is low and the account balance has enough credits then you will not be charged.

Right now

→if i start a campaign

→with 25 dollars per day

→will i be charged again?

If you do not end the paused campaigns, yes you will be charged as the billing is upfront.

Be very careful - they have alot of your money saved up. You have no way to view this. For example, if you have a campaign of 100 and spend only 50; they will keep 50 until you manually request refund.

Unlike criteo, you cannot end a campaign.
This is not a scam, it is just that you need to allow the campaign to serve for 5 days atleast'


They claim that we made a certain amount from their retargeting, but it's inaccurate. We made $0 from their ads and retargeting, and contacting customer service is completely pointless.


The customer service for this company is completely useless. Asked to fix my tracking for more than half year and still couldn't fix it. I am not even sure if the ads are even working. Complete waste of money!


The Shopify app is flawed. We checked what they were reporting as conversions and confirmed that none of the customers they reported as converting actually came from their retargeting. This has been reported to Adroll and acknowledged as an error but so far, no explanation.

Thoroughly check their conversion reports against your own data. Without accurate conversion reporting, the app is useless.


We have found AdRoll to be one of the best parts of our marketing strategy both for results and costs. The staff are amazing, thinking of everything and putting it in place or bringing it to our attention, even before we have thought of it ourselves.

AdRoll makes our lives easier by freeing up our time to deal with other things because we know from the results that they are doing a great job.


It's a great app. I like that it does the retargeting for me.


Excellent value


Very impressive retargeting results, a ROAS you wouldn't believe us reading this review. a 5.4 of 5 stars.


Great customer service, easy to set up. Instant results.


We work on a weekly pre-pay system based off of the budget you set. For more information, check out our Billing System support page.

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