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inkFrog Open

Developed by inkFrog, Inc

241 reviews
Price: Free – $29.00 / month More info
  • List your Shopify products to eBay and be set up in minutes
  • Easily create eBay listings and sync inventory
  • Create beautiful eBay listings with our built in design tools

List quickly & manage your eBay business... BETTER!

List to eBay faster than ever before. Use our exclusive tools like our one of a kind sync. Create beautiful eBay templates too! Manage your orders, messages and more.

Create beautiful eBay listings

Creating an eBay listing is fast (very fast), simple and allows you to utilize your own custom template or our template builder.

Listing profiles

Create master and sub profiles for super fast listings. Attach profiles which can be automatically updated across all your listings in minutes.

Sync updates

We have the most powerful sync functionality available. Update listings or profiles and our sync automatically updates your listings.

Image uploader & manager

Built in image management suite for full control over your images. Upload and edit your images with ease. You can also upload directly from dropbox!

Auto relist rules

Create auto relist rules which allow you to setup relist schedules and times for your closed listings.

inkFrog listing storage

Keep a history of your listings FOREVER and find and use them quickly using our unique quick search with filters.

Template Builder

Create a professional template in minutes using our exlusive template builder. Start with a prebuilt theme and modify it using our WYSIWYG editor. It's super easy and your eBay listings will never look better.

Order & customer management

Keep track of your orders through inkFrog and send customizable auto emails to your buyers keeping them imformed throughout the process. Mark items as shipped and paid direclty from our app too.

eBay messaging built in

Keep in contact with your buyers with our exclusive messaging. Our messaging is threaded so you can follow your conversations with buyers more effectively!

Multiple eBay ID's

Manage all your eBay accounts from a single interface! Now that is being efficient.

Custom Template Support

Plugin a few lines of code into your existing, custom template and paste it in. You can then use our lister seamlessly with your design.

Create variation listings

Not only can you create variations through our lister, you can create them extremely quickly. We've made a complex process extremely simple. Fast and easy is how we do things!

List to multiple eBay markets

inkFrog Open supports listing to all major eBay markets.

Contact us

Have additional questions or need support?

Visit our support desk or email us at open@inkfrog.com.

inkFrog Open reviews

241 reviews
  1. 5 stars (182 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (13 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (7 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (6 reviews)
  5. 1 star (33 reviews)

API connectivity between shopify and inkfrog is not consistent. Continual errors and inventory problems making items show in stock and sell when they've already bee sold.


Ridiculous to setup if you have thousands of SKUs.


App no longer works to link Shopify to eBay. It is constantly failing and has become so unreliable that after years of using I find myself looking for a replacement.


Product updates, order, tracking - none of it updated reliably. Three weeks wasted, starting over with something new and hopefully better.


Does not work! I would not recommend this app, as there are too many bugs and problems with it.


The developer does not seem to have basic knowledge of ecommerce. Inkfrog does not match items by SKU. Idiotic! I would have to go through hundreds if items and link them to items on other channels manually because of this.


I am very happy with this app 99% of the time, and the other 1% of the time it drives me nuts !

I should start by saying that when I signed up, it was the only app I could find which would take products from Shopify into E-Bay, and then take the orders from E-Bay back into Shopify, and do all that at the price which a small business could tolerate. So thumbs up on that.

The set-up process was quite onerous, not because Inkfrog is difficult or obtuse, but because there is a 'best practice' way to operate Inkfrog to give yourself the minimum of problems. If you follow that method, then life begins to settle down, if not, stand by for a bumpy ride.

I strongly recommend taking advantage of the offer of a call with an Inkfrog support representative before you get too deep into the software. I did this perhaps a little bit later than I should of, and did it because I kept having problems with products not syncing properly, wrong photo's being uploaded, prices being changed etc. I had to do something about these problems because as anyone selling on E-Bay knows, you are on a very short leash.

I follow the Inkfrog best practice to the letter now, and the problems are very much reduced. There is still the occasional blip, however whether the issue is within Inkfrog, or because E-Bay or Shopify have changed something, is generally impossible to tell.

I have found the Inkfrog support team to respond very quickly on the whole, I have never been left without a solution, and generally the solution is there within a couple of hours. However, what I have rarely been able to find out, is why the problem occurred in the first place. This is really important to know in my view, because if the problem is my own process, I want to know about it so I can prevent further issues.

Aside from the occasional unexplained glitch, my main gripes about the software would be that in order to avoid sync problems, every time a new product or products is created in Shopify, Inkfrog will not pick that up unless the product download file is rebuilt from scratch. This is an automated process, but if you have products into the thousands, this can take a while to do.

The other main issue is that for existing products on Shopify, if you amend the photo's, these are not automatically updated in E-Bay. I believe the Inkfrog team are working on that feature though.

So, in my view, for the money, there is no better app that will do all that it does, but be prepared to put a lot of work in to getting it working for you properly. I would also say that I am not 100% comfortable that I can 'ignore' Inkfrog and let it work in the background, errors do still occur, and you would be wise to log in and check for anomalies on a daily basis.

UPDATE OCTOBER 2017 - I have been having various issues with synchornising information between Shopify, Inkfrog and E-Bay. It has been well over a week now and despite reporting the issue on THREE seperate occasions, nobody from Inkfrog has bothered to reply at all. Basically, less than a third of E-Bay orders are being pushed into Shopify by Inkfrog, so Shopify inventory is out of sync until I do it manually. I have also had intermittent issues with dispatch information not being pulled from Shopify into E-Bay.

I don't know whether I am being ignored by Inkfrog, or there is a much bigger issue at play such as the support team being disbanded perhaps.

Either way, if my recent experience is anything to go by, then the support provided is zero, which is not what I pay $29 per month for.

I have revised my view of Inkfrog from being optimistic about the software, to ready to move on to a different solution due to persistent poor support where elementary features of the software are not working as they should.


So far, so good. Had an initial problem connecting with Ebay, but the team at inkFrog hopped right in, even in the evening on a weekend. Fixed the problem right away, and I'm off!!! I'll send more updates, as I get further along in the process.


Yet another miss by these people (thought we'd give them one more try). The theory is good, however reality is different.

Sync issues, errors, missing deadlines for eBay updates and policy changes, etc., etc. As someone else so aptly noted, NO SUPPORT.


Horrible app. Unless you're gonna pay for the full amount its worthless. You sign up for a free 10 listing but ebay allows only 5 listing for the free account. On top of that there are additional fees with ebay for listing, selling, etc... all of your already low margins of dropshipping becomes a profitless business and becomes a money hole instead

Free – $29.00 / month



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