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Product Builder by Buildateam

Product Builder by Buildateam

Developed by Buildateam.io

6 reviews
Price: $50.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Offer unique 'Build Your Own Product' Experience To Customers With Clickable Product Image Preview
  • Dynamic Product Preview From Top, Bottom, Left or Right. Different Input Types. Conditional Logic.
  • Sleek User-Friendly Themes & Layouts. Customizable CSS & JS. Easy Product Administration. Mobile Optimized.

Custom Product Builder. Build Your Own Product Configurator. Advanced Custom Options with Preview & Conditional Logic. Product Customization Tool. Product Configurator with Product Image Preview & Conditional Logic

Easily offer 'Build Your Own Product' experience to customers online & in-store

Main Website: thecustomproductbuilder.com

Do you offer products that can be custom made from scratch? Can you control every element of your manufacturing process to offer custom made, bespoke products? Is your factory ready for custom made-to-order products? Does your online storefront reflect all the options that you have?

Now, there’s a solution where your customer can configure every aspect of your product. Changes to any element and detail can be previewed. By offering this builder, the customer can truly engage with your brand.

Preview a completely configured product based on the selected option combinations. From foundational elements (i.e. fabric. material, pattern), to embellishments (i.e. design, patterns, color, size), you can choose the level of interaction the customer experiences.



  • Browser based image layer re-coloring! (You can create unlimited colors for your product option layers using just a color picker

  • A selection of themes and color schemes

  • Customizable CSS. Create your own theme

  • Easily add custom JS. Create your own features

  • 4 dimension preview of the custom products (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom)

  • Multiple custom product page layouts (Columns Tab, Columns List, Rows Tabs)

  • Product customization summary tab

  • Options search

  • Custom Option Field Types:

    • Color Thumbnail (Hex / RGB / Color picker)

    • Quantity

    • Dropdown

    • Image Upload With Preview On Product Image

    • Text Label With Preview On Product Image

    • Text Area With Preview On Product Image

    • Date Picker

    • Time Picker

    • Multiple Select

  • Easy option position reordering within option categories

  • Easy option category position reordering within panels

  • Easy image preview layer reordering

  • Complex conditional logic to hide and display options based on selection

  • Currency selector

  • Option preview images

  • Interactive (clickable) product preview

  • Upload and preview images and logos

  • Upload and preview text

  • Mobile Optimized

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Please send all questions to hello@buildateam.io

Developed by BuildaTeam.io Custom Shopify Development.

Want to integrate the builder into your website? Email us for a free consultation at hello@buildateam.io

Product Builder by Buildateam reviews

6 reviews
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I have been exploring this app for several months. The developers have been very responsive any bugs that have cropped up.

I have moving away from BOLD apps and had a very bad experience with their product builder app. This app has a better interface, updates quicker, and is has the extremely critical feature of image overlays. (We have a very customization product that would have required thousands of individual images to represent correctly).

The app is a bit young, but they are actively making improvements. I will update this review after we have it live for several months.


Broken product. They've had to make multiple updates to keep fixing it. It does have a ton of potential, it just still doesn't work to where it's functional. I'd prefer to have just been patient and gotten some sort of update, but the last time I messaged them with a problem I was told they CC'd someone on to the case and never had that person hit me up for 10 days. After 6 days I let them know I never heard anything, and still, no one ever contacted me. I really really did want this app to work, but between it not working and support going black on me, I can't give a positive review.

If they want to actually contact me and give me an update, I'd still prefer to have something positive to say.


have looked at a lot of product builders and customisers and this one is absolutely awesome- a lot of potential to create all kinds of configurators- and the team is very helpful and responsive as well.


In looking at all the custom builders out there Product Builder was by far the most flexible and professional looking. Working with Lex and his team was great. They were responsive to all my questions and were very helpful when I had questions customizing the app to our site. I am very pleased with the flexibility of the app and the end result looks great and easy to use. Our customers are loving being able to design their own product on our site!


This is BY FAR the best product customization app available on Shopify!
It isn't cheap but it worth any cents spent on it!


Great app!.
I have this app on my store and is very helpfor and make it easy to my Customers

$50.00 / month

Limited Time Offer For Early Adopters! While we are still working out small bugs - register now at a discounted price for life! There is no other plugin like ours. It's the best in class product builder.

*Please note that sometimes our app needs customization in order to work with your theme. If the app doesn't load for some reason for you, please email to support+shopify@buildateam.io.

15 days


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