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November 30, 2023

I've been using Blend for over 2 years .. first with my WooCommerce store and now with Shopify after migrating my store. I can't speak highly enough of Blend. It has helped do what so many other people and agencies could not - and the team are always available to help with any questions. Highly recommend it to any ecommerce store that is looking to grow or scale even bigger!

One Six Eight London
8 days using the app
Blend A.I. Pty Ltd replied February 5, 2024

We are glad to have helped ! onward and upward !

October 11, 2023

The team at BlendAI go above and beyond, always willing to jump on a call and answer any question. Also massive help in the back end of things like when ads get rejected etc. After 3 months with Blend, we have seen ROAS of up to x 20 which is awesome for us. Highly recommend if you are a small, medium or even larger business with no in-house ads manager - they have your back!

Powered by Plants
3 months using the app
September 30, 2021

I have been using blend for almost a year now. They are a very skilled, workable, and friendly team. I can pick up my phone and call my ads manager anytime and he is always there to assist and clarify. They make good suggestions and follow the old school way of your business is my business and your growth is our growth kind of way.

Oakywood Goods
Over 2 years using the app
May 16, 2023

Blend is AMAZING! I have been using Blend since 2021 and I love everything about this platform. The onboarding process and customer service is incredible, Michael the co-founder always ensures my ads are running smoothly and the care factor from Blend is unmatched. Unlike big marketing agencies that don't actually care about small businesses, Blend is great because they actually care and want your business to succeed. You can set your daily budget as low as you like and increase it based on results. I love how I can design my own ads and upload them in a matter of seconds. Highly recommend Blend to anyone who is wanting to grow their online business!

Olivia Jean
About 2 years using the app
July 17, 2021

Using this app has enabled me to considerably grow my online business. I received a lot of support when setting everything up and Angel has been great to deal with. Hands down one of the best business decisions I have made.

Almost 2 years using the app
Blend A.I. Pty Ltd replied July 20, 2021

It's great to have helped you expose your products to new customers and establish a strong online presence - we enjoy working with you too!

December 18, 2023

As a new clothing brand, I was excited to establish a unique identity rather than resorting to random dropshipping, and after researching various Shopify apps, I decided to give Blend a try. However, my experience with Blend has been less than satisfactory.

My initial enthusiasm quickly waned when I felt that Blend did not consider my status as a new brand worthy of their assistance. It was disheartening to realize that, despite my aspirations to create something original, the app seemed more inclined to support established brands rather than helping emerging ones.

The major setback was the perceived lack of support for new brands. Blend seemed to dismiss my endeavors, and the impression was that unless you're already a successful or well-known entity, you might not receive the attention or assistance you need. This attitude was a letdown, especially considering the emphasis many platforms place on supporting entrepreneurship and fostering growth.

While I acknowledge that Blend may work well for others, particularly those with more established brands, the disregard for newcomers like myself was disappointing. As a business owner, I believe in reciprocal relationships, and it's disheartening when an app doesn't see the potential for growth in a new brand.

In conclusion, Blend may be a suitable choice for certain businesses, but if you're a new clothing brand looking to create your own identity, be prepared for potential challenges and a lack of support from this app. I hope that Blend reevaluates its approach to accommodate the diverse needs of all businesses, regardless of their stage of development. As for me, I'll be exploring alternative options that better align with my vision for success.

Jubilant Bay
United States
About 1 hour using the app
Blend A.I. Pty Ltd replied March 13, 2024

We genuinely appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear your experience didn’t meet your expectations.

We are committed to supporting brands of all sizes, new or established, with the same level of enthusiasm and assistance. Sustainable store growth, especially for stores operating under dropshipping models, can be challenging.

Additionally, we noticed that your website is currently offline, which might have affected your experience. We’re here to help brands shine and would love to re-evaluate how we can support your unique journey.

October 11, 2022

Definitely getting better ROAS since installing the app. Dean has been super helpful in getting us up and running and is great support.

Over 1 year using the app
April 27, 2021

I am loving this app! It's helped my small store be noticed and has increased sales greatly. One less thing for me to do, learn or strategize in my business. It is a pleasure dealing with the team as they are helpful and thoughtful in the strategies to maximise results for my ad spend.
I would recommend.

Over 1 year using the app
Blend A.I. Pty Ltd replied July 20, 2021

Thanks for the review! We love your products and are just glad that more and more people are learning about them too

Edited November 4, 2021

I switched to this app 6 months ago to give me penetration and better visibility for my spend. So far there is no doubt that we are performing much better than doing this all manually. The metrics are simple to interpret and you're in control of your spend by merely varying the budget with a click. They've recently done a software update that makes campaign builds and adverts very simple with an ability to push to your platforms simultaneously. I think especially as they are still small, assistance is very responsive and helpful. We highly recommend Blend if you care about ROAS.

Over 1 year using the app
January 27, 2021

Fantastic App! Was able to reduce my advertising spend and increase my ROI. Recommend to all owners looing to increase profitability

Powell's Owls
United States
About 1 year using the app