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September 22, 2014

Uninstalling the app did not remove it - I had to find where the code had been put in to our theme.liquid file and manually remove it!

Not very good instructions, buggy, and not really what we wanted. Good effort though I suppose.

5-HTP+ Patch
United Kingdom
9 minutes using the app
Edited September 28, 2021

What. $12.99 per month and they set a limit on how many impressions there are on your website? Then they tell you to upgrade.

Monaco Jewelers
United States
12 months using the app
September 25, 2020

This App is taking significant amount of loading time. Therefore, we temporarily uninstalled, and waiting for developer priority support to address the issue.

Almost 6 years using the app
Zotabox replied October 2, 2020

Hi, we responded via email to your query immediately but wanted to answer here as well to not mislead other merchants. The file that you wanted to minimize only takes 95ms. to load and loads AFTER your website loads (not affecting your visitors experience of your website). We can not minimize certain files or it will affect our tools performance on your website. This FAQ will also help other merchants who are concerned about website loading speed.


April 25, 2019

Have been using the contact form with seldom issue, but recently wanted to try out some of the premium options so set up with a free trial and tried them out, found the IP addresses with contact form submissions didn't work so cancelled my free trial of the plan that offered this and have still been charged $9.99.

Southshore Adornments
United Kingdom
Almost 6 years using the app
Zotabox replied April 25, 2019

Hi, Zotabox has no power to charge merchants without their permission. Also Shopify bills merchants on our behalf (after the merchant has given their permission to be automatically charged at the end of the trial period).

That said, we have a very liberal refund policy that if anyone feels they shouldn't have paid we offer a full refund of their last payment.

We have just given you a full refund.

What issues did you have with 'ip addresses'? We have not heard of this before with 10,000's of merchants. You can contact us directly at customerservice@zotabox.com and we can resolve this issue for you.

We see you are a long time customer of Zotabox and we hope our tools have resulted in sales for your store (and money in your pocket).

We hope you will update your review to not mislead other merchants.

We wish you the best with your online store.

Thank you

Edited June 23, 2020

Updated Review as of 06/23/2020:

No longer happy with this app. A customer emailed me saying she'd been trying to contact me through the website.. Long story short, I didn't receive any messages from her. I made sure the app was connected, sent a message to myself to test things out, I never received that message either... Contacted the app customer service, here is the conversation:

Me: "Hello,
I received an email from a customer who says she used this form on my website to ask a question, I never received her question.

I tested the form myself and didn't anything from my "contact us" Zotabox form.

Please help, also if there's a way I can see any messages sent to me in the past, I'd like to respond to my customers.

Thanks, - Candy"

Zotabox Person 1: "Hi Candy,

This FAQ will solve 99.9% of contact form issues. Please test your contact form with a @gmai.com recipient email address on our setting page.


I will ask our tech team IF they can retrieve your last few emails and send them to you.


Paul Evans
CMO & Co-founder

Response from Zotabox Person 2 (same day, so I can view the missed messages):

"Hi Candy,

We have retrieved your form submission from log here:

Please log into your Zotabox account and click on the link to access it.

Hai Nguyen
Founder / CEO"

I logged into my account from Person 2. I was able to see 9 messages I had no idea about (dated as early as April 2020).

Not seeing these messages and not responding is bad for business. I had no idea this form was not working, I don't need anything that's not reliable. Def don't need a link to figure out my own issue from an app co-owner. Seems to me the issue would've been fixed and an apology would've followed.

I guess since I grandfathered into this app from a Free Plan and my plan is still free, things don't work and nothing will alert me - AND the app developer will send a link so "I" can figure out why my form isn't working.

I'm not willing to view the link and figure this out and hope it never happens again, there are too many Free contact form builder apps in the app store.

I DO NOT recommend this app.

Original Review Dated 02/18/2019:

Been using this app for about a year now, switched themes with Shopify and didn't realize this app wasn't connected... The contact form my new theme was using from a simple "page" with contact added as a "theme". That form gave me major spam. Didn't realize my Zotabox app wasn't "live" until I sent myself a message from the contact form that was on my website! It was the same format as all the spam I was getting, made me realize something wasn't right. After going into the Shopify "page" I created with the contact "theme", I turned that off, saw the instructions from Zotabox how to correctly install this app and BAM! Now, I'm back to my regularly scheduled program. Truly a lesson learned. I highly recommend this app, it works, its easy and it keeps your stress level down (do not depend on the contact us option on the Shopify theme "page").

