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Care Cart - Abandoned Cart Recovery

Care Cart - Abandoned Cart Recovery

Developed by Care Cart

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  • Free, simple, and reliable abandoned cart recovery that works automatically
  • Automated drip system provide hands-off cart recovery solution
  • Add to Cart Popups and Browser Notifications to get more conversions for your store.

You can count on Care Cart to deliver excellent abandoned cart recovery functionality to your store. The new technology and clean design will ease your cart worries to let you focus on bigger matters with the automated 3 levels of e-mails to an abandoning potential customer.

What are Abandoned Carts?

Since you're here, you probably already know what an abandoned cart is. But in case you've forgotten, abandoned carts are a nuisance which are created when a potential customer (a) goes to your store, (b) adds products he / she likes to their cart, and (c) abandons them because they probably found something better, had to run an errand, or was shocked with the accumulated charges.

Abandoned carts can cause a shocking amount of damage to your business, so it's imperative that you recover those carts through a clean and elegant manner, while respecting your customer and inviting them with counter-offers through structured e-mails.

An e-mail based recovery system is entirely in your control; you control the content being sent, and you control when and how it is being sent. Plus, giving a personalized offer to particular customers can give you a significant edge over those who rely on generic responses and pop-ups

What is Care Cart?

Care Cart is an Abandoned Cart Recovery application that converts your Shopify store's abandoned carts, for free.

Care Cart is a simple, robust and reliable abandoned cart recovery system that converts your Shopify store’s lost revenue by tracking all abandoned cart orders and retargeting them through automated drip emails. CareCart also collects e-mails from anonymous visitors and notify incomplete checkouts while toggling on other tabs

Care Cart lets you track and retarget every abandoned cart user and bring them back to the checkout page. With the time triggered email drip, Care Cart send email notifications to abandoned shoppers and re-direct them from where they left off.

How does it work?

Cart Recovery on Auto-Pilot!

Care Cart was designed with simplicity as its paramount value. From startup stores to established brands, you can instantly start retargeting cart abandoners and drive them back on the checkout.

Step 1 – Install Care Cart Abandon Cart Recovery solution from Shopify App Store – Its Free!

Start off by installing Care Cart on your Shopify store, which won’t take more than 2 minutes.

From your Shopify Store admin go to Apps and navigate to Shopify App Store. Search for Care Cart and install it on your Shopify Store.

Step 2 – Create your email templates

Now once you have installed the Care Cart application on your store, add the email messages that you want to send. You can send up to three abandonment recovery emails on the schedule you setup.

Customize your email message to include links / images of the products they abandoned and a direct link to the checkout page.

Step 3 – Abandoned Cart Recovery on Auto-Pilot

Now for each abandoned cart user, Care Cart will automatically trigger the email drip sequence setup by you. You can see all the abandoned cart users from CareCart and the emails they have received.

Abandoned Cart Recovery features you will love!
Intelligent Tracking - Care Cart intelligently tracks abandoned carts on your Shopify store to convert potential customers. You can see the list of all abandoned cart users and the products that were in their cart.

Automated E-mail Push - Create, set and manage email templates to send tracked automated emails and convert customers.

All-in-one Dashboard - Track the journey of your emails and centrally manage the status of targeted carts on the user-friendly dashboard that cares for you for free with ease!

Email Collector - Force anonymous users to provide their email first before adding any product to cart. This will allow you to collect email addresses from anonymous visitors thus you can re-target them all.

Cart Reminder - Redirect customers back to your site when they toggle away. A pop-up will appear on the tab to notify visitors about incomplete checkout.

Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails - Care Cart can automate a series of beautifully designed abandoned cart recovery emails to reach back out to them. These emails are responsive and visually appealing and look good on any device.

Customize everything from email banner, the subject line to the color of call to action button.

Schedule your Drip - Setup abandoned cart recovery emails on your own schedule. Configure a delay from 1 hour to as many days you like. Care Cart puts you in complete control of your email drip schedule.

Why use Care Cart for Abandoned Cart Recovery?
Care Cart strives to bring you better, simpler, and more robust solutions. Our focus is ALWAYS on our users, and our user's customers. Your success is our success, and that is why we are and will continue to deliver ONLY the best cart care solutions to you.

