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This app is highly recommended for its extensive product personalization features, allowing customers to design items in real time. Merchants appreciate its seamless Shopify integration, user-friendly interface, and continuous improvements. Despite a learning curve, the exceptional customer support, including one-on-one training and a helpful YouTube channel, is praised. The app is cost-effective, with reasonable pricing and a cost per sold product that merchants find acceptable. Many report an increase in average order value and business growth after using the app.

May 6, 2022

It's quite vast and at the same time if difficult for a lay man to make formats. For background colour change, assets are required which is a huge task. Imagine we had to make 100s of images of each colour (bus of sizes & shapes) and then fix it in their system for each product? I mean, in today's world why it is not automated? There should be a tool to do this. Printable file is always not correct. We have to fix manually. Overall it's time & resource consuming solution which is not 100% automated & expensive app to work with.

Supr Pack
10 months using the app
March 24, 2022

The app is overall relatively good for the purpose of your personalized products here is the pros and cons of my experience and why I choose another alternative.
1. It is not time friendly. Personalisation requires quite some time and a lot of repetitive tasks. 1.1 You can’t move multiple options at once. You have to manually click on each option position and set it to be in a different number. So if you have 100 options with condition that you need to move around you can imagine how much time it will take you and that will be only for one product option. (When I have made the suggestion they have told me they work on this feature two months ago) 1.2 You can not move multiple layers in the template editor window at once and you can not even select them unless they are in order next to each other. 1.3 The template editor window Is unnecessary small and It doesn’t take all of the screen. 1.4 You will have to resize all of your clipart artwork manually and re upload the new files in the library so you can LOAD them again in the preview template feature for faster loading in the product page. This can easily be automated so we don’t have to senselessly waste our time.
2. Missing features 2.1 The arch text doesn’t have stroke options (feature promised for a long time and doesn’t seem to require a lot of coding) 2.2 Finally the feature for automatic thumbnail from clipart has been added. 3.2 No location map (Mapbox integration) or Star/Constellation feature.
3. Bugs 3.1 Sometimes the app reverse the name of the templates you have just renamed. 4.1 The Automatic options creation from template feature doesn’t work properly sometimes, just stuck on loading (took the a month and 1 week to get response for this issue). Is not that it is such a big problem but if you have a massive template with 7 people and the systems decides “not today” good luck having to manually create options setting when you can not even load them from the library. You literally have to create an option, upload every single file, then thumbnail, set the conditions, set the ids, now imagine if you have 7 people and 25 different hair styles for each with at least 7 colours for each hair style. The Options Settings feature need complete rework. 5.1 You will have to start from clipart ID 2 (leave position 1 empty, they blame that on Shopify somehow) on everything you upload otherwise the clipart ID 1 stays loaded all the time and overlaps with other cliparts.
3. Price 3.1 To use the app you have to pay for the monthly fee and then start your work, this can easily be another way like you get to build your store and when you are ready to start advertising you activate your subscription. 3.2 The cost offers per sold product is reasonable. Cons
1. Great integrations with remove.bg to automatically remove the background of the uploaded photo.
2. The ability to create name patterns by connecting multiple text field from the template editor to a single name field in the option settings.
3. Color overlay on photos. Overall what is preventing this software to be truly great and crush the competition is the lack of effort and speed of execution. Im sure they will get there. Consider all options before making a choice because all of those types of software require quite sometime to learn and set up.

United Kingdom
4 months using the app
Customily replied March 25, 2022

Hello! Thanks for your detailed review. All feedback is very valuable for us and it's good to know our weak points and where we need improvement :)

Here are some tips and notes for some of the items you pointed out:

1.2 You can select multiple layers on the workspace by using shift and moving them at the same time, they don’t need to be consecutive layers (here’s a video of it just in case - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyXmoyU8RtQ).

Noted your feedback on non-consecutive layers on the layer panel, and it's completely true! We will add the function to be able to select them using control.

1.4 We are working on an update that will automatically resize images on previews for optimal loading speed. 5Mb images will be turned into 80kb images, optimizing preview loading times and keeping the high-quality images just for printing. The expected release is in April :)

2.3 Maps are coming!! We will release an integration with Mapbox in April as well :)

3.1 Last final tip: to save the name of the template you need to hit Enter, if not the new name won’t be saved.

As always, we will continue working hard to make our app better and add new functionalities to it. We know there's room for improvement, but we're confident that we're on the right path. And it's thanks to this kind of detailed feedback that we can be better every day, so thanks again! You’re welcome to come back and try it again at any time!