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inkFrog Open

Developed by inkFrog, Inc

185 reviews
Price: Free – $29.00 / month More info
  • List your Shopify products to eBay and be set up in minutes
  • Easily create eBay listings and sync inventory
  • Create beautiful eBay listings with our built in design tools

List quickly & manage your eBay business... BETTER!

List to eBay faster than ever before. Use our exclusive tools like our one of a kind sync. Create beautiful eBay templates too! Manage your orders, messages and more.

Create beautiful eBay listings

Creating an eBay listing is fast (very fast), simple and allows you to utilize your own custom template or our template builder.

Listing profiles

Create master and sub profiles for super fast listings. Attach profiles which can be automatically updated across all your listings in minutes.

Sync updates

We have the most powerful sync functionality available. Update listings or profiles and our sync automatically updates your listings.

Image uploader & manager

Built in image management suite for full control over your images. Upload and edit your images with ease. You can also upload directly from dropbox!

Auto relist rules

Create auto relist rules which allow you to setup relist schedules and times for your closed listings.

inkFrog listing storage

Keep a history of your listings FOREVER and find and use them quickly using our unique quick search with filters.

Template Builder

Create a professional template in minutes using our exlusive template builder. Start with a prebuilt theme and modify it using our WYSIWYG editor. It's super easy and your eBay listings will never look better.

Order & customer management

Keep track of your orders through inkFrog and send customizable auto emails to your buyers keeping them imformed throughout the process. Mark items as shipped and paid direclty from our app too.

eBay messaging built in

Keep in contact with your buyers with our exclusive messaging. Our messaging is threaded so you can follow your conversations with buyers more effectively!

Multiple eBay ID's

Manage all your eBay accounts from a single interface! Now that is being efficient.

Custom Template Support

Plugin a few lines of code into your existing, custom template and paste it in. You can then use our lister seamlessly with your design.

Create variation listings

Not only can you create variations through our lister, you can create them extremely quickly. We've made a complex process extremely simple. Fast and easy is how we do things!

List to multiple eBay markets

inkFrog Open supports listing to the following eBay markets:

  • eBay.com (US)

  • eBay Motors (US)

  • eBay.co.uk

  • eBay.ca

  • eBay.com.au

  • eBay.at

  • eBay.be (Dutch)

  • eBay.be (French)

  • cafr.eBay.ca

  • eBay.fr

  • eBay.de

  • eBay.com.hk

  • eBay.in

  • eBay.ie

  • eBay.it

  • eBay.com.my

  • eBay.nl

  • eBay.ph

  • eBay.pl

  • eBay.com.sg

  • eBay.es

  • eBay.ch

inkFrog Open reviews (185)


I ended up deleting this app because it was becoming more of a pain than help. I tried for quite some time to make it work and several attempts with support. Support did respond quickly which was nice, but they provided very "by the book" not helpful answers. I already didn't understand what to do and they would respond with eBay lingo and terms that continued to make no sense. My biggest issues were inventory was NEVER syncing correctly. When I would go to import a product it would say I had for example, 5 available...however, my shopify inventory would be different. If I didn't know exactly how much I had of something, I could easily import all these items to eBay and not really have them. There is a lot of back end work with this app still and I don't feel confident in it's abilities so I have disabled the app and I am moving on. It might be ok for more advanced eBay users, but I am pretty tech savvy and I couldn't get this to work as I wanted (not very familiar with eBay).


This APP didn't work and listing was not shown on ebay.


I just installed this app yesterday and got around to setting it up today. It is a great app so far and I am looking forward to using it more in the future. Thanks for this app. One less selling platform I have to spend a lot of time on. Thanks again.

Jo and Joanne


I've been using inkfrog for nearly 2 years now and it's been excellent. There were a few hickups in the beginning but the support team were helpful and fast to resolve them. I haven't had any issues for a while now and inkfrog keeps my shopify inventory synced up with my ebay inventory. It's hard to beat this app for the price.


We haven't been using the system long but we're already starting to see the benefits. The customer support has been great and they arranged a call with me set everything up. Very pleased so far.



This application is great! I used it to import all of my products within minutes! The setup was fast and easy as well! I would highly recommend this to anyone!


exelente plataforma para tu tienda online


A must have for eBay sellers on Shopify! With this app you can sell on eBay without ever logging into eBay. You can sell on eBay but run the checkout thru Shopify so no need to log into separate platforms.


I think it's a great concept, but this app is lacking a-lot of basic functionality. I had to manually input the item description in the "deciphers". I'm only allowed to include 10 product items, not including variants before I'm being forced to pay $11 to $30 a month for tier subscription services. Products do not 100% automatically import, there is still a-lot of backlog work.

I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to use this service. Check out my store --> www.skylabshop.com


We have been using InkFrog for almost a year now and it is the best app we could have asked for. We used to spend so much time removing stock from our eBay store that had sold on our Shopify store and vice-versa and now InkFrog does it for us.

It was quite difficult to setup as we have so many items for sale with a huge range of variants per item. However, now that it is setup, it's pretty seamless.

The developer has sorted any issues that have arisen very quickly which is invaluable to keep things running smoothly.

I definitely recommend InkFrog to Shopify users that also run an eBay store.

Free – $29.00 / month



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