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Merchants highly recommend this app for its dynamic SEO content feature, saving time in managing SEO across multiple pages. It provides clear, actionable SEO improvement recommendations and quickly identifies and fixes SEO issues. It's particularly useful for structuring products in Google Search Console. The support team is praised for their quick and extensive feedback. Both the free and paid plans are effective in improving search engine rankings and increasing website traffic. Merchants appreciate its user-friendly interface and real-time updates for speedy SEO improvements.

August 2, 2017

Terrible service as they cannot transfer changes from one theme to another as paid premium! This is totally unacceptable and it is best to totally avoid using the service pluginseo are giving. I feel like being scammed!!

Mega Deals 4 U
United Kingdom
12 months using the app
November 15, 2021

We installed this app and the next day ou ranking in Google was completely wiped off. Traffic is down 25% and it will reduce further if we don't take action. sent emails after emails and given them access of admin and till now no reply. Very bad customer support service and very disappointing to be in this position. Shopify pls look this is very dangerous for the business.

Melbourne Home & Living
2 days using the app
Plug in Useful replied November 16, 2021

Hi Aman,

Concerned to hear about this since we’re normally known for our prompt replies and exceptional attention to detail.

I just wanted to clarify what we offer with Plug in SEO Plus. Our app does not make on-page changes that would impact traffic.

You may reach us anytime at

Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback with us – we take all reviews seriously and will use them in our continuous improvement efforts!

PIU Team

Edited November 5, 2018

The app is so confusing. Everything has a price. Be prepared to change ur liquid theme code ALL the time, or pay them to do it for you. This app is just a great marketing tool to get ppl to pay for their SEO services. download the app, try it free. Everything will fail the SEO test. Give you instructions on how to change everything yourself. basically re-writing the theme's liquid code yourself (good luck) or pay them to do it. services are expensive too. my website "FAILED" speed test, I could pay them ($$$$) to change this, add that, re-write this, and some other things so my website will be at a faster speed. :/ I tried doing some of the re-coding on my own as they suggested and didn't see any results or get better results from re-doing their SEO test. I've decided to uninstall the app within my 7day free trial. This is the next set of instructions I got

"If Plug in SEO Plus is currently installed in your theme note that uninstalling will mean that the page titles and meta descriptions currently being generated will no longer be. Uninstalling will change a lot of page titles and meta descriptions through your entire shop.

You will no longer have the structured data through your site that Google uses to generate enhanced listings. Broken links will no longer be tracked. You'll lose access to the Keywords checker and all of your SEO settings in the 'Your Plus Benefits' tab.

Like any SEO change this carries some risk of harming your performance on search engines."

I'm hoping I don't screw anything up since all I did was download the app, ask them to change the 1st set of code they suggest needed to be done (since I wasn't comfortable watching all the videos and changing the liquid code myself). There are too many instructions with how-to videos and blogs associated with this app. Seems easier if I could just download an app and the app does everything. Maybe no such thing exist? Whatever the case, this isn't for the novice web owner.

If you love tools with videos and blogs and lengthy how-to emails, this is the app for you. If you need something more basic, look elsewhere.

Bold Addictions™ | Jewelry & Accessories
United States
5 months using the app
Edited March 9, 2023

I paid $480 2 days ago to get a range of SEO issues fixed. I am pretty annoyed to get an automated email from them saying there's a bunch of things that need fixing without listing them and then suggesting I spend $180 to get them addressed.
They tell me my blog post isn't part of my domain when it is, and that my last three posts don't have any internal links to my website (products and other blog posts) when they do.
The "dashboard" is really a funnel to get you to spend more money with them.
Feeling underwhelmed and unimpressed.

So nearly 3 years later, I thought I would give Plugin SEO another try. I opted for the free plan to see if what they said SEO-wise was accurate.
Of the 6 apparent blog issues, only two were correct, that I had my own domain and didn't have a feed set up. However it said I didn't link to products in my own store or to external websites (when I do), that I hadn't blogged in last 28 days with my blog last updated 27 September 2021 when I actually blogged last on 2 March 2023, that my blog posts were under four words (none of them are), and that my blog post length was too short at under 100 words when the last 5 were 1,119 words, 866 words, 601 words, 743 words and 263 words.
They are just copy-and-pasting "issues" to get you to spend money.
And now I won't.

