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March 30, 2022

App is not bad. But the nightmare is communication and order management. If you receive an order - hold on ! 1. Need to add funds to your account wallet - the way to do it, is through making a ticket to their system ! 2. Reply time in the ticket - takes many hours or even days ! 3. Even when you make a deposit your funds DOESN'T APPEAR IN YOUR WALLET INSTANTLY !!! Process is so complicated, that placing an order with such super slow service and process, can cost you unsatisfied clients, and canceled orders.
7 months using the app
Edited December 8, 2017

Everything was working great then on the afternoon of the 7th I notice a problem, over 200 products were deleted from the app and removed from my store in the middle of the night.

I contact support at 3 PM EST to find out what happened. I dont get an actual response from someone until 3:30 AM EST and im told they were reloading new images from the supplier I was using and that caused the products to get deleted. What?

They tell me a couple possible solutions but they just wont work I dont want to get into a ton of details as this review will be long.

I ask another question this afternoon the 8th around 1 PM EST to see if there are any other options or if they can at least guarantee this isnt going to happen again. Well its now after 10 PM EST so in 9+ hours they again could not respond. It took over 12 hours for the first response.

Does the support team even work US business hours? The company is based in the US according to any information I found.

Look, they may fix the issue and I may never have another problem, and normally I would wait to see how they handle this before submitting my review but honestly the way that support has taken this long to respond to a pretty big issue like this shows me they dont deserve that extra time.

In this industry stores are competing with countless other stores selling the same or similar products having a mishap like this can cost a business a lot of money.

The only saving grace for me in all of this is my store is still under construction so I lost nothing but time. I cant imagine what stores that were up and running and using the same supplier as me when this happened are dealing with but I sure hope they have received faster support than myself.

0 stars for the terrible support response time and 1 star just for the fact that before this happened the app was a pleasure to use.

Swagshopper Agi
United States
4 months using the app
January 16, 2018

The prices are too high to stay competitive. Some of the suppliers are just down right shady; never choose a supplier located in China. The delivery times are about 30 days (that will be a deal-breaker for most customers) and they will give you some generic tracking # from at least a year ago. I guess there might be some great deals there; I certainly have not found them.

Genz Things
United States
3 months using the app
Edited October 2, 2019

I have tried this APP for many websites never sold anything from here. I only like the aspect of looking like a big shop. Otherwise $29.99 per month well not sure if it is worth that. Hard to get anyone to understand your problem. Also cannot cancel account nor get any Refund/Credit. I removed the APP 9 days before next payment was due and had to ask Shopify to contact them about refunding my 29 dollars. Not sure if they ever paid it back. They are all about collecting the monthly fees. I also had my website database shreded about the same time they removed all the dropshipping items. Took several weeks to re-coop. I will never use them again. Do your research and go to the companies direct. Note: they care so much about you that you have to pay $5 to get your advertised prices done for you. Don't try to contact them for a refund or any issues. Just pay your $29.99 per month and deal with it. Company Motto.

United States
3 months using the app
July 10, 2019

I used this app for several months. It takes more than 24 hrs to hear back from customer service regarding any issues and when you do it's never completely answered, resulting in more emails and days until issue is resolved. When an item is out of stock you're not notified for days, resulting in lost sales and negative ratings against your store. You can only email, no chat, and there's only 2 people answering emails. Some of their suppliers do not provide tracking numbers if an order is under a certain dollar amt. More frustration than it's worth. People want fast results, not days to see results.

United States
2 months using the app
October 12, 2021

These are not wholesale prices. The are priced 50% - 100% above what the retail price is. You also have a 3% fee for a transaction and a $29.99 monthly fee. A seller has to sell 3 times what the actual retail rate is to make any profit. Nobody is going to pay 3 times where they can get it a lot cheaper. You cannot make a profit using your app

Top Vitamin Mart
United States
About 2 months using the app
Onlinestorebiz LLC replied March 2, 2022

Hi Top Vitamin Mart,

Thank you for your review. I am sorry to learn that you've had a dissatisfactory experience with us.

The prices of the products are indeed wholesale, and they come directly from the suppliers - and we provide them to you 'as is', without inflating anything.

Also, any fees (for example, the 3% fee) that are added to the products come directly from either the supplier or payment gateways - Wholesale2B does not intervene or inflate the prices at all. You can circumvent this fee by creating an account with the supplier itself, we provide you with all the details as required.

We'd be happy to address any concerns that you have with our app. Please log in to your Wholesale2B account and create a Support Ticket so that we could assist you and get the issues resolved. We're open to any kind of feedback that you may have for us. Thank you for being associated with Wholesale2B. We're grateful.

Thanks and regards,
Peter Caradonna
CEO - Wholesale2B

October 26, 2017

Can I give it a zero? No products. Complete waste of time.

My Own Unique Self
United States
About 2 months using the app
March 4, 2018

"Nickel and Dime" fees, difficult to order products, must add fund by emailing them the request to add money, wait for reply, give paypal info and wait. It causes major delay in orders. Best selling items list seems like paid advertisements.

Beach Therapy Jewelry
United States
About 1 month using the app
April 7, 2020

Worst App Ever! I really wanted to find a fitness equipment supplier so I downloaded the APP. It was extremely easy and I found several so so quality fitness products and uploaded them to my store. After fixing a bunch of grammatical errors they had in their stock descriptions and tweaking the landing pages a bit I started running ads, about 5 minutes in Boom Sale! I was excited, it was a squat rack that I anticipated would do well. The inventory said there were 72 available a couple of hours later I had about 3 more sales I started scaling up my ads a bit over the course of 3 days I ended up selling just under 5k worth of squat racks. however I could not process any orders because of some sort of Id check they run where you have to send in a bill your drivers license and the card you plan to use. When that finally went through I tried to fill my orders only to find out that the squat racks had been discontinued! Holy shit I literally lost a ton of money in ad spend plus I had to issue 5k worth of refunds. That was pretty tough but I still didn't learn my lesson I decided to focus on this row machine that they offered. They were over 300 each and I sold a couple of those I said to myself alright lesson learned let's move on so I went to fill the orders for the rowers and guess what. They have this ridiculous policy where anything over 300 dollars you have to wire them the money in advance or use an E-check for Paypal. The E-check took forever to clear and I had to issue more refunds due to excessive shipping delays. Lesson learned will not use this app ever again

Viking Shark Industries
United States
About 1 month using the app
Onlinestorebiz LLC replied April 12, 2020

Thank you for your comments. Yes, we do have a Verification step to protect Wholesale2b against online fraud. This is a simple step which is required 1 time. All verifications are processed within 1 business day. It is possible that the supplier ran out of stock during this time, which is unfortunate. The policy of payments for orders above $300 is also there to protect Wholesale against potential large losses since we make no profits with the products. We stated this in our terms and conditions to avoid any confusion up front.

April 12, 2020

This app never notice before take money from user. I've seen all review and i understand now. I don't want to see this any more.

About 1 month using the app
Onlinestorebiz LLC replied April 12, 2020

I will be happy to help you, however i do not understand your statement exactly. Are you referring to the monthly billing of our App? The billing is handled by Shopify and applies after the 7 days free trial. You are free to remove the App anytime during the free trial to avoid any changes.