Care Cart is affordable (FREE core e-mail push solution, beat that!) and reliable. Our rock solid system ensures that your e-mails are delivered on time and in the most elegant way. We have over a decade of experience in the e-commerce industry, so we KNOW what we do... and we build on and improve what we do every day.

- Simple and quick to use Abandoned Cart Recovery Shopify App
- 100% Free to use. Recover unlimited abandoned carts.
- Provides a complete Abandoned Cart Recovery Email Drip system
- Email Collector to collect anonymous visitors e-mails.
- Cart Reminder Pop-up to notify visitors about incomplete checkout.
- Intelligent tracking system to review abandoned carts and their scheduling status
- No requirement of expensive email marketing and drip campaigns tools
- Beautiful and interactive email that directly takes user to the checkout page
- Email Drip scheduling to give you a control of when an email will be sent.

Benefits of retargeting Abandoned Cart users

- 79% of customers abandon carts. That’s like 8 customers out of each 10 customers. Imagine how impactful can it be for your online store even if you convert half of them.
- Retargeting your store customers has proven to result in more sales
- 17% of abandoned cart users were researching to buy later- an opportunity that can’t be ignored.
- Proactively reaching out to abandoned cart users helps build brand image and opens up a direct communication with your customers.
- Helps you uncover reasons behind cart abandonments

About the CareCart Developers

Delivering the best Shopify apps to help your business succeed.

We are focused on delivering reliable and high quality Shopify apps to help businesses grow. Our experience in the ecommerce industry spans more than a decade, which reflects in what we do and how we do it. Our vision is to develop valuable Shopify apps like Care Cart that help businesses achieve excellence through smart apps, intelligent automation and unparalleled support.

Abandoned Carts... and more!

And that's not it. We have a vision to develop Care Cart into a complete solution so you don't have to install and manage multiple apps. With your valuable feedback you can help grow and refine the product and eventually help your business succeed.

So get the app and enjoy trouble-free care for your abandoned carts. You are definitely in safer hands!


Is there a limit to the number of abandoned carts I can attend to?
No. Care Cart provides unlimited functionality when it comes to attending abandoned carts.

When will a cart be considered abandoned?
Currently, by default, the Care Cart system is configured to acknowledge a cart as abandoned if it is left unattended for 2 hours. However, you can set any time between 1-4 hours.

So the e-mail will be sent immediately afterwards?
Each enabled e-mail will have its own send delay which the user can set. Depending on this send delay, the e-mail will be scheduled once the initial cart abandonment wait elapses.

Is the e-mail received immediately by the potential customer once Care Cart pushes it out?
This may depend on the load on the server, and the e-mail may enter a pending queue which is reflected on the dashboard.

What is the level of e-mail customization Care Cart provides?
You have control over the content of the header / sub-header, the banner image, click-to-action button, e-mail footer, and message editing options. You cannot however at this stage change how the products in the cart will be displayed, and is functionality targeted for a future update.

Does Care Cart modify / crop the banner image for the e-mail once I upload it?
No. Care Cart does nothing to your image except to fit it within the limits of the message if it is too wide. It is up to you to make sure that your image is appropriately designed.

Does Care Cart require any kind of programming knowledge at some point to operate it?
No. Care Cart is completely user friendly and does not implement cryptic technology that can burden the user.

How will my feature requests and issues be entertained?
Customer support and entertaining your issues and requests is our top priority. We will be taking your problems and concerns directly through e-mail at support@carecart.io and will get back to you as soon as a resolution is available.

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253 reviews
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It's nice it does what you expect


I will give a try. Just installed.


Easy to set up. Not sure how it works yet.


very quick to setup and easy would reccommed


Great app, will use it in the future for sure!



I have never used this app but I'm so excited because it seems to be a great app. Can't wait to use it and have only great things to say about it! Thank you


Thank you for your app & for allowing it to be free


Well, I didn't made any sales yet so i don't have experience. But I like the idea of it, great!


Robust app, does it exactly what it says and no free trial crap, it's ACTUALLY FREE! we need more developers like this one


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