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Merchants highly recommend this integration for its seamless syncing between Shopify and Etsy, enhancing inventory and order management. They appreciate the user-friendly interface that supports bulk actions and advanced features like shipping templates. Customer support is highlighted as responsive, available 24/7 through live chat and Google Meet, offering personalized help with quick issue resolutions, positively impacting business operations and sales.

Edited June 25, 2020


After having left a negative review, someone went ahead and called my phone number around 4 times at 12 am and woke me up several times. Then my phone kept buzzing and someone was sending me messages on whatsapp. Until he said he was from CEDCOMMERCE.

This is unacceptable. The guy sent around 10 messages and would not leave me alone. What is wrong with you guys ? Totally unprofessional. I never gave permission for anyone to contact me and I certainly don't want to hear about it at 12 am when I'm already asleep.

I really regret having installed and bought the yearly app. Not recommended.

Original review:

Customer service is great but I do have several complaints. I am tired of having to update the shipping manually. My supplier updates the tracking numbers but they don't automatically sync on Etsy. I already told Cedcommerce customer support several times. One guy said it was because I was using 17track for tracking numbers and that someone would get back to me. Another person said that it was because I hadn't added them myself.. He didn't understand my question. Every single day, I have to check the tracking numbers and add them manually on Etsy. I am tired of doing this.

Another thing is that, cedcommerce misses a few orders here and then ! I've had a few orders that were about to be overdue and cedcommerce didn't even sync the orders with my supplier. I keep asking them why it keeps happening and they say it's because of the API and that it shouldn't happen again but it does. I bought the $360 something year plan because I thought this would be a good app that would do its work. I am disappointed. I am doing the same amount of work after I finished with my store and these people clearly don't can't fix the issues I have with their app.

Spiritual Shirt
United States
Almost 3 years using the app
Edited October 20, 2022

I have used this app for about 3 years. I had some personal issues that kept me from monitoring my shop closely and tonight, I realized the app changed features in my product integration so that all of my manual optimizations on etsy which took over 40 hours to complete, were wiped out! My tags, my optimized product specific titles, prices and description were set up to be left unchanged. The app, without my knowledge or consent, changed features that I personally chose so that every product on my Etsy store needs to be edited all over again. In the product management section of the app, you can choose to keep their app from syncing your title, tags and descriptions everytime it syncs inventory etc across your different sales channles. You should be able to edit any platform manually and keep those changes from being wiped out indefinitely. So now all the work to optimize each product is gone. This is one of many instances where this app changed functions without my knowledge. Last year they had to issue credit for duplicate orders that I shipped. Too many issues to mention here. ALL DETRIMENTAL to your sales and tons of hours wasted to track what went wrong and to resolve the issue. If you can't have confidence that the app is doing what it should each and every time they refresh your feed, why pay for this service? Youre better off doing it all manually! The customer support is frustrating. They don't listen to your problem or request and you will waste your valuable time repeating yourself and asking them to READ! Scroll up please!!!! They changed their fee structure and I have been overpaying for god knows how long. I am so disappointed and feel completely ripped off by these irresponsible people and their inconsistent, glitchy app. I signed on to save time! That is far from what you will get. Shopify customer service is shocked and is contacting them on my behalf. Shopify automated updates alerted me to the fact that this service hasn't had a single instance of activity on my shop for over a month, hence reminding me to delete the app from my shop. I am done with them. BEWARE sellers.

United States
Over 2 years using the app
Edited August 5, 2020

I would call that HONESTLY - the worst plugin I have ever used. Uploading one listing takes ages and causing so many issues/errors.

I was trying to be so patient and do all step by step but after using that plugin for a nearly a year I still getting so frustrated to get some listings sorted

United Kingdom
About 2 years using the app
Edited September 23, 2020

UPDATE: The app deveIopers reached out and denied responsibility for this and blamed etsy, said they emailed etsy and copied me which I did not receive. Promised to get back to me in one day and did not. This is a total shame because I was selling thousands on etsy with this app before this happened so not only has this cost me out of pocket expense for my loses and legal counsel but also thousands in sales. I used this app for over a year and it worked fine until one day it loaded my listing over 2500 times over a month and a half period and cost me $575 in listing fees. I contacted Etsy and they told me the program had done it. I reached out to the developers and they said too bad so sad. At this point I am seeking legal action against this company to recuop my losses. I sold a lot with this program but that error cost me most of my profit.

Goat Threads
United States
Almost 2 years using the app
CedCommerce replied September 22, 2020

Dear Goat Threads,

It is sad to hear that we could not be able to meet your expectations. We understand how much your business important for you, and so we try to provide the best services from our end. For your concern, we have already written a mail to Etsy and waiting for their response.

Hope to get you back with us.

Team CedCommerce.

