Gameball: Loyalty & Rewards

Gameball: Loyalty & Rewards

by Gameball

Game-like loyalty program and referrals

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Aussie Veterans Coffee Co.

I would like to take this time to congratulate the team at Gameball, We had some issues around features and within a few hours, the issues have been resolved. Their customer service is fantastic and we are now very happy with our choice to switch our loyalty plan to Gameball

Developer reply

July 27, 2020

Thanks a lot our friend for your review. We are always here to help! :)

RCm8 Ltd

This app has the potential to be a great app but our experience with it has been substandard, and we just couldn't trust it or the support team in the end.

Our problems started when we tried to add rewards to customers manually but, due to a bug in the system, it prevented us from adding rewards in the admin area. They found the bug but we weren't allowed to manually reward customers for 6 days until they updated the app again on their weekly update. The support representative kindly offered us the Pro package for free as compensation.

We then discovered a bug that prevented customers from receiving the New Customer reward and other rewards failed because of this bug. I reported the bug and asked if they could manually update the customer's account that failed to be rewarded. This didn't happen for a few days and I had to remind them, which is really bad.

We then discovered another bug where a customer got absolutely no rewards for anything. This customer should have received a number of rewards but didn't. I report this bug instantly and I was told 'we will look into it now and get back to you'. They never did get back to me and this customer still has no rewards and, at this time, we couldn't add the rewards manually because of another bug.

This has been a very negative and frustrating experience for us and our business. We've wasted both money and time on this app, and it and its support team failed us. It's a great shame because the app looks great and would have been a lot of fun for our customers.

The support team will answer your request very quickly; quicker than any app that we've seen so far, so they deserve some recognition for that. However, this isn't much good if somebody promises to look into a bug and then doesn't get back to you when they say they would, leaving a customer without any rewards.

We've just deleted the app and using another one that has thankfully worked first time. I'll be seeking a full refund for our first month as it hasn't worked as described.

Developer reply

July 22, 2020

Hello Steve. Thanks for your review. It makes us deeply sad that this is how your experience with Gameball ends. No system is bugless, and we admit that you've been a little bit unlucky. We've tried our best to compensate you, but we understand how frustrating this can get.

We will get in touch with you to settle a refund. However, we need to highlight that your experience can't be generalized since what happened with you has never happened before with 1200+ merchants .

Thanks for your review, and for your previous support in reporting and fixing those bugs. And we are sorry again for any troubles caused.

Tupisto Cabo

I was in the market for exactly what Gameball is offering, excellent features and they have the most awesome support, they always answered my questions right away. Thanks again guys and keep up the great work.

Developer reply

July 2, 2020

We are so happy that you are enjoying our app! :)
Thanks for your feedback!


i downloaded a lot of loyalty apps and by far gameball is the best one, for sure i can't wait for more features.

Developer reply

July 2, 2020

We are so happy that you are enjoying our app! :)
Thanks for your feedback!


First impression was, "Oh wow! Pretty!". Then as I keep looking at the program I would find these hidden walls. Options that said they should be part of the Standard plan but instead they were for Pro or GURU.

This is something I see far too often on Shopify. Great looking apps with important options that are, SURPRISE!, an extra charge.

For instance, the Missions? They require Guru right now. When I asked Ahmed about it, it was a copy write error. Well that's a pretty big error. That's a major component that goes from being $30 to $400 dollar. That's not a mistake, that's on purpose.

In the Purchase Reward area if you want to send a campaign for like a "Double Points weekend", surprise that's a pro feature! As of this review no where on their Shopify page, website, OR upgrade function inside the app says this.

Want to make a new Player Type? SURPRISE! That's a Guru feature too.

I'm frustrated because I wanted to like Gameball. It's pretty. But I also need a program that's going to function fully without having to pay my car note worth of app.

If they actually had this stuff on the Standard tier like they said, this would be a 5 star. Hell, I'd be tempted to go Pro to get unlimited integrations. But it feels like its gonna be a random whack a mole of which feature is on the highest tier.

If you're a small business and don't have unlimited funds to through at a single app, then it's cool. If not? Give it time.

Developer reply

June 26, 2020

We are so sorry for your experience. We never intend to manipulate our clients with misleading texts. The copy issue was a sincere mistake that we fixed right after you drew our attention to it.

We immediately offered the feature for you in your current plan as a compensation at no extra charges; no tricks here.

