Better Shipping

Better Shipping

by Atom Yard

Take control of your shipping rates

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We really looking forward to have this work, but even V2 is too glitchy and crashes almost every time you click a button

  • Doesn't update the bulk products correctly > most items are missed from update
  • Collection bulk updates on V2 is just purely terrible.. We did it on a collection which had over 200 items and only 10-15 of them got updated
  • Watched every video they have and I don't understand why couldn't they make it easier to do it
  • Or I'm an idiot who doesn't simply get how flexible this app is?
  • If you have over 1000 items I don't believe this app is for you if you want to have different pricing tiers on collections

We had to go back to the way it was working based on weight which worked amazing for us > want to learn more e mail us at we will show you how our weight pricing is for two separate tiers

Main reason we deleted this app because of how much glitches it have..

Ecopet Concepts

Quite disappointed I needed to pay $15 to find out that the app didn't offer the level of customization that I needed. Wouldn't recommend to any others.

Living Universal

14.99 per month does nothing because you need the feature that cost an extra 20 per month for it to even work, lost money because of this app.. There's got to be something better


Hard to use. Not recommended. Wasted 2 hours of my time.


Good app and easy to use. Would've given 5 stars but its very expensive just so I can edit my shipping prices per product! Plus see below :(

(Update) Just had to delete, I've been charged twice, in the same month. With a 2 week overlap. So I've been charged from 30th Oct - 29th Nov, but in the same bill, I've been separately charged from 14th Nov -14th Dec.

$29.98 just so I can edit 1 products shipping cost!!! That's extortionate.

Jan Davidson Collection

This app doesn't allow setting different prices for variants. It advertises that you can set shipping rates per item on Shopify, but then you really can't. Very frustrating.

Next Everything

Junk. No support. Flat out doesn't work. Spent days trying to get it working and got double charged. Really PO.


Trying to bulk update and not working, also no help from support


This app is disappointing because it requires real time shipping which is an upgrade you need to purchase in order to use this? I really believed this would be the app to use but I'm sadly looking for alternatives to this.

Fast Food Drop 2

i tried setting up this app over 3 days, to help with bespoke shipping rates. It couldn't do what i needed. Shopify can't give any input on the setting up. Overtime i emailed the app developers, they took at least 18 hours to respond. They're in Australia and only responded on their time, so i had no interaction with them whilst trying so hard to set it up. In the end I just gave up and dismissed it. Up to now I'm still not sure if this app is what i need, as I've had no consistent help with the set up. Wouldn't recommend this app.

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