BEST Currency Converter

BEST Currency Converter

by Grizzly Apps

Show prices in customers local currency. Make shopping easy.

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I uninstalled this app but have since been charged on my Shopify Bill? Not sure why as I don't use this app anymore?

Diamond Vanity Hair Company

HORRIBLE! Currency tab sits on top of the search bar in the debut theme. I've sent several emails and waited over 5 days and no response. Would NEVER RECOMMEND for anyone.

leash studio

some of their customers were seeing product prices when converted to Euros that were incorrect. For example a product that costs 64 usd, should costs in euros 57 euro. but my costumers see it 5690 euro, which is missing a decimal place. The interesting thing, is both the merchant and I were unable to replicate, so the issue is intermittent. Customer computer was using chrome, and I suggested clearing cache, but it is happening on many computers as well, so the issue might be bigger than that. Would you be able to look into this to sort out how we can fix it?


Im very disappointed! Trying to delete currency and add different currency but it doesn't work. It keeps going back to 5 currency which i want to change but it wont let me.


Im in Spain, and price in US Dollar. This app dont work. Im in Spain, and price in US Dollar. This app dont work.

Scissorsdiary Com

Choose Australia, the sales amount is still USD,WHY?


Just had the app installed. still no change on products or cart... please help.

Onlinemarkat Com

I blame shopify for not adding these basic features like currency switcher with localization to store and keep us under developers mercy, App developer is not helpful, when i changed the theme i asked him to configure the app to my new published theme (and when i change theme i do it because there are very important updates in next version or i decided to change to new theme that serve my needs) developer configured theme but still there were gaps in configurations, i told him that currency still appear in shop default currency in both collection page and cart page, the app developer refused to continue support and he said that i keep changing my themes so he cant help me any more!!!! same time, their app is not working if i configure it by myself, so the conclusion, they want me to pay for monthly fees but with their conditions and their own mood to fix their app errors!! i have to watch the errors in theme and keep silent!!! this is super unprofessional

Falcon Cube

mmmmm its i dont know they told me to like and comment then we will offer u our free service so


the app change nothing,,i don't know whats the problem