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Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO

Developed by Plug in SEO

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  • Identify problems it'll be worth spending your time and money to fix
  • Install and forget about SEO with automatic, regular checking
  • Instant, simple verdict

Over 82,000 store owners use Plug in SEO to check their shop for SEO problems

Plug in SEO gives you a single verdict: does your store have issues with search engine performance that will be worthwhile to fix?

Once you install, the app checks your store, determines the verdict and displays details.

All of the essential areas of search engine optimization are checked including page titles, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, content freshness and much more.

Instructions to fix them yourself

Code snippets and directions are included to make sure you're taking advantage of the powerful SEO features built right into your Shopify admin: no monthly app payment required!

Need a bit more guidance? Mail us at help@pluginseo.com and we'll send you some extra code help (no charge).

...or join over 2,000 store owners and connect with one of our Shopify experts to improve your SEO

You'll find fixed-price packages within Plug in SEO to sort out any SEO issues found.

Our on-page SEO experts can make sure your entire shop is structured properly for the best performance in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Speed experts will improve your page loading time: a key ranking factor for Google and proven to increase your conversion rate.

Quality and passionate bloggers are on the team to blog about trends, products and topics so that you feature more often in search results pages.

Add Plug in SEO to your shop to activate free, automatic checking

Plug in SEO constantly checks your shop and alerts you by email when there are any issues found.

Plug in SEO reviews (463)


I use this every now and then to see if there is any problems with my SEO that I haven't noticed. It highlights the problems for free so that I can work to solve them!


Very good advice to make adjustments on your own. For free!


Great and easy to use app. The fact that it is free makes it even better.


Recently installed this app for www.easyorganic.com.au and find the fortnightly SEO health check extremely valuable.


Brilliant App with clear and concise advice to make your site better!


Excellent app for my dog breed shirt shop!


Free version was able to get me some good feedback on SEO tips and tricks. Great app!


Top app, easy and works.


Awesome app, it showed us some of our SEO issues and provided us the resources to know how to fix them.


Love this app. Sometimes can be a little confusing but it does the job for hobbyapparel.com

From $0.00 / month

  • Free forever: app, instructions, code, automatic check and email alert

  • Optional purchase: get a Shopify expert to fix SEO problems, speed up your shop or blog for you


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