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SEO Doctor

SEO Doctor

Developed by Kudobuzz

383 reviews
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  • Automatically diagnose and fix all your store's SEO Issues with our Autopilot Feature.
  • Improve your shop’s ranking on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Drive organic traffic to your shop and reduce the amount of time you spend on SEO with our SMART Automation.

With over 8000 active users and tons of Google first page rankings for our users, SEO Doctor is the best SEO App to get your store higher rankings.

If you’re serious about maximizing sales, you can’t afford to ignore Search Engine Optimization. Think of it, how many free targeted customers could you have if your store shows up on the top position in search engines? If done properly, SEO can drive a horde of free, highly targeted traffic EVERYDAY to your shop.

Diagnose your shop’s SEO issues

* Get a Diagnosis Report of the SEO health of your shop. You’ll be surprised by the issues preventing your shop from ranking higher on search engines!

* SEO Doctor will provide you a list of the issues as well as recommendations on how to fix them. Just follow through our recommendations and fix the issues right in the app.
You can also hire an expert to take a 2nd look at your shop. Having an SEO Guru work hand in hand with you is the best way to learn, become your own SEO boss and do the right thing. NO GUESS WORK.

* Automatically track and easily fix all your broken links (404 errors) on your website and Google Webmaster Tools.

* Automatically Set Alt tags for your Images and improve your Google Image Search rankings!

* Increase your website speed with SEO Doctor's smart image compression feature.

Full Feature List

  • ★ SEO Issues Scan

  • ★ Meta Titles Fixing

  • ★ Meta Description Fixing

  • ★ Image ALT Text Issues Scan with Automated Fixing

  • ★ Image Compression

  • ★ Website Speed Optimization

  • ★ Real Time 404 Error Management

  • ★ 404 Error Fixing From Google Webmaster Tools

  • ★ Google Knowledge Graph Support

  • ★JSON-LD Data Support

  • ★ Google Page Speed Integration

  • ★ Google Mobile Friendly Test

  • ★ Sitemap Management and So Much More

SEO is an invaluable investment that will pay off hundreds of times over. After your site is well-optimized, sit back, and watch an avalanche of traffic (and sales) come in!

We are professionals in Search Engine Optimization, and we pride ourselves on doing quality work on any budget.

Install the app now and show up in search engine in no time



★★★★★ Kudobuzz Social Reviews

Collect reviews and testimonials from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp,
Google+ and show them on your storefront to boost your trust and grow your sales

Improve search ranking with Google rich snippet feature and increase visitors to your site

Send an email automatically after purchase or fulfillment to request reviews

★★★★★ RetailTower

Seamlessly import inventory from your store to RetailTower

An easy way to list your products on comparison shopping engines; Google, Amazon Marketplace, Bing, Myshopping.co.au, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber, & 10 more!

Create custom feeds for most shopping engines.

SEO Doctor reviews

383 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (24 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (12 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (7 reviews)
  5. 1 star (16 reviews)

Being pretty new with the website creation process I decided to run the app to see where I could improve or how I compared to my competitors' sites. I found this to be a very, very, beneficial tool that everyone should use! Very informative and extremely user friendly A+++


I am fairly new to the world of e-commerce and still trying to figure out how to drive traffic to my website. SEO Doctor is easy to use. I've already implemented the suggestions and am starting to see an increase in my traffic. There is more work to be done, but at least with SEO Doctor, I know what needs to be improved.


After careful review of this app for our shop we decided to give it a try. What happened? we saw an increase in traffic and now beginning to see conversions and we only had the app for a few days. It's great! Try it you won't be disappointed.


This is awesome! Finding websites that don't give you a negative effect is really hard. SEO Doctor makes this much easier. Thanks guys!!


This app is great because it's affordable and it helps diagnose issues on your website. It informed me that my website wasn't verified with Google, Bing and Alexa. It diagnosed a few other issues too.


Very good app, i wonder if the team would be able to improve the seo of a e commerce writenn in spanish. AWESOME TOOLS


When I first downloaded this app, I was really not familiar at all with SEO and how to optimize it. I was really confused with what SEO was, how I was supposed to make changes, and how this app would help. If you would have asked me to review this product then, I probably would have given it 1 or 2 stars- simply because it was a confusing topic and I didn't think the app helped to explain the concept.

However, I did some research to answer these questions and then reinstalled the app; and I'm impressed with the analysis they provide for free and the work I can improve on my own. Better yet, if I don't understand (or have time, or interest) in fixing the problems myself, I know theres the option to hire someone to do it- without being pushy or too forward.

Overall, there's no reason not to try out this app; learn a little about SEO first though, or perhaps the developers may consider adding an FAQ page/SEO for dummies page for those like me :)


SEO Doctor is easy to use and provides easy to follow reporting that was exactly the kind of information that we were seeking.


Love this app and I recommend it to all as I am so happy with the app and service that they follow it up with.It is so easy to use and regularly checks your seo and keeps you up to date with what is going and it helped my site no end so I recommend you download it now and get your FREE diagnosis for your site asap 10/10


An outstanding app and an outstanding company behind the app! Our company has been with them for several months and have seen our ranking go from "not even close to being seen" to page ONE on Google. That's right, folks. I call that results and this company does that and more. If you're looking to let someone else take care of your SEO so you have the time to do what you do best...working your website, then SEO Doctor should be #1 on your list! Highly recommend!!

From $0.00 / month

Our Pro Plan

This plan allows you to fully scan all the SEO issues, follow the recommendations and fix the errors right in the app. You also have the option to put some part of your SEO on Auto pilot and the app will keep fixing all SEO errors that comes up. It also comes with all the extra amazing features like 404 error fixing, image optimization and more.

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