Bold Addictions™ | Jewelry & Accessories
United States
About 4 years using the app
Zotabox replied June 23, 2020

Hi, we are very sorry you did not like our response (and did not follow our link that solves 99.9% of issues). The problem was on your end with your email service provider (something we have no control over as they do not notify us when there is a problem on their end).

We recommended you change your recipient email address to a @gmail.com address but you did not take this recommendation. I see you have been using our free form (with free customer support) for many years with no problem but still decided to give us a 1 star review after not taking our quick advice to resolve the issue. We have since discontinued our free plans (but generously extended our free plans to merchants like you at no charge).

We are sorry our quick, accurate reply was not sufficient for you to follow through and fix the problem (that is out of our control) on your end.

We are also disappointed you have benefited from the use of our free tools for many years but gave us a 1 star review after not following through on our advice to quickly resolve the issue.

We sincerely wish you the best with your online store.

June 16, 2020

We have used this app for more than a year already and we will stop using this app due to their pricing structure as they want us to pay them more money for the traffic we are paying to get so hard and not for the usage of the actual contact form which is crazy.

None of the traffic we have received has used a single contact form and they want us to pay them more money aside from the regular subscription we are paying that is a ripoff.

Store owners beware of this app. Their pricing structure is not based on usage even if no one used your contact form they will ask you for more money as they did with the emails they sent to us.

smart pattern making
United States
Over 1 year using the app
Zotabox replied June 17, 2020

We are sorry you are unhappy with our clear pricing structure. Our pricing is based on website visits (not tool impressions or clicks). We are very upfront about our pricing and have not changed it in 5 years. You said yourself you have used our app for 1 year with no prior issues.

We see you created 10 individual contact forms to use on your website (part of our service).

It is very common to base app fees on site visits (because it is easy to compare with Google Analytics)

We offered you 100,000 monthly visits for $29.99/month (save additional 30% if you pay yearly) but you told us to refund your previous payment.

For your information, IF you upgraded to the new custom plan offered you would get an automatic credit for unused part of your current yearly plan.

We will cancel your Zotabox account as requested in your first email and refund your last payment.

We wish you the best with your online store. (if you change your mind, your Zotabox settings will be saved for future use).

May 29, 2019

This app is only good for about a week or two, then goes on auto "Hold" mode. There used to not be a limit on how many impressions our website received, but now, they set a limit on impressions. We don't see why they would do that to their customers.

United States
About 2 years using the app
Zotabox replied May 29, 2019

Dear Exooter,

After careful consideration, we have decided to focus and provide great ROI for our premium merchants. Zotabox offers a 30 day money back guarantee that you will increase your profits. You can try us for free for 14 days.

Edited March 3, 2017

Update: Drew my last straw with this company today. Seriously. I asked them why you cant make the whole header bar (something they offer for FREE) clickable insread of an enter and I am a paying customer. They told me they have 1000s of customers; they cant do SOMETHING custom for every single person. Yeah I am in a business and I have 48.5k CUSTOMERS and you need to learn how to speak to customers. Amazing what some of these standards of these foreign companies are.

Got refund, I would go thru all the different features and leave reviews for all the different products because some of them arent all that bad. Just as a whole the company has never heard my basic questions about CSS. They make it !important so good luck trying to DO ANYTHING custom, even if you buy the membership

Update: Support is super fast, they did good in this department. One issue I see is with the promo bar and the countdown bar, the whole bar isnt a link, ONLY the button. So if you have the button turned off, you have to deal with that being a nuissance. Next issue is they give you the option of an X for all things on the site for options. This should be optional, also should be able to make a item clickable links. I only see how to do this for the contact bar

Bought the express and figured id be able to hardcore css importance for fonts, but nope. Also they should include some more google fonts

Almost 5 years using the app
August 6, 2016

Embed code isn't generating and web address isn't linking to anything

United States
About 1 year using the app
March 20, 2017

I had the free version. At first I was able to customize the colors and settings with ease. After several months of use, the ability to change the colors is no longer a free option. There are several apps out there which are much easier to use and allow greater customization for a fraction of the paid version.

United States
8 months using the app