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Donna Bella Hair

The app didn't work as needed. When I created a gift, it added the free gift 3 times to the cart. Then I couldn't get the help needed to figure out why. So deleted the app and went with other options. May work for some people, but when I add something and it doesn't work as described and support isn't there, I don't use the app. That's pretty straight forward.

Developer reply

January 3, 2022

Hi, I'm sorry about the inconvenience. Did you try emailing us or submitting a ticket? I see you installed the app 2h15 ago but I don't see any request sent from your store since. It's hard for me to tell why the add was adding multiple gifts since you've uninstalled the app now, but my guess would be some other Shopify Plus Scripts (or apps) conflicting with our auto-gift feature, maybe. Let me know if you still need help.

UPDATE: My colleague told me we've received a call around the same time you posted the review, but the call was coming from an Unknown Caller ID, so we weren't able to call back. I've also tried the number you have in our partner dashboard (+1 888-424-7548 ), but this is Donna Bella Hair's customer service, unfortunately wasn't able to reach the person who was testing our app.

You do not get all functionality for the monthly price, some aspects needs to be purchased separately which is not mentioned anywhere on shopify apps page.

Developer reply

November 21, 2021

Hi, thanks for the feedback. For the Black Friday sale ($5/mo off), we've edited the app listing page and you are right, some features requiring a one-time fee like Smart Deals and Gift extras were removed from the Shopify app listing page, for the sake of simplicity and limitation in number of characters by Shopify. We will add them back. They aren't hidden fees, though, as they are clearly identified inside the app (on the first page when you install the app and inside each screen where these features appear) and on our website as well.


Hi there is a problem. I am not able to integrate the app and have been talking with your customer support. Last two days I have been requesting him to set up this app. He doesnt even respond on time and hasnt done anything. I have given all access. this is not the right way to treat customer. If there is an issue with your app let me know.

Developer reply

August 6, 2021

Hi, we've made the setup today, let me know if it's fine.
Just to clarify things, we've tried yesterday but the app wasn't installed yet (, and you've confirmed it ( Only the store owner can install and approve the charge to start the free trial. We cannot do that for you, Shopify doesn't allow us ( Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Yuya Tienda Oficial

Hice la configuración en modalidad de prueba y cuando se cargó el cobro de mi mensaulidad para comenzar a utilizar, Bloquea el Checkout al activar el app

Developer reply

June 18, 2021

Hi there,
We sent a login request to investigate and fix the possible issue but we still haven't heard back from you yet.

Without any access, we noticed just one big problem so far. Someone from your team, customised the "APP PROXY URL" that our app uses.

Please revert it back to the original format (ex: "/tools/tabarnapp-ad/..") in order for the app to function properly.

Shopify allows merchants to change this setting, but doesn't allow developers to know what value was chosen. With that in mind, our app can only work with the default value of "/tools/".

The Cosmic Peddler

It was difficult to use for the purpose that was portrayed in the video. I spent two days playing with it and watching videos only to loose a bunch of money to customers who recieved discounts they not have received.

Developer reply

May 19, 2021

Hi, sorry for the delay, and sorry about the time and money wasted. I guess it's too late now, but if it isn't, let me know and I'll record a video tomorrow for you. 

Hush Puppies Honduras

If you want an app and a good support, this app is not the one, because I just got an issue with the app and I wrote for support but the first email answer me that I set up bad the app, I anwers again for help but after that I didn't get any response, Don't pay for this.

Developer reply

February 3, 2021

Hi, sorry for the delay, I was checking how the DCart app behaves alongside our app, with our app activated and deactivated. The issue is the same when our app doesn't run, it does fill the DCart discount field with %20 empty parameter ( I've dropped an email to the DCart developers just now, hopefully they come back to me soon. My colleague will also try something in a few hours, when he's back at the office. We'll keep you posted via email.

HRH Equestrian

I installed the app on Nov 21 and after trying to set it up and even messaging the support team, I was told what I wanted to do was not possible. Uninstalled it on Nov 24 - with 3-day-free-trial period, and to my big surprise, got charged for it on my Shopify bill this morning. I just emailed support - I hope they reimburse me. This is an extra charge I was not planning in this Covid/Christmas time when every cent is important.

Developer reply

December 12, 2020

Hi Catherine, sorry about that. Indeed, our app makes a charge 72 hours (3 days) after the app is installed, once the free trial starts (when you select a plan and approve the charge). From what I see, you've installed and have approved the charge on November 18th and have uninstalled on 24th (

The only way for me to process a refund is if the app is still installed. Otherwise Shopify doesn't allow me to do so. As I can see, the app is uninstalled now. You can either re-install the app and I process the refund or contact Shopify Billing to open a refund request.

Si vous voulez, je peux faire les démarches pour vous auprès de Shopify pour que vous vous fassiez rembourser. J'apprécierais en retour que vous supprimiez votre avis sur cette page.

Merci et désolé, encore une fois.

- Derek


I installed this app to try free trial. I didn’t find what I was looking for and uninstalled it before it expired. But they ended up charging me and now they don’t even care to respond to my and Shopify agent’s email requesting a refund.

Developer reply

October 26, 2020

*Update 10/27/2020: the refund is being processed by Shopify*

Hi, I can see that you've first installed the app on September 21st and our script made a charge on September 30th, which happens to be after the 7-day trial ended.

I didn't and still don't see the email from your store 홈쇼핑월드 nor from Shopify agent. Could you email us to We'll authorize the refund for sure, no worry.

Imperial Terrain

I was really hoping to be able to use this app to provide a better user experience for my customers using automatic discount codes. Unfortunately, we never got it to work despite implementing recommended steps by Tabarnapp. A bit of a disappointment and a giant waste of time.

Developer reply

October 11, 2020

Really sorry for the inconveniences and waste of time. We should have helped more. If it's not too late, we could make the setup for you, free of charge of course.

Modemeter Stoffmarkt

We searched for an app that could combine 2 different discounts on Shopify - because in Germany we have for 6 months a VAT deduction - plus our summersales. So we tried this app and it doesn't do the job at all. Besides its very complicated to set up. We tried another app that works fantastically.

Developer reply

July 25, 2020

Thanks for the feedback about our app, I'm sorry for the issues you encountered. May I ask you what wasn't working, or what was complicated to set up? I'm simply trying to improve the product and avoid such bad experience for other Shopify merchants.

About the fact it's not able to apply 2 discounts per order, indeed it's not possible to achieve that using discount codes. Did you see in our app listing that we said otherwise? If so, please tell me and we'll adjust its content. For example, in the tagline under the app name, it says "Customers get the best one", meaning only one discount per order is allowed by Shopify.

That being said, applying multiple discounts is achievable using our Smart Deal codes, which encapsulate multiple discounts into one code. And it's also possible to apply it automatically, using a rule.

I understand that it's frustrating searching an app for 2 hours, trying it and not being able to set it up. I'm sorry for that, truly, though we would have loved to have the chance to app if you would have contacted us.

No worry, you won't get charged, you only had the app installed for an hour or so, therefore you were still in your free trial period.

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