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Deep Sleeps

This app really helped! Well worth the money as it’s all automatic so after it’s installed I didn’t have to do anything!

Art in Coins

Super easy installation. Once in place, I resubmitted sitemaps to Google and Bing and found rich snippets in search results within just a couple days. Can't quantify any increase in search related traffic just yet, but everything seems to be working flawlessly. It's going to be well worth the basic plan rate many times over I suspect. Eric also provides additional tips and insights across many different subjects via his email newsletter. Will likely be very informative and helpful for most store owners.

Thank you, Art in Coins.


Usually I do not leave reviews unless I can say something good, but felt that we needed to make others aware to warn them, so they can save themselves the trouble/disappointment and skip this app and work with another app/company.

Essentially, it has gotten to the point where it seems like this app developer does not care about his clients anymore and provide misleading and false advertisement; since, he may believe he has gotten enough good reviews in the past, so he doesn’t need to bother anymore. In that, we signed up with this app developer about a year ago and at the time he offered two license plans: JSON-LD Basic tier option [$69] and JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ option [$299]. However, although money was tight, we chose to invest more upfront with this app developer by opting to pay for the $299 Premium Plus plan and install the app [he just recently stopped offering the $69 basic plan in 02-04-19].

Please note, he advertises this app as a one-time fee setup for each Shopify business store. During this time we rebranded and trademarked our brand and as a result updated our store URL to be consistent with our new trademarked brand. Since it’s the same business we also setup a permanent redirect of the old-shop-URL to the new-shop-URL. At the time we also had about 3 other one-time charge apps, including the JSON‑LD for SEO, making it 4 one-time charge apps in total; along with several other paid monthly apps.

Subsequently, we contacted all 4 app developers including JSON‑LD for SEO that provided the app at a one-time charge, to let them know we changed our brand but we are the same business and all products are same just update to our shop URL. All the app developers had no problem checking/verifying this, then told us to go ahead and install the app again and then they moved over/restored our account settings to the new shop URL without charging us again; since it’s the same business with one Shopify account.

However, its only Eric D the developer for this app, that refused to help us restore our previous paid account license and went as far as insulting us by telling us we can sign up for the $69.00 Basic license instead of the$299 Premium+ license because after 02-04-19, he would only be offering the $299 plan [as if we were unable to afford the $299 plan though we already paid him $299].

However, when I countered that if we wanted to buy his basic plan for $69, I would not have given him $300 for the premium plus+ plan before, for our Shopify store. He basically responded and stated in summary that, ‘since you are using a new myshopify url, it does not matter if it’s the same business and store, the only thing that matter is that only that you have a new Shopify account that has not paid for the app yet’.

So, we were really shocked and felt cheated by this response, because for him to communicate this after advertising that’s it’s a onetime fee license for one shop, it became very concerning the way he dealt with me and his cold inflexibility. For although we are a startup, we did not hesitate before to pay him for the JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ at $299 and now we are not able to benefit from the app, since you would have had to wait a longer term to see the results. But because of this very bad support service we will never know...as we no longer have the app setup for our store because of this unfair app developer.

However, I did not want to waste any more time trying to reason with him on this, because it was pretty clear cut, that he had a choice to do the right thing and help us restore our previously paid licensed account like the other app developers, since it’s the same shop and business and he chose not to do the right thing. So, I just decided to cut our losses with him while we are ahead and alert others about this dishonest/misleading practice.

Also, please note, once I told this app developer I was going to share my experience, he did not respond. But all of a sudden, the regular business tips newsletter he was sending me before when I paid for the $299 plan, stopped abruptly, so it looks like we got unsubscribed from his newsletter. Which actually works out best for us, because when you first signup up for his plan, he starts spamming you with several canned emails in an exaggerated effort to show he cares about your business when the reality is, he doesn’t. So, we would rather not get any emails from him, because what he is telling you, you can easily get this information from Shopify blogs and online resources when you need it. So, I am glad he has decided to stop spamming us, because 99% of his canned emails we don’t read anyway.

Since then, we’ve researched and signed up for the free SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge that does the same thing his app does for $299, so we wish we had found that before we lost $299 with him.

Plus, to complete our SEO circle we also use the Smart SEO app that does even more and that team is very professional/easy to work with. The cool thing is that Smart SEO works awesome with the free SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge that replaces this app, so there is no app conflict.
Plus, to ensure we get the best results, we are doing ongoing organic SEO optimization for our shop as well for the long term game and PPC for short term, that helps balances out our store traffic very well.

Hope this helps.

Developer reply

March 1, 2019

Store rebranding and changing the domain name is fine and many customers do that all the time.

In this case, your original account on Shopify was closed when you moved to a different platform for a year. Then when you came back to Shopify you created a completely new account. That's why your previous license for the app could not be transferred, it is tied to your original account not your new one.

My guess is that the other three apps you are referring to comped you their apps, essentially giving you two copies for the price of one.

Similar to you, I am a startup and I am unable to give away copies of my apps for free.

I'm glad you found alternatives for SEO and I wish you success.

Expert Toolkit

This is a great app, that is having an impact on our traffic and search appearance already. The personal hands-on support from the creator is great.


It is the best purchase decision I've made for my Shopify store so far. Eric is a really nice person and professional in his field. He is always trying to solve my problems with his 5-star customer support. From this point, you can actually tell the difference between a 5-star app and 4.5-star app.

Go Bloom & Glow

Awesome app! Started seeing results within just one week. Eric was very helpful and I must say, really an expert in his field.

MadeOn Skin Care

I first heard about this app through an active, paid Facebook group I'm in that's all about marketing. I took their word for it and bought the app. I'm still fairly new to the app but in the meantime, I totally appreciate how I'm educated about SEO with their occasional emails. I clicked on one, which led me to a wealth of information that I started learning from. Their support team is awesome - I was able to figure out how to restructure my out of stock items so it will help me with SEO rather than hurt me. I'm excited to learn more about this great tool, and to watch how it helps my store.

One Fine Secret

It is not easy to see the results before and after any SEO app installation. I guess anything to do with SEO is tough and takes time so this review isn't for the effectiveness of the this app. However, Eric is very responsive and helpful and this app is only one off purchase so I give a 5 to Eric's service and affordability of the app.

Foods Alive Inc.

This app is pretty great so far. We started to see rich-snippet google results within a week. Highly recommended!


Great product and great service, always very responsive to my questions and emails. Product seems to work as advertised.