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Custom Product Builder

Custom Product Builder

Developed by Buildateam

8 reviews
Price: $50.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Offer unique 'Build Your Own Product' Experience To Customers With Clickable Product Image Preview
  • Dynamic Product Preview From Top, Bottom, Left or Right. Different Input Types. Conditional Logic.
  • Sleek User-Friendly Themes & Layouts. Customizable CSS & JS. Easy Product Administration. Mobile Optimized.

Custom Product Builder. Build Your Own Product Configurator. Advanced Custom Options with Preview & Conditional Logic. Product Customization Tool. Product Configurator with Product Image Preview & Conditional Logic


Available Product Customizations:

Color Thumbnail: Сontrol icons filled with color that you can select using a color wheel or by color HEX.

Image Upload: Allow shoppers upload an image and preview it on the product preview.

Image Thumbnail: Options preview controls are 150px X 150px icons that you can upload.

Text Thumbnail: Add plain text options to your custom product. Its a helpful option if you don't have icons for thumbnails.

Dropdown: Have a long list of options to choose from? Try dropdowns. i.e: States, Countries, Qty.

Colorize Canvas: This option allows you recoloring uploaded layer on the fly using browser's HTML Canvas.

Text Monogram Field: Offer a locked position on the product to enter short text w/ preview.

Long Text Monogram Field: Offer a locked position on the product to enter long text w/ preview.

Multiple Text Fields: Collect additional information from users without displaying it on the product

Quantity: Quantity selector allows changing the quantity of the completed custom product.

Time & Date: Allow users to enter date and time when configuring their custom products.

Time: Allow users to enter time when configuring their custom products.

Date: Allow users to enter dates when configuring their custom products.

Clickable Preview Area: Make customizable areas on the product preview image visible and clickable for users.

Product Builder Features:

Mobile Optimized

Browser based image layer re-coloring! (You can create unlimited colors for your product option layers using just a color picker)

A selection of themes and color schemes

Ability to add custom CSS to match the theme

Ability to add custom JS to create new features and look

Different product page layouts (Columns Tab, Columns List, Rows Tabs)

Currency selector

Multiple product views (Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom)

Product customization summary tab

Options search

Complex conditional logic to hide and display options based on selection

Language Translation Support

'Next Step' Button

Easily offer 'Build Your Own Product' experience to customers online & in-store

Its like 'Nike ID' or 'Build Your Own BMW' but for your own brand and without having to pay thousands for development.

Main Website: thecustomproductbuilder.com

Do you offer products that can be custom made from scratch? Can you control every step of your product manufacturing process to offer custom made, bespoke products? Is your factory ready for custom made-to-order products? Does your online storefront reflect all the options that you have?

Now, there’s a solution where your customer can configure every component of your product. Changes to any element and detail can be previewed. By offering this builder, the customer can truly engage with your brand.

Preview a completely configured product based on the selected option combinations. From foundational elements (i.e. fabric. material, pattern), to embellishments (i.e. design, patterns, color, size), you can choose the level of interaction the customer experiences.

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Please send all questions to hello@buildateam.io

Developed by BuildaTeam.io Custom Shopify Development.

Custom Product Builder reviews

8 reviews
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Custom products are an important part of our business since we manufacture our own products. Coming over from a Magento website with a very complex custom made product builder, we did not think we would be able to recreate our offer by simply using an app.

After reviewing many apps, we decided to go with this one and found many great features. Since we have so many options to offer, we had issues with the preview not working all the time. The developper investigated the issue with us an found a solution.

Now we have 2 very complex custom product builders on the site and looking forward adding more in the next months. The app is simpler to use than what we had on Magento and also offers nice backend features to see what the customer build using option, codes and an image.


Excellent and very intuitive tool to present your customized products to customers.
It's pretty easy to work with and to adapt with some CSS and the support team were excellent.

Highly recommended.


Had a developer use it, didn't do exactly what he wanted so he left a bad review. I checked it out and updating the review to reflect what I think.


I have been exploring this app for several months. The developers have been very responsive any bugs that have cropped up.

I have moving away from BOLD apps and had a very bad experience with their product builder app. This app has a better interface, updates quicker, and is has the extremely critical feature of image overlays. (We have a very customization product that would have required thousands of individual images to represent correctly).

The app is a bit young, but they are actively making improvements. I will update this review after we have it live for several months.


have looked at a lot of product builders and customisers and this one is absolutely awesome- a lot of potential to create all kinds of configurators- and the team is very helpful and responsive as well.


In looking at all the custom builders out there Product Builder was by far the most flexible and professional looking. Working with Lex and his team was great. They were responsive to all my questions and were very helpful when I had questions customizing the app to our site. I am very pleased with the flexibility of the app and the end result looks great and easy to use. Our customers are loving being able to design their own product on our site!


This is BY FAR the best product customization app available on Shopify!
It isn't cheap but it worth any cents spent on it!


Great app!.
I have this app on my store and is very helpfor and make it easy to my Customers

$50.00 / month

Limited Time Offer For Early Adopters! While we are still working out small bugs - register now at a discounted price for life! There is no other plugin like ours. It's the best in class product builder.

*Please note that sometimes our app needs customization in order to work with your theme. If the app doesn't load for some reason for you, please email to support+shopify@buildateam.io.

Please consider that setting up custom products is a time-consuming task, so please allow 1-2 weeks for creating a demo product for your use-case.

*If you need help setting up your product by one of our support specialists, please email us at support+shopify@buildateam.io as well. For $40/h we will help you quickly setup your products.

30 days

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