Edited May 14, 2024

NEVER use this app.
Not only it bugs, but they upload all your product (while you asked them not to do so) AND ERASE HOURS AND HOURS OF SEO WORK YOU HAVE DONE ON YOUR PRODUCT
There are also plenty of others new apps cheaper, which I will migrate once my contract ends with them.
Never again!

Koss Design
Almost 2 years using the app
April 19, 2023

App caused numerous technical issues with my Etsy account causing my Etsy account to be frozen and nearly removed. CedeCommerce also pushed itself outside of the free zone by adding items beyond their limit despite my efforts to stay within to try their product out. Support was in-effective and pointed to Etsy who had to perform an investigation. Would avoid and save your time and frustration.

Natural Creative Bureau
United States
Over 1 year using the app
CedCommerce replied May 22, 2023

Hi Natural Creative Bureau,
We apologize for the inconvenience that you didn't find this app beneficial for your business.

The CedCommerce Etsy Integration app doesn't play any role in freezing your account. It depends upon Etsy. There are several factors due to which Etsy can suspend the seller's account.

In our Free plan, we only allow you to list ten products on Etsy so that you can navigate the app properly and understand its benefits. Still, if our sellers have any concerns, we provide additional listings according to their requirements.

We hope that we can get a chance to serve you again.

Team CedCommerce.

Edited January 31, 2020

UPDATE: I think they must write their own reviews as this app and the company CED Commerce are the worst possible and they just lie about everything. PLEASE don't waste your money, read the below review, they have cost us thousands of dollars in time and thousands more in lost sales

Do NOT for a minute even think about buying this app!!! It does not work. They refuse to refund us our money for their rubbish app. You can email us on info@brontemoon and we can give you full details. Please read our review to learn about all the damage they did to or Etsy shop. We can only guess that any positive reviews are written by them.

They still have NOT refunded me for their non-functioning app!!! I think they arrange all the positive reviews as they have a new one every time we update this negative review.

They still have not refunded us the $530.19 we paid them in January!!! The app still does not work. Orders don't sync, inventory does not sync, listing so not sync, these are THE BASIC functions of the app!!!! And please read through on how they lost all our 3 months of seo on nearly 500 Etsy listings. They should be removed from Shopify app store.

OK it now 2 weeks since CED Commerce lost all of my hard work (3 months worth of SEO) and all they have offered me is $90.00 refund for the 3 months that the app has not worked!!! And is still does not work...does not control stock levels at all!! This is the basic function of the app and it does not work....I'm fighting to get back the $500 I paid let alone compensation!!! WORSE COMPANY EVER!!! THEY ARE CROOKS!!
UPDATE: Within 5 minutes of posting this review CED Commerce phoned me (first time ever) and asked me to remove this review!!! I told them this will not happen. Pretty bad company

BUYER BEWARE!!!! They are crooks. Where do I start.....after almost 2 months the problems are getting worse by the day. First of all when you fulfill an Etsy order on Shopify it does not sync back to Etsy. This is the main function of the app!!! It stays on Etsy as not shipped and you have to manually have to complete why have the app. Then not all of our listings on Shopify integrated over to Etsy. After being told "give us 24 hours" countless times it still does not work. Then we got a generic email from CED saying that all customers should re-integrate...we did this then some of our products got duplicated on Etsy WITH weird CED Skus!!! Also, the inventory does not sync over to Shopify and other platforms like it is supposed to do. Nothing works!!!!While trying to fix all these problems the the BIGGEST thing happened. We have over 400 listing on Etsy all of which I have been SEOing for a solid 3 months, that's lots and lots of time. Three days ago the person we were on live chat with said she was putting it to her team once again. They lost all our tags, descriptions, reverted back to old titles, deleted all attributes.....everything all gone. All SEO on Etsy GONE!!! All this happened when they were just trying to get the app to work. We paid them $500 as we also bought the Bonanza integration. BE WARNED!!! Now just trying to get our money back and trying to recover all of our lost profits and lost future sales as we now have a zero rank on Etsy!!!!

Bronte Moon
United States
About 1 year using the app
December 18, 2022

full of bugs and the support team is unprofessional, and they force people to give good reviews that's why they have good ratings.

United States
About 1 year using the app
May 16, 2021

There is no way to turn off the plan. It's kind of annoying to be honest. Perhaps the action stops after uninstalling, but this is not accurate and you have to spend time tracking this process.

California wallpaper
United States
About 1 year using the app
CedCommerce replied May 16, 2021

Hi, California wallpaper,

We extremely feel sorry about your experience with the app. We didn't provide a charge cancellation policy through the app because we use the payment API of Shopify and process all the charges through it. In case you want to cancel the plan and don't want to use the app, you can remove the app from your Shopify store. Or you can also request us to cancel the plan.

We would like to get connect with you once so that we can help you with the same.

Team CedCommerce.

Edited October 25, 2021

the app is not performing well. if your listing has variants the product cant be connected with Shopify (which doesn't have any sense), they refuse to refund my money $40 directly to the trash

United States
About 1 year using the app