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BookThatApp by Zetya

BookThatApp by Zetya

Developed by Zetya

75 reviews
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  • Perfect for shops running classes, renting products, ticketed events or appointments
  • Real-time availability lets customers choose dates/times on your product pages
  • Embedded calendar for your store to display events or scheduled classes

Have products for hire (rent)? Do you run cooking classes? Taking appointments? Offer tours?

BookThatApp is a booking management app designed to seamlessly integrate into your Shopify store. BookThatApp works with your incoming orders creating bookings for your products. Our easy to use calendar let's you see at a glance your bookings on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. BookThatApp features real-time availability showing what dates and times are available from within your product page.

Check out our demo site to see a range of booking scenarios BookThatApp can support.

BookThatApp by Zetya reviews

75 reviews
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Amazing Tech Support!
I set my classes up, the install team was worth every cent as they pulled everything together. I would definitely recommend getting the pro install. Our company is busy, all the time. It doesn't stop! And having such a readily available team to take care of the initial set up saved us so much. Thank you again. 10 out of 10 would recommend.


If you ever plan to need tech support, do not purchase. Tech support is worthless. Otherwise, the product is not bad. If you don't fit in their plan they get passive aggressive. All in all, find someone else to do business with. Working with them was a terrible 2 weeks of my life.


I LOVE BOOK THAT APP and here is why...1) It is a simple, easy to use, and very adaptable calendar program. After looking at many calendar apps (I spent months looking at many...), BTA offered the comprehensive calendar features with a customization of functions that I needed to apply to my business/website. 2) BTA offers a generous free-trial run with its calendar. This free trial-run allowed me to test, question, and eventually work out the details of how I wanted to adapt the calendar to my site. 3) This brings me to customer service...NEVER have they let me down! Quick to respond and quick to offer solutions...and in my case, very quick to step in and technically help me out with installation, set-up, tweaks, and function changes. When the work required extra expertise, the staff was always upfront about costs and the costs were very fair! 4) ...I'd like to talk a little more about customization...The Zetya/BTA Customer Service, Rob and Gavin...and a special shout-out to Rob for the initial master-minding of how to customize my calendar,,,deserve more than a bullet-point mention...they deserve two bullet-points of a mention on my write-up! LOL...I LOVE how my calendar functions on my site and the feedback from my customers is how easy it is to order on my site through the design of the BTA calendar. 5) The Zetya/BTA staff are professional, hard-working, clearly technical geniuses, who care very much how each customer can best apply the BookThatApp to optimize their personal business.
I wish all who read this much success on setting up your website and on your business endeavors.


Greetings. I installed this app today (March 23, 2018), and I proceeded to follow the installation steps. Step #2 was straightforward, except that it changed the layout of my current products into a non-aesthetically pleasing layout. Step #3 of the installation required deleting a theme code and installing a new theme code. The issue was that I used ctr+F to locate the exact code they instructed that I delete, and it was not there. This made me COMPLETELY apprehensive to paste the subsequent coded information in. So, I decided to undo the previous installation steps which restored my previous product page layout (THANK GOODNESS), and decided to go with another app. Take Away: Sometimes a penny saved is a not a penny earned. #StayVigilant


Update: the help desk contacted me and asked me to update my review, claiming it was misleading. So I'm updating it per their request with additional information and examples so everyone understands.

In my case, our appointments available or booked can never show up on the Booking Overview Calendar, because we allow our clients to choose the length of their session.
For example:
-if you offered services like massage and want to give your clients the opportunity to request a massage from 30 minutes, to however long they want, it wouldn't show up.
-Or if you offered tutoring services, and wanted to allow the student to choose how long their tutoring session should be, it wouldn't show up either.
-Or if you offer meeting rooms for rent, and your clients get to choose which room, the date and the duration of the rental, it will never show up.

In our store, we offer sessions with a dog trainer, and clients can train or use that facility for as long as they choose at the time of booking, so because we allow our clients to choose how long they want the session to last, the booked times/open times will never show up on the calendar. Instead the client has to go into the product itself, and click on the date picker first and then drop down for times available. This is a bit of an inconvenience for our customers because often times, they want to book one session for one kind of training, and then book another session same day, right after, for another type of training. They can't easily view which days have open times for both types of training.

This seems a bit strange, since when going into the product individually, you can click on the drop down and choose a date and see that there are times grayed out, which are already taken and you can only then book the open times. Why the booked out times for the day, the "Grayed out" times, can't be published on the calendar is confusing, and it would be nice if it was a feature added for the future.

For individuals like me, who offer services where the client chooses the duration, it would be nice to have at least an option to show a color block on the calendar that at least 1 appt. is still available for that day for that service. Even if it doesn't show the exact time, at least some little icon or something so customers can easily view that some appts. are available on those days when looking at the calendar.

For our business, the Booking Overview Calendar is rather pointless, and that's unfortunate because we'd like it to work better for us.

I like the app, except that anyone using it for appointments cannot display their available appointments in the store calendar.
If you have events that you want to display you can, but not available appointment times.
For anyone using the app for an appointment booking app, it would be nice if the calendar functioned enough to either:
#1. show available appointments
#2. show booked appointmens
So that customers can quickly view in calendar format what times are available in the future, rather than having to click into each appointment type/product individually to view available times.
I like the rest of the functionality of the app, and only gave 3 starts because of this particular issue which I think is very important and seems like it should be standard in any booking app.


We love this app. We've been using it for over 2 years to book all of the cooking classes in our Kitchenware shop's cooking studio. It is easy for our staff and keeps us ready for classes and it's easy for our customers to book. We're really happy with it.


Amazing app and customer service -- especially from Rob B!


Love this App. Has worked very well for us.


Has many great features!
The service team is very helpfull und fast!
Do not have anything bad to say.
The app is perfect!!


Great product. Excellent service. Many thanks

From $0.00 / month

The trial plan is a functional version of BookThatApp limited to a maximum of 10 products and bookings. It is intended for store owners who wish to try out the software before purchasing the full subscription. The standard plan is $19.95/month and the premium plan is $29.95/month. Details on what is included in each plan is available on the BookThatApp home page.

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