Art of Where Drop Shipping

Art of Where Drop Shipping

by Art of Where

Drop ship printed products on demand. Leggings, scarves & more

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As a designer " when you send your designs to a company " you expect them to handle them with care " I have to say; The quality control with this company is impeccable . Every time you call someone is there to listen; with a smile in there voice. I have worked with many ecommerce apps "as i use shopify and the apps they provide at shopify " Linking designers like me to a print company . I have used RageOn and Printful. I have had a few issues; lets just say that. the process was like pulling teeth. Now for me ART OF WHERE is Untouchable. 95 % of my products are with ART of WHERE now. These guys are by far the best ! With them you will receive " A company and experience " above and beyond what is expected of Customer service. They will value the time you spent designing & reflect that in the products they are providing to your customers . I love them . I cannot say enough about them . Art without a brush loves Art of where. Adam Orosco

Alba Paris Art

I have been using Art of Where since 2016 and their products and services are outstanding.

They take up to 10 working days to create some products but as long as you state it in your store, customers won't have a problem waiting, because when they receive a durable product, with good quality fabric and stitching and saturated print (that never fades), they will only have good things to say about your company. They make everything in Canada so they are completely sweatshop free!

Their customer service is great! They are always very helpful and understanding.

I've tried sooo many print on demand companies and I couldn't recommend Art Of Where enough, they have NEVER failed me or my customers.

Sarah Pierson

The quality of the printing is amazing. The lined canvas tote is lovely but they are quite expensive. Products are high end compared to most others so you do get a more premium product. I do find that production can take some time. Someone out there needs to offer more pillow options. Thanks Sarah

Emer Jones Apparel


Before you download this and start setting up with them, I suggest you look elsewhere.

There are many issues with this app, but the main one is Gail, the ONLY support person to talk to, she also doesnt care about your issues with their app. They don't seem to care about customer support at all in-fact.

Their design lab is NOT a design lab. The whole thing needs to be redone. There is no design in their lab at all, all it does is puts your design you already made in PS onto a tshirt template which you then just move it around to position it. You cant do anything to your designs at all, you have to then exit it, reedit your design then re upload it then wait for the app to render that new edit onto their very pixelated and low quality image mockup.

OTHER ISSUES The mockup images it creates and imports to your store are very low quality. The images are all stuck onto a grey background (Not white) There is no way to export the images as transparent background, all you can do is upload your own backgrounds or use their own 90's styled backgrounds.

The products are quite expensive and leaves no room to make a profit.

When importing into shopify, you cannot choose where the products go, you cant change their price, product type etc.. It imports the proudtcs with their own specifications, vendor, product type, price variants etc

The imported products are all active already when pushed to the store. So you edit them to fix their price, variants (because AOW create their own variants of your shirt without telling you and pushing those to your store too!

Overall Very horrible experience and will never be trying these guys again.

All the work put in to this app, only for Gail to be rude and not care that their app is causing a lot of problems.

I hope this review saves someone else time I wasted.


Wow great app! Loving the interface! Talk about a hidden gem! Please add men's swim shorts & swimsuits for women! Thank you!


App is not perfect, prints are quality, mock ups look god awful. put some model mockups in the store the same way printful does at the very least. considering you have womens clothing in the store, you should make it visibly appealing to women. Not 3d models that don't even look good to guys viewing them online. they look like gamecube graphics mockups.

If artofwhere could overcome the prices it offers, tiny profit margins and get some actual models it would be greatness in and of itself but they refuse to and insist on mediocrity.

Geeky apparel store:

Rodifer Animation Company

I've been using the app for a few months now, and despite some initial technical hiccups with the app, things are great now. I ordered a sample of their wood print, and the print and build quality were amazing. All of my images are in the 300 - 400 dpi range when uploading, which is incredibly good. I also like the fact that they have phone support, and their shipping was fast (5 days).

Widow Dark Thirty

Art of Where is great for a few things but not when it comes to leggings. I had an issue where I had designs that needed to align at the seam to appear correctly across the back. When I spoke to customer support they informed me that when they are sewing the designs, they are incapable of turning the fabric over to ensure they are being aligned correctly. They did offer me credit for the designs that had already shipped but they offered no real assistance in helping me resolve the issue of my design and printing them correctly.

Printful, however, was accomodating and their support team was flawless. Received a printed test product from them within 2 days time and it was exactly as I had envisioned. They are a bit pricier but for the help and support they offered, I would take them over Art of Where any day.


Excellent leggings!

From my facebook page (@pastelaes): "Ok guys, I really have to tell you something. These leggings. I wore them today and I just have to say that they are the most comfortable and beautiful leggings I have ever worn. I sell them printed on demand at and ordered a couple for myself to sample the quality, they are a little pricier than stuff I usually buy even with the seller discount, but they were actually way above my expectations. I get them from ArtofWhere and every seam was thick and juicy and the colors were perfectly pastel soft but clear and the thickness of the fabric was insulating but breathable (tested in -20 c and my legs didn't fall off) and the stretch and smoothness of the fabric makes me go "it feels like I'm wearing nothing at all" and wiggle my booty at ppl. I awkwardly tell ppl to feel my pants and they do and get shocked and awed at the sleek spandexy goodness. They are almost completely opaque when stretched and the colors go all the way through. The sizes were regular, I ordered size small and usually go XS, they were tight and fit with heavy waist band, yet comfy. For slack and mobility order a size up, for sexy strangly tightness order regular. The processing and shipping time is ofc long, as with all print on demand, about a month, but shipped from Canada to Sweden with no hassle or extra fees. I didn't try the yoga pants version but everything I've seen so far gives the impression that they deliver on the quality. They are now my favorite item to wear for beauty, work, workout or slackout, not just saying so to boost the shop, I will wear these out for real."

Peace Wolf

Amazing quality!

I ordered a beanie and pair of leggings and the quality was outstanding. Much better than department store leggings. I usually hate wearing leggings because they fall down and are uncomfortable, but these are really thick and the print is amazing. I am comfortable wearing them unlike past brands I have tried.

My customer ordered a tote and a beanie and she loved hers as well. She says the stitching is really sturdy and well made.

The staff is really friendly. Even though it took a few days for them to get back to me, they handled my case very well and professionally.

I honestly have no complaints. All I have is praise.

The turnaround times are rather long, but this to be expected with most POD services. The product is worth the wait.

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