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AdRoll Retargeting

AdRoll Retargeting

Price: Custom Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Turn lost customers into sales: AdRoll lets you reengage potential customer across the web and on Facebook
  • Fast, simple set-up: our platform allows anyone to set up a retargeting campaign in minutes
  • Get return on your spend: on average, AdRoll retargeting customers earn $10 for every $1 spent on retargeting!

AdRoll Retargeting: Increase Sales. Raise Awareness.

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On average, 98% of ecommerce shoppers leave without converting. Retargeting finds those lost customers, displays ads for your products on the other sites they visit, and brings them back when they are ready to convert. It's easy to implement, and has an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Free 2-Week Trial!

Install our app to launch your retargeting campaign today, and enjoy 2 free weeks!

Retargeting Gets Results. Our +8,000 clients have seen an average improvement of over 300% in their conversion rate with AdRoll. With up to 400% return on every dollar you invest in AdRoll's retargeting service, it's easy to see why retargeting should be an important part of your online advertising budget. In fact, AdRoll is the retargeting service Shopify itself uses to bring back lost customers.

You can check out our transparent pricing model here.

Download the App to start retargeting lost users today!

AdRoll Retargeting reviews (18)


- No free trial
- CTR is 1/5 our own adwords CTR
- CPC is 14x our CPC

We even made our own ads to make it simple.


Awful. This is the first negative review Ive ever written but this app is just THAT bad. They take over a week to approve your account so dont expect to have your ads running for a while... I deleted the app because it was incredibly useless, yet they are STILL billing me, even though im receiving NO traffic, and I paused all my campaigns before deleting (because I read other reviews where they continued billing people long after the app had been deleted and simply wouldnt stop) Going to report the next payment they take as theft to my card company, because thats what it is AVOID THIS APP! They will rob you then ignore you!


AdRoll has been a huge benefit for our store and for other stores we've built for our clients. The retargeting features are incredibly powerful and really do increase conversions. Great app, thanks guys!


- First of all there is no any 14 days FREE TRIAL.
- Live chat support is very bad. Not help in anything.
- To run a campaign you must approve your credit card first. So once more time there is no any FREE TRIAL.
- Ask them to help with tracking the conversion and it seems impossible to do that in Shopify because the don't know how to help you.
- Finnally, results are very bad: MORE THAN 20 000 PEOPLE, less than 1000 impressions and few (about 15) clicks for price of 23$.


"Get return on your spend: on average, AdRoll retargeting customers earn $10 for every $1 spent on retargeting!" - Even if you spend 10$ you won't get 1$ back.



Very confusing app, and since i was new and requested them to walk through setting up the compaign, I have been waiting for my results and live chat with customer service so a few times asked them why i have no impression and they told me that they only send the ad to potential customer in my site not to every one. After a few days, another customer service notified me that my add lack of brand notification.


Decent app for re-targeting users that have already been to your website.


i advertise my products on ebay , shopzilla , shopping.com , facebook .
no problem . they will not let me do it on their website . and this after make me create 3 ads and waiting for .
They make me feel like i m selling some king of illegal drugs , while i m selling everything that vitamin shop or other bigger company sell .
Do not waist time with them .


These is a bunch of crap, this App does not work the pixel they give you doesn't work no data is given. The support team gives you the run around about how it take 24 hrs to start generating Data, I waited 3 days and nothing.
I asked for a refund and nothing. I finally asked my bank for a chargeback which I got back in a week. Most Apps on Shopify work, but some just take your money.


Very difficult to understand how this app work and I can erase my account on their website - Bad experience


To date we have been charged £52.01 with only 6 clicks on the ad campaign, there is also no way to remove our bank details or end the campaign without contacting them directly so they continue to leech from our account.


After your free 2 week trial, AdRoll's Cost Per Impression (CPM) pricing is simple and transparent.

- You are in complete control of your budget (spend as much or a little as you like)
- You only pay for advertising impressions we buy on your behalf
- No Minimums, No Maximums, No Contracts, No hidden fees

14 days



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