Google Tag Manager Suite

Google Tag Manager Suite

by Elevar

Complete GTM data layer for Google Analytics and AdWords

5.0 of 5 stars(15 reviews)

GTM Data Layer

Automate the creation of the GTM data layer for use in Google Analytics and marketing tags.

Prevent PII and Bad Data

Put foundation in place that prevents inaccurate or sensitive data sent to your Google Analytics.

Automate Marketing Tags

Save time from having to manually create variables and tags for your AdWords and marketing tags.

About Google Tag Manager Suite

Who is Elevar?

Elevar is an eCommerce analytics platform that helps brands of any size optimize their store through automated data analysis, insight curation, and forecasting. It helps scale more efficiently, and ensure a solid data foundation across all marketing channels.

Elevar and Shopify

Elevar has helped Shopify store owners through our how-to articles on GTM, Google Analytics, Data Layer, Google AdWords, Google Optimize, and more.

Use Cases for this App

We’ve packaged our GTM, Data Layer, and Google Adwords implementations that can take days to implement (and weeks of frustration!) into this simple app install.

  1. Gtag.js: Sitewide gtag.js implementation for Google AdWords.
  2. Dynamic Remarketing: Full retail events w/product data for use in AdWords.
  3. Google Analytics: Complete deployment via Google Tag Manager w/Data Layer, including checkout pages (for Shopify Plus stores).
  4. Enhanced eCommerce: Complete implementation including fixes for common reports missing in the native integration.
  5. Thank You Page: Transaction variables for use in 3rd party tags like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Affiliates, Snapchat, and more.
  6. Shopify Liquid Variables: Translated to dataLayer variables.
  7. Advanced Analytics: Automated variables for customer lifetime value, stock status on product pages, customer ID & email, and much more.

Common Analytics Issues Fixed with this App

  1. Redacting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in pageview hits sent to Google Analytics
  2. Enhanced eCommerce merchandising report data sent to Google Analytics such as category impressions, click-thru rate %, and product position performance
  3. Inaccurate Enhanced eCommerce product performance data such as add to cart %, product detail views, and cart to detail %
  4. Enhanced eCommerce checkout behavior events for full funnel reporting
  5. Shopify liquid variables translated to dataLayer variables for use in GTM

What Does This App Include?

  1. One-click GTM installation into your theme
  2. One-click GTM installation into your checkout.liquid template (Shopify Plus only)
  3. Thank You page script for all dataLayer variable and analytics tracking
  4. Pre-Built GTM container for complete Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking
  5. Optional GTM tags for AdWords, Remarketing, and sitewide gtag.js
  6. Customer support

Why Choose Elevar?

Our experts have helped Shopify stores in virtually every industry properly implement Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and common marketing tags like Google AdWords, Facebook, and more. We can help you too!

Shopify Plus stores can completely switch their Google Analytics implementation to Google Tag Manager so you have complete control over enhanced ecommerce, PII, and leveraging the dataLayer throughout checkout.

Integrates with

  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Tag Manager,
  • Google AdWords

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$99 one time charge

* All charges are billed in USD.

Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 15 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Brilliant App.
Having worked previously with GTM, it's been a rough ride implementing and configuring on websites, but with this plugin combined with the support provided by the Elevar team - This was a joy ride!
The extra data we now collect gives us a solid foundation for strategic planning going forward.

Ambitious Athletic Goods

Before purchasing, I was a little sceptical about investing in the app because of the price but because I rotate through products frequently in my store and to easily access and edit Shopify's backend you need an enterprise subscription, I decided this would be a good long term investment and security against errors on my behalf if it worked properly.

After purchasing I ran into a problem where I installed the code incorrectly and therefore emailed Brad & Ann and they were very quick to get back to me. They sent me an article containing common solutions to my problem and after trying them, they didn't work. Brad then took the time and effort to request access to my store and actually went into my backend and fixed the problem himself.

The app imports everything you could possibly need to solve data layer, enhanced eccomerce, Facebook retargeting, and Google retargeting problems into your Google tag manager account and has custom firing optimization to ensure you are getting the most data out of your traffic.

I am thoroughly impressed with the app and even more so with the customer service. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to stick with their Shopify store long term or anyone who is prone to making mistakes while coding on their backend. This app saved me countless hours of work. The time I saved was worth more than the $99 alone and because its a one time fee, the app will continue to provide value far into the future.

I would honestly give them a 10/5 if I could.

Thanks for all the help guys!

Kevin Faragher


Brad was very helpful and assisted me with fixing one issue with my website. He made the necessary changes and explained me all of them in details. The time will tell if everything is ok, but if not, at least I know that behind this app there is a great support ready to help.

Developer reply

April 05, 2019

Hi - this is Brad (founder) from Elevar and I am sorry. My response to your questions/issues was unsatisfactory which I will make right so we get to the bottom of your issue/questions.

Regarding response time - your last email into our support was during the time period where our service system - Hubspot - had a major system outage which caused days worth of delays in our tickets and updates -

While I don't like making public excuses - this is why we did not respond in typical fashion within 24 hours. I honestly did not see it.

The product ID undefined question is one that varies store to store (and many times is a false positive reporting in AdWords) but will happily assist on a screenshare to troubleshoot. My direct email is

Thanks and I hope you give us a chance to make this right.