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November 30, 2020

Not happy with this app at all. There is a bug in the app and when I send a message they tell me to convert it but I have to convert it 10 times before the app actually opens

United States
July 7, 2017

It has some potential but it is useless at this moment. Crashes all the time, works slow etc.. Very frustrating.

Culture Ticket
8 days using the app
Edited November 14, 2019

I originally gave this four stars after putting together one article (which was tricky and a bit buggy), but once I saw the result on our site, I was not pleased. Different fonts and colors appeared in the post on our site than were showing in the app window. Headings that showed in the app as all in caps were not when seen in Shopify. The app is also still limited and needs improvement - We need to be able to add back in any of the blocks that are available... If you delete a block, you can't re-add it. It also needs some more flexibility, and hitting the backspace in the wrong place shouldn't back you out of the article in progress without saving it!
I did contact support and quickly received a request to access my store to work on it. They reported it fixed, but when I previewed the article on Shopify, nothing had changed.

This could turn into a decent app in the future, but currently it looks like they're trying to get people to pay for an incomplete app that should still be in free beta, for all its bugs and limitations. I am deleting it while it's still in free trial mode. If they make significant improvements in the future, I may be willing to try it again, and if it's better, I will edit this review.

Triple Mountain Model Horses
United States
1 day using the app
March 25, 2019

Great idea, but unfortunately I had spent alot of time (and made sure I frequently saved) but every time I would back out of the hidden article, it would tell me I was in legacy mode (even though all of my branding font etc was present) and I needed to upgrade the article. It then duplicates the content and updates it with the correct styling, though it deleted alot of the duplicated content. Luckily I did save all of my text but I would suggest fixing it and letting customers know if the store so that I know. I attempted to publish but that did not solve the issue.

Alivia Wild
United Kingdom
1 day using the app
July 2, 2017

Mediocre Software - Might pay 14.95 as a one time fee for the software, but $14.95 a month..... no freaking way. These people need to wake up charging these hefty monthly fees are apps that do little to nothing at all. I could do the same thing this app does in any word processing app and copy the code over, yet I am expected to pay more monthly than the entire MS Office suite cost per month, not to mention I get 8-10 fully functional apps with MS OFFICE. Don't waste your money on this software. By the numbers that $179.00 per year, $895 dollars in 5 years. Just to be able to publish a blog post with pictures. Good Lord...

Natures Healing Crystals
United States
14 minutes using the app
April 29, 2017

Not great. Found it very difficult to figure out how to use it, even after reading the instructions. Lots of bugs. At one point I was unable to scroll up to adjust fonts or alignment and lost everything I had worked on. Just not easy to use at all. I would say a video demonstration would go a long way to helping the user. It's annoying that as soon as you add a text block it fills with Lorem Ipsum text. It's annoying that the editor spans beyond what you can see. Just...lots and lots of annoying things that need changing.

Callirrhoe Jewellery
United States
36 minutes using the app
August 22, 2022

Blog Studio is extremely glitchy and crashes constantly. The features are complicated and difficult to use, not straightforward at all. It deleted a blog I spent hours on. I will no longer be using this app.

Skeie's Jewelers
United States
About 3 years using the app
July 17, 2022

The idea was good but .... To create an article, you have to convert it? Sometimes 3 or 4 times before being able to edit it, without risking to delete the duplicates at the risk of losing everything, which is perfectly unreadable... You spend hours editing an article with the right formatting, everything gets reformatted without warning... Once on the editing of an article, you change the slightest comma and my PC suffers major slowdowns (even though it is very powerful), the application slows down up to 30 seconds sometimes, it's just unmanageable... Message sent to support but no response... What a shame...

About 1 year using the app
January 31, 2021

Not happy with this app. It does not work very well and designing decent blog posts is a nightmare. There are SO many bugs and just adding new sections doesn't work?! Do not waste your money on this one.

Kierra B Art
United States
10 months using the app
October 3, 2020

I HATE THE LAST UPDATE!! Ever since they updated their app it is so complicated I can't do anything! I have used this app for months and now after this update will most likely cancel if its not gonna be like it was!

United States
About 1 year using the app