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Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ

Developed by Codisto

51 reviews
Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Sell on any Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally - create new or manage existing listings
  • Fast & easy bulk edit function using unique spreadsheet style grid directly from Shopify
  • Real-time sync of products, inventory and orders, including order tracking data to Amazon/eBay

Amazon & eBay power, Shopify control!

Bulk listing creation & management for all Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally. Real-time sync of products, inventory across all channels and marketplace orders to Shopify.

Why Codisto?

Codisto LINQ is the first app to provide bulk Amazon & eBay listing creation & management natively in Shopify. Why use another platform when you can use Shopify? Other apps redirect you to their own platform – Codisto Linq allows you to simply use Shopify – making it the fastest & easiest marketplaces solution by far!

More than just a feed

Codisto LINQ is slick, real-time integration directly from Shopify. No exporting feeds or uploading on a schedule – make a change to your linked products in Shopify and Amazon/eBay is updated immediately.

Easy as Spreadsheets

If you can use a spreadsheet, you already know how to use Codisto LINQ! Our unique user grid is so simple to use and allows you to quickly filter, sort and bulk edit thousands of items with ease.

Perfect performance

Real-time sync means that products, inventory and orders are always up to date - there’s no danger of overselling. This is achieved by advanced software architecture built upon global Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure with multiple redundancies and dynamic load balancers.

Separate Amazon & eBay rules

Want to sell differently on Amazon & eBay compared with Shopify? No problem - setting marketplace specific values such as price, quantity, title, description, returns policy and shipping costs is simple to do for any individual or group of listings. Rules can have constant values e.g. always list with a quantity of 5 (never reduce) or even be formula driven e.g. increase price by $10 if quantity drops below 3.

Variant listings

Multi-variant listings are created automatically from variants in Shopify saving you hours of complex manual creation time.

Shipment tracking data automatically updated

Codisto LINQ automatically transfers shipment data to Amazon & eBay to keep customers informed on order status and ensure you adhere to marketplace account requirements for timely order updates.

Create Amazing templates

A professional active content compliant template is automatically applied to all eBay listings but if you want to use a custom design our template engine has been developed to support the most sophisticated use cases – unlimited templates, use logic to drive template design and full meta-field support allows you to automatically have templates updated as your catalog changes or new products are added.

List on any Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally

Codisto LINQ supports listing to the following Amazon & eBay marketplaces:

  • Amazon.com

  • Amazon.co.uk

  • Amazon.ca

  • Amazon.com.mx

  • Amazon.de

  • Amazon.fr

  • Amazon.it

  • Amazon.es

  • Amazon.com.au

  • Amazon.co.jp

  • Amazon.in

  • eBay.com (US)

  • eBay Motors (US)

  • eBay.co.uk

  • eBay.ca

  • eBay.com.au

  • eBay.at

  • eBay.be (Dutch)

  • eBay.be (French)

  • cafr.eBay.ca

  • eBay.fr

  • eBay.de

  • eBay.com.hk

  • eBay.in

  • eBay.ie

  • eBay.it

  • eBay.com.my

  • eBay.nl

  • eBay.ph

  • eBay.pl

  • eBay.com.sg

  • eBay.es

  • eBay.ch

30 Day Free Trial

Reach over 300 million new customers risk free. Try Codisto LINQ for 30 days free trial. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Codisto - Amazon & eBay Better

Codisto LINQ reviews

51 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

Fantastic customer service. Had a problem and they went out of their way to fix it.


Quick support and high quality platform :D


Great customer support. nice work!


The app does what is says. What it doesn't say is that you can't un-sync product images. My website, ebay and amazon are very different marketplaces and we should have the ability to control the images and add more as needed without having them removed. I guess many users would be on the same page as me - website images are under 300 x 300 pixels to promote speed. This size doesn't look great on ebay or amazon. Hoping this is a feature coming soon and then will be happy to review again.


Around 80% of our sales currently come through eBay, with another 15% through Amazon

Coming over from the world of Magento and M2E I needed a solution that would successfully keep everything in-sync.
It was the unreliability of the M2E app on Magento among other things that made me jump ship to Shopify, and we needed a solution that would continue to provide similar functionality.

