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Loyalty, rewards and referrals by LoyaltyLion

Loyalty, rewards and referrals by LoyaltyLion

Developed by LoyaltyLion

128 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases and referrals
  • Gain customer insights
  • Shopify Plus featured loyalty app (LoyaltyLion supports all Shopify plans)

Use LoyaltyLion to add your own loyalty program in minutes and gain valuable customer insights. Increase activity and customer happiness by offering points for over 10 activities including, signups, purchases, birthdays, Facebook Likes, social referrals and more. Your customers will collect points and redeem them for rewards to use at your store, which encourages long term loyalty and increases revenue.

** New **

FREE plan for stores with 400 or fewer monthly orders (unlimited members included)

Advanced loyalty tiers

Reward Yotpo reviews using LoyaltyLion


Stores choose LoyaltyLion because we're designed to make you more money:

  • One of Shopify's largest stores, The Chivery, generates 6% of their revenue from LoyaltyLion - case study

  • 100% Pure generates over $7,800 from LoyaltyLion referrals every week - case study

  • CheapUndies has generated $132,007 from repeat purchases via LoyaltyLion - case study


  • Any language - choose from English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Dutch or add your own language

  • Points for 10+ activities - including account creation, social referrals, Facebook Likes, Twitter Follows, Instagram Follows, birthdays, visiting your store, signing up to your newsletter, buying products, buying specific products and more!
  • Reward Yotpo reviews - encourage more reviews - delight customers and reward mail after purchase reviews with points - learn more about Yotpo
    (premium feature - contact us using support@loyaltylion.com to gain access. Automatically available to stores paying $159/month or higher.)

  • 5 reward types - offer money off, percentage discounts, free products, free shipping and discounts off product categories

  • Advanced loyalty tiers - add tiers to your loyalty program, for example silver, gold and platinum and reward your top customers more whilst encouraging others to reach the highest tier.

  • Fully supports Shopify POS - reward your customers online and in-store seamlessly - see LoyaltyLion + Shopify POS

  • Fully customisable email notifications - automatically email customers when they have enough points for a reward and increase repeat purchases

  • Social referrals - acquire new customers by rewarding successful referrals via Facebook, Twitter or email - solution included on all plans

  • Advanced analytics - see your top referrers, most engaged customers and program performance
  • Any currency - choose your own

  • Manage your program - add points, approve points, block customers, import past points

  • Import - import your existing customers and their points

  • Onboarding advice - talk to one of our loyalty experts and set up the program exactly how you want ($159/month plans and above)

  • Customer Success Manager - gain regular advice from one of our experts so your program keeps performing ($159/month plans and above)

Shopify Plus

LoyaltyLion provides the scale and stability larger stores need, which is one of the reasons LoyaltyLion is the Shopify Plus featured loyalty app.

Shopify Plus stores benefit from exclusive features, including:

  • Custom rules - ability to reward any customer activity, for example photo uploads, reviews, comments, shares etc.
  • Gift Card API - ability to include gift cards within your loyalty program

  • Voucher API - so your vouchers automatically top up

  • More on Shopify Plus exclusive features, pricing and FAQs - view our Shopify Plus page

    Why LoyaltyLion?

    LoyaltyLion is used by millions of shoppers around the world. The largest and smallest retailers trust LoyaltyLion and both see fantastic results - on average a retailer will earn $8 - $32 for every $1 spent on LoyaltyLion.

    New features monthly

    We have a dedicated team of developers who constantly add features. LoyaltyLion was the first to reward more than purchases, the first to offer loyalty emails and the first to support Shopify POS (among many other firsts). We are proud of our innovations and will continue to be the first on Shopify.

    Industry leaders

    Our advisors are responsible for building one of the biggest ecommerce stores in the world, ASOS, and the world's largest loyalty program, PAYBACK (now owned by American Express). Why is this good for you? We get them to share their insights exclusively with you to help you grow your business.

    Customise everything

    We know how important your brand is to your success, which why you can customise everything to match your brand - change the text, colours, fonts and images. See examples below.

    See LoyaltyLion working

    Visit these beautifully customised loyalty programs: The Chivery, 100% Pure, and Perfect Cellar,

    Use LoyaltyLion like your shoppers: LoyaltyLion Shopify store

    See the analytics LoyaltyLion provides: LoyaltyLion Merchant Account

    Loyalty, rewards and referrals by LoyaltyLion reviews (128)


    Not working yet for us we are waiting for support to help fix the problem


    The installation and setup through the Admin dashboard was simple, and customer service exceeded our expectations every time we reached out for guidance. We just can't say enough good things about how much they want their customers to succeed. The platform itself is very flexible and offers everything we wanted in a loyalty program. You won't go wrong installing this app.


    Great app, works as advertised. Increased customer loyalty and reduced churn rate. Support is fantastic.


    I give the loyalty rewards and referrals fives star review.


    we had a great experience with the on-boarding team!


    Great app, easy to setup! highly recommended


    Best app we've purchases yet! Our customers love it and it's SO user friendly. Amazing customer service too! They're always there to help & check in often, as well.


    Loyalty Lion made incorporating a loyalty programme into my store so quick and easy - they've thought of everything and I'm already seeing the benefits of rewarding my customers, with increased engagement and sales. Highly recommended!


    Update: love the new custom reward types - I can literally offer anything as a reward! Super cool!!

    Great app, very easy to set-up, it is so good I wanted to review it twice :)

    Perfect for engaging customers, bringing them back and keeping them happy with rewards. Customers actively help you promote your products through their social networks which is great for building brand awareness and increasing sales. An essential app for anyone on the Shopify network. The support is fantastic too.


    For the features that you can get for free I would probably give this five stars. It looks very professional and installs easily.

    I am interested in several of the paid features, but having tested them during the free trial period they seem very unfinished to me. The email feature in particular is very expensive and hasn't worked out the way that I hoped.

    The code that you can embed in your store to show the points a buyer will receive is also limited to the points for dollars feature and doesn't work with extra points for specific products or categories. They did say they'll be adding this, but as of now it isn't there and there is no target date.

    For US based users, tech support hours are very limited. You send in a request, they answer it overnight, and then if you need to reply it's another 24-hours cycle. No complaints about the support, it's just frustratingly slow due to the time difference.

    I think this app has a lot of potential but it does still need some work in order for shops to offer a robust loyalty program.

    UPDATE: Downgraded my star rating for the following reasons:

    The app awards points for sales tax paid, not just for the purchased item. This is just outright wrong, sales tax should not be rewarded.

    I couldn't get the birthday feature to work. I'd enter a birthday and then come back to view it and the data would be gone. Plus they ask for a year on the birthday, which isn't necessary for the feature but it will prevent many people from participating. I would have loved to use this feature but didn't want to spend on more time debugging it.

    The newsletter signup feature doesn't integrate with any email programs (such as Mailchimp) so they can't actually verify that the customer signed up for email. They only know that the customer clicked on a button. This is definitely not worth awarding points.

    The code that you can embed on your product page to show the points a buyer will receive doesn't work with multiple variants. It shows zero points. There might be a workaround for this, I don't know because I didn't want to spend any more time on it given the other problems with the feature mentioned in my original review.

    I never could get the email statements to send so I had to give up on it. This should have been a must-have feature because it gives customers a reason to return to your site.

    Individual features are hugely overpriced for what you get. This app has so much potential but right now they are waaay over promising.

    I'm a paying customer and I have been in contact with tech support. So far I haven't been able to resolve any of these issues. If I hadn't advertised the program to my customers I would be uninstalling it right now.

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