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SEO Doctor

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330 reviews
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  • Automatically fix all your store's SEO Issues or get an SEO Guru to fix it for you.
  • Improve your shop’s ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Drive organic traffic to your shop and increase sales with our SMART SEO Automation.

With over 8000 active users and tons of Google first page rankings for our users, SEO Doctor is the best SEO App to get your store higher rankings.

If you’re serious about maximizing sales, you can’t afford to ignore Search Engine Optimization. Think of it, how many free targeted customers could you have if your store shows up on the top position in search engines? If done properly, SEO can drive a horde of free, highly targeted traffic EVERYDAY to your shop.

Diagnose your shop’s SEO issues

* Get a Diagnosis Report of the SEO health of your shop. You’ll be surprised by the issues preventing your shop from ranking higher on search engines!

* SEO Doctor will provide you a list of the issues as well as recommendations on how to fix them. Just follow through our recommendations and fix the issues right in the app.
You can also hire an expert to take a 2nd look at your shop. Having an SEO Guru work hand in hand with you is the best way to learn, become your own SEO boss and do the right thing. NO GUESS WORK.

* Automatically track and easily fix all your broken links (404 errors) on your website and Google Webmaster Tools.

* Automatically Set Alt tags for your Images and improve your Google Image Search rankings!

* Increase your website speed with SEO Doctor's smart image compression feature.

Full Feature List

  • ★ SEO Issues Scan

  • ★ Meta Titles Fixing

  • ★ Meta Description Fixing

  • ★ Image ALT Text Issues Scan with Automated Fixing

  • ★ Image Compression

  • ★ Website Speed Optimization

  • ★ Real Time 404 Error Management

  • ★ 404 Error Fixing From Google Webmaster Tools

  • ★ Google Knowledge Graph Support

  • ★JSON-LD Data Support

  • ★ Google Page Speed Integration

  • ★ Google Mobile Friendly Test

  • ★ Sitemap Management and So Much More

SEO is an invaluable investment that will pay off hundreds of times over. After your site is well-optimized, sit back, and watch an avalanche of traffic (and sales) come in!

We are professionals in Search Engine Optimization, and we pride ourselves on doing quality work on any budget.

Install the app now and show up in search engine in no time

SEO Doctor reviews

330 reviews
  1. 5 stars (290 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (18 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (7 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
  5. 1 star (11 reviews)

Great app! Now I know what exactly I need to improve t perform better. Thank you!


Great App. Highly Recommended!


Absolutely great app, very useful and practical and important to have in every Shopify store, highly recommended!


This was my first time using SEO Doctor and I was pretty impressed. Easy to install, and when I checked my pages, there were some suggestions for improvement. We will see if these changes actually make a change in my rankings, but I am hopeful.


So you have a new business or an existing business and your wondering why it's not doing so well. Well I was one of those people too! I then decided to see if I could find an app that would show me where things are going wrong. I decided on SEO Doctor, and I'm glad I did! SEO Doctor was easy to get started, just install and run. After less then a minute SEO Doctor presented me with a percentage and a list of my websites strengths and weaknesses. Best of all it didn't cost me anything!
I recommend SEO Doctor!



This is absolutely a must have app especially if you're an seo novice like me.
Just ensure to follow the recommendations and you'll be good


https://luca-chiara.myshopify.com Overall this is am amazing app!! It was super helpful in calling out all of my site's SEO issues. It also gives you step by step suggestions on how to correct things. When I first analyzed my site the rating was 65% and after fixing the rating went up to 88%. Great app and I would highly recommend to it everyone.


I've used this app several times now to really dial in our SEO for our IBS Formula store at https://www.ibsformula.com
Get suggestions and I really like how it rates the site on a scale from 1-100.


A great piece of kit. The guys at SEO Doctor are readily available for advice on their Facebook group too and post up handy tips.


Very pleased with how this app analyzed our site and provide recommendations. Just make sure you follow what the app recommended and you should be good.

From $0.00 / month

Do It Your Self Plan ($14.99/mo)

This plan allows you to fully scan all the SEO issues, follow the recommendations and fix the errors right in the app. You also have the option to put some part of your SEO on Auto pilot and the app will keep fixing all SEO errors that comes up. It also comes with all the extra amazing features like 404 error fixing, image optimization and more.

Hire An SEO Guru (Optional Plans)

★ One - Time SEO Fixes ( Starts at $199)
This plan allows you to hire an SEO Guru who will come into your Shop and fix all the on-page SEO issues at a one time cost for you. Fixing your on-page issues is the very first step to every successful SEO campaign. If you don't know how to fix the issues the app finds on your website or you are busy, with this package an SEO Guru will request access to your store and do the fixing for you.

★Get Your Products To Google 1st Page (Starts at $299/mo )

This plan is for business owners that wants to get their keywords to show up on Google 1st Page. Our SEO Gurus will do a keyword research for your approval and setup an SEO Campaign to get your keywords to Google first page.

Your Guru will be hands on, in leading all your link building, social bookmarking and social signal building effort to get you to the first page. You will get monthly ranking reports on how we are performing with your project. This plan starts with 3 keywords. You can add more keywords at additional cost anytime.

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