At first, I found Codisto very confusing - it's a very different way of working for us than we were used to.
However, it's very well documented and the support is absolutely like nothing else I've ever experienced -- seriously, these guys have provided more help during my free trial than M2E ever could be bothered to muster.
They provide true 24/7 support and even coming across a couple of tricky issues that needed referral to the developers were resolved quickly, courteously and with a human touch.

Now after nearly a month of using the app I'm a total convert. For one thing, it actually works and hasn't missed a single order unlike M2E. Plus the advanced stock control features work very very well for quite a few of the items that we sell.

The other member of staff here that also works with products and listings picked up the new way of working very quickly.

I must admit that changing all our eBay templates was daunting, and tweaking it took a bit of effort. It seemed to slightly hit our sales while eBay reindexed our 70+ listings but things seem to be catching up again.
This small pain point is well worth it for the ease of keeping product descriptions and images up to date - any changes within Shopify are very quickly refreshed within eBay.

Price wise - well I'm still on the trial but considering just how powerful this tool is and how easy it makes it to manage multichannel sales I'd consider it one of the best value tools - there are quite a few out there that all take different approaches however I truly believe that Codisto Linq offers something different to the rest.

The fact that they have so many different, flexible pricing plans mean that no matter what your eBay trading and pricing strategy is you can get great value from this plugin. Some reviews say it's expensive but - we were on the free tier with M2E and honestly this plugin still provides much, much better value in terms of ease of use and the quality of support you get - providing decent support doesn't come cheap but it sure pays off for these guys.


I had a few bumps getting started with this app but I must say the patience and diligence of the support staff is excellent. With them in AU and me in the US it does take some understanding on the part of the user. I stuck with them and now have a super relationship with the app being exactly what I needed. I have been working in excel files for awhile and the layout and functionality here is super. This app allows me to do anything I need individually or as a bulk editor. Making changes and/or creating new listings is a snap.

I am a firm believer that when paying for a solution it should give results and performance and not problems. This is exactly what they have done.

If you are looking for a "Solution" to manage listings from Shopify this is an affordable and robust app that does the job. Remember there is a learning curve for any new app you may select.



A quick feedback on the program:
Once we got a few bugs on the program sorted, which Codisto support team worked really hard, the program is really great - particularly by making it so much easier to list products on Amazon. It used to take 2 full days to list 400 clothing items on Amazon using Shopify-Amazon sales channel integration, which didn't really work for half of them. Codisto also enables to merge my stock for Prime and non-prime listing (we had to separate them before because Shopify was not synching Prime orders i.e. not importing Prime orders so not deducting the inventory). Since Feb 17th, when we went live with Codisto, our Amazon sales have more than doubled instantly. I am so happy about this and thank you, Codisto team, for developing the program and providing the support to get it going.

For those who are considering this program: This is a lot cheaper than some of the other multi-sales channel management programs (which I have tried a couple and gave up) and Codisto is a lot easier to use and time-saving. I highly recommend it.


Okay I'm just going to say this :

Go ahead.
At first I wasn't convinced, I've stumbled across many apps of which were useless and expensive for nothing. I was looking for an App to manage my Amazon inventory, but I never expected thjis . Codisto has many functionalities , some are hidden and it is a real powerful tool. I discovered a method which is a mix of price/ inventory/keyword management to generate maximum sales. I didn't want to post any reviews before the end of the trial to see if it wasn't just luck. Over the trial month I generated +50% sales revenue on Amazon and 33% on Ebay. All for free, so the price is totally fair compared to other tools and support is a bomb. Based in several countries you can contact them any time of the day and night on the chat.


Does not work at all. Bad support


This app has been a lifesaver! I can now successfully link my Shopify store's inventory with Amazon. No need to update inventory any longer or limit my inventory. Everything happens in real time.

To top it off, support has been awesome and I cannot fault them at all. There's no such thing as a template response from these guys. It's always about helping you solve the issue on hand.

From $29.00 / month


30 days

Support & Sales

+1 (855) 794-4300
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