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Codisto LINQ

Codisto LINQ

Developed by Codisto

35 reviews
Price: From $29.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Sell on any Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally - create new or manage existing listings
  • Fast & easy bulk edit function using unique spreadsheet style grid directly from Shopify
  • Real-time sync of products, inventory and orders, including order tracking data to Amazon/eBay

Amazon & eBay power, Shopify control!

Bulk listing creation & management for all Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally. Real-time sync of products, inventory across all channels and marketplace orders to Shopify.

Why Codisto?

Codisto LINQ is the first app to provide bulk Amazon & eBay listing creation & management natively in Shopify. Why use another platform when you can use Shopify? Other apps redirect you to their own platform – Codisto Linq allows you to simply use Shopify – making it the fastest & easiest marketplaces solution by far!

More than just a feed

Codisto LINQ is slick, real-time integration directly from Shopify. No exporting feeds or uploading on a schedule – make a change to your linked products in Shopify and Amazon/eBay is updated immediately.

Easy as Spreadsheets

If you can use a spreadsheet, you already know how to use Codisto LINQ! Our unique user grid is so simple to use and allows you to quickly filter, sort and bulk edit thousands of items with ease.

Perfect performance

Real-time sync means that products, inventory and orders are always up to date - there’s no danger of overselling. This is achieved by advanced software architecture built upon global Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure with multiple redundancies and dynamic load balancers.

Separate Amazon & eBay rules

Want to sell differently on Amazon & eBay compared with Shopify? No problem - setting marketplace specific values such as price, quantity, title, description, returns policy and shipping costs is simple to do for any individual or group of listings. Rules can have constant values e.g. always list with a quantity of 5 (never reduce) or even be formula driven e.g. increase price by $10 if quantity drops below 3.

Variant listings

Multi-variant listings are created automatically from variants in Shopify saving you hours of complex manual creation time.

Shipment tracking data automatically updated

Codisto LINQ automatically transfers shipment data to Amazon & eBay to keep customers informed on order status and ensure you adhere to marketplace account requirements for timely order updates.

Create Amazing templates

A professional active content compliant template is automatically applied to all eBay listings but if you want to use a custom design our template engine has been developed to support the most sophisticated use cases – unlimited templates, use logic to drive template design and full meta-field support allows you to automatically have templates updated as your catalog changes or new products are added.

List on any Amazon & eBay marketplaces globally

Codisto LINQ supports listing to the following Amazon & eBay marketplaces:

  • Amazon.com

  • Amazon.co.uk

  • Amazon.ca

  • Amazon.com.mx

  • Amazon.de

  • Amazon.fr

  • Amazon.it

  • Amazon.es

  • Amazon.com.au

  • Amazon.co.jp

  • Amazon.in

  • eBay.com (US)

  • eBay Motors (US)

  • eBay.co.uk

  • eBay.ca

  • eBay.com.au

  • eBay.at

  • eBay.be (Dutch)

  • eBay.be (French)

  • cafr.eBay.ca

  • eBay.fr

  • eBay.de

  • eBay.com.hk

  • eBay.in

  • eBay.ie

  • eBay.it

  • eBay.com.my

  • eBay.nl

  • eBay.ph

  • eBay.pl

  • eBay.com.sg

  • eBay.es

  • eBay.ch

30 Day Free Trial

Reach over 300 million new customers risk free. Try Codisto LINQ for 30 days free trial. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Codisto - Amazon & eBay Better

Codisto LINQ reviews

35 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (1 review)
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

Codisto Linq has revolutionized our business practices.

It's not cheap as we have many items to list, however, we see it as a small to price to pay for supreme backend order and listing management.

We've received fantastic merchant support, particularly from a fellow named Noel who is amazing! Vry help and friendly.

Looking forward to many years ahead using Codisto, and excited for what improvements to the system they can make.


Thankyou for your attention. Variety Music


Really good app and great alternative to Inkfrog and their customer support is top notch!



Hi To everyone , are you thinking about buying an eBay lister ?
I have been trying my luck now on eBay for many years always frustrated that some other sellers have better looking templates for selling than me

I joined SHOPIFY LESS THAN 60 DAYS ago and to date have made many sales this is due to me purchasing the Codisto 90 % of my sales are from unloading from my site using cordisto to eBay
For eBay listing from shopify to eBay takes seconds and the listing template on eBay is professional and I am happy with the app
I’m strugling a bit with the Amazon part of the Cordisto but that’s due to the fact that amazon require much more information when listing
Support is 5 star I wrote a message on Cordisto Face book page and was phoned straight away out standing thankyou
I highly recommend this app and I’m looking forward to upgrades of the app
Here is s link to one of my eBay listings https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/202138311886


Seamlessly syncs our complete Shopify inventory with both Ebay and Amazon so we never have to worry about updating quantities, prices, descriptions or images. Once it's changed on Shopify - the other platforms sync automatically. Orders are also generated in Shopify so it's all managed from one place. We had difficulties initially with errors showing but the Codisto support team resolved it for us and were very helpful. Would strongly recommend Codisto.


Absolutely a wonderful app. We were looking for the exact features offered in Codisto. After spending a few days getting everything synced and getting Amazon setup (this was mostly waiting for Amazon), we have our entire product catalog on Amazon. This saved many hours of manual work and I'm confident we won't miss any orders since they are imported into Shopify. Great addition to our apps for this store and we would recommend 100% to anyone looking to have their products on Amazon. This app just works. The developers were thoughtful and detail oriented. Setup was user friendly and while clicking around (and hoping things would work a certain way), I was continually pleasantly surprised they did work exactly that way. Can't say enough good things about this app!


I LOVE Codisto LINQ!!! This is one of those apps that I get extremely excited about. I have been a Shopify business owner for two years. However, I just opened stores on eBay and Amazon this year. To me, eBay and Amazon are a headache to list tons of products. I have always had a large inventory. And it can be frustrating because Amazon and eBay have so many ridiculous rules just to list your items. I got a lot further with my eBay store after finding an app to help me import from Shopify. But that still left Amazon and I dreaded having to list thousands of items on Amazon.

I researched and many people wanted to know if there was an app that would import TO Amazon and many shut them down, saying that was impossible bc of all of Amazon's rules.

I knew there had to be something out there to make people like me have an easier experience of listing onto Amazon. Sure enough, I found LINQ, I have products inserted into Amazon now and I can't wait to publish my listings and start selling.

The only complaint I have is that I wish the monthly fee had a lower amount option for up-and-coming business

But, I will pay the $29/mo because of all the features LINQ offers.

Thank you LINQ creators! You are saving an already busy and frazzled entrepreneur from a plethora of tasks I would have to do if LINQ didn't exist.


everything is going good so far, I had a problem, I didn't know how to edit an option in bulk, I used the live chat for support and they answered me in less than 10 seconds, awesome support!!


Installed, configured and up and running very quickly. Helpful and fast support.


An excellent product with a superb Support Team.

Having previously owned InkFrog Open I experienced months of syncing delays and over two thousand bogus orders. It was a nightmare!!!

The Codisto Team had me up and running quickly and was with me every step of the way. Codisto works great. No issues! :) I recommend it highly.

From $29.00 / month


30 days

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