As for "player types", it's a feature that requires a bit of coding and API accessibility, which is usually given to higher tiers. It's a very advanced feature anyway that is rarely requested except for our enterprise clients (Guru).

Again, we apologize for your experience, and we are always available to help shall you change your mind :)

PlusOne Trends

I am using this app to bring a fun experience to my store concept and I cannot thank Gameball enough. The work they are doing is lovely. I love the user interface both frontend and backend. They have also updated their help guides/knowledge base, which is extremely helpful. Besides, they also provide great support. Looking forward to utilizing all their features. Installing is one thing, but understanding how to maximize the power of gamification is equally important. Will update my review soon.

Update 2: 100% recommend using Gameball. Been on it for 2 months now. A bit of a learning curve. But their plans are affordable and functionalities are easy to understand.

Developer reply

June 27, 2020

We are so happy that you are enjoying our app! :)
Thanks for your feedback!

Rag Tag Boutique

I looked at ALLLL the loyalty programs available on Shopify and this one was one of the only ones with immediate chat...when you need help. Most of them required an email with a two day response time. Omar personally contacted me when he saw that I needed help and stayed with me until I felt confident in my decisions on how to calculate the wonderful explanations and helpful advice. Highly recommend!


We've tested them all and this is by far the best class Loyalty and Rewards app on the app store (and anywhere else for that matter!)


Here are the top 3 reasons why we give this app 5 stars. We would have given more if we could....

1. It's awesome. The front end player profile widget is well thought out, engaging and packs a tonne of user functionality into a simple slide-out UI.

2. Great leadership and tech support behind the app to help and assist you to succeed when getting your Gameplan up and running!!!

3. Superb backend control, giving you the full creative freedom to design and configure a tiered-based rewards and loyalty program that will help you achieve the goal of every business - more sales!


Whatever your goal and the objectives you have for looking to implement a loyalty and rewards program, this app has got you covered. The team behind it are on a mission to help you boost your engagement with your existing and new prospect customers resulting in more conversions and ultimately more sales!!

Given Gameball's approach to opening their core rewards engine via their API, you are able to trigger rewards for literally any event you can image, for example, you could create a challenge for your users to video themselves hopping on one foot and upload it to your store, set this upload as an event in gameball and trigger a challenge to reward people as they upload. (Ok, so this is a silly challenge but you get the idea! Flexibility). A more sensible challenge may be to focus your users on your blog as that's an important part of your business model, your covered.... set an event that triggers a "blog_visits" challenge in gameball that rewards each customer for every 5, 10, 20 or even single visit your blog?

If your market demographic is more straight-laced than our young and youthful target customers then you can implement a more traditional corporate loyalty and rewards program just like those you find running in national retailers and you may wish to segment your customers with a traditional bronze, silver, gold status for example. Again, whatever your requirement, you can get there with this app. For us, we're heavily gamifying our customer experience.

There are lots of ready-baked challenges and events integrated with Shopify that will get your loyalty and rewards program up and running in no time such as signup, orders, referrals and many more.

For the more advanced requirements that you may dream up..... DO NOT FEAR THE WORD API. Embrace it, learn the basic concepts and get creative !!!

If you've not got programming experience, Gameball's help and tech docs are awesome, so you can simply educate yourself enough to be able to engage a dev freelancer or Shopify expert to program the trigger events on your site, it will be cheap as you will have already learnt how simple it is you just need it coded. The benefits are huge and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and are endless.

Sooo, get....

Your Gameface on;
The Gameball app plugged in, and get;
Your Gameplan locked in and launched!

Tweak it, enhance it, add to it, just keep it fun and exciting for your customers and your business will be the one that is rewarded for installing this app!!

Make it happen & enjoy growing your customer base!


Developer reply

June 21, 2020

ًWow, we are so happy that you are enjoying our app that much!!
Thanks for your feedback!

Dancing with Goats

Excellent app for gamified loyalty programmes- also excellent customer service which solves any queries really quickly- would recommend!

Developer reply

June 11, 2020

We are so happy that you are enjoying our app! :)
Thanks for your feedback!


Gameball is by far the best app out there for a Loyalty Program, in my opinion. It helps me to engage my customers in a fun way while rewarding them in the process. This app is very straightforward and very easy to integrate. Aside from this app, the support that I had received from Gameball was exceptional. Ahmed was very patient with me, explaining everything in detail so that I can better understand how to execute Gameball on my website. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is looking to elevate their brand experience.

Developer reply

June 11, 2020

We are so happy that you are enjoying our app! :)
Thanks for your feedback!