My Event Decor
About 1 month using the app
Plug in Useful replied May 10, 2020

Hi Elizabeth,

We want you to feel comfortable sharing good or bad news with us. I'm so sorry that your experience with us fell short of expectations.

If you have any questions or would like to follow up with the status of the SEO fix job, just drop me a message here: or on Blimpon. You may also direct message our Product Manager

September 24, 2021

That will ruin your code source and create new code files, insert new line, comment old code, slow your website, you need to unstill the app and do a lot of manual changes;
try a manual change to your pages, img by adding titles, meta, keywords, H1,H2,H3,Alt, read more about SEO best practices, txt vs image %,..
Good luck for the team behind, you're doing a good job, but this is not for who need to own his website, lazy people or who don't have time to read SEO may need to try such apps,

Most innovative products to make an easy life
United Kingdom
1 day using the app
Plug in Useful replied September 24, 2021

Hi Adam,

Thank you for sharing an honest review of your experience with us.

Our app doesn’t include any client-side code (apart from the broken links checker which only runs on your 404 pages).

This means it runs entirely on the Shopify server, taking advantage of the built-in caching that comes with Shopify.

After uninstalling a Shopify app there may be code still leftover from it in your theme. That's often not the fault of the developer, it's the way Shopify works.

Making any code change to your site unfortunately isn't as simple as copy and pasting a snippet into your HTML, so before starting you should:

- have a working knowledge of editing HTML, forming HTML tags correctly, and a little bit of CSS skill
- be able to use your web browser to view the source and identify the final page title, meta description, etc.
- know a bit about editing templates on your platform. If that's Shopify it's Liquid you'll use
- make a backup and be able to reverse any change you make

We apologize that our app didn’t satisfy your expectations. Our customers’ happiness is always our highest priority.

You may send us an email at / if you want to learn more about our app.

PIU Team

December 4, 2021

In my opinion it a funnelling, not an app. They want you to install it to put you on plan. I also left with SEO fields inside my theme I cant get rid off after uninstall. thanks

Vextra Security
30 minutes using the app
Plug in Useful replied December 4, 2021

Hi there,

Plug in SEO monthly subscription gives you a bunch of automatic SEO improvements to your shop along with tools and enhancements so YOU can manage your SEO yourself going forward.

Our SEO fix jobs and Plug in SEO Plus monthly options are completely separate and OPTIONAL but very complementary to each other. A lot of customers start out with Plug in SEO and then purchase one-off fix packages if they need more help in specific areas.

After uninstalling a Shopify app there may be code still leftover from it in your theme. That's often not the fault of the developer, it's the way Shopify works. Unfortunately when you delete the app in your Shopify admin the app's access to your theme is immediately removed: there's no opportunity to clean up leftover theme changes.

I've sent you a direct message, please get back to us and we will remove our left-over code or you may check the steps here:

PIU Team

June 3, 2020

I used this app, wrote a review and the review was taken down. I would not recommend this app, period.

Vapester Vaping
United Kingdom
21 days using the app
Plug in Useful replied June 4, 2020

Hi Nick,

Hope you are well!

I saw the review you left on June 3, 2020, and wanted to address that.

Please note Shopify doesn't allow App partners/developers to edit/delete a merchant/shop owner's review. Only a merchant can edit/delete a review. You can double-check this with the Shopify team. Or check this link check Section 3, Item # 7.

Coming to your review - "wrote a review and the review was taken down" - I believe you are confusing it with the review you left for our other app.

It is still there (we, as app developers, can't delete/edit any review). You can check it here:

We are a small team always looking to provide our customers with the best of the services. In your case as well, we responded professionally and politely and went over and beyond.

Even then, when you didn't find our apps meeting your expectations, on your request, we provided a full refund for both your stores on May 15, 2020 (Shopify refund ticket 79365025 & 79336736). Here is a screenshot -

I find this review strange as everything has been settled, and you have uninstalled our apps and have not been a user since May 12, 2020.

Regardless, we wish you and your business all the success.
If you have any questions, feel free to get back to us on

PM - Plug in SEO

May 21, 2021

just got it. provide some detail about what you did or did not enjoy about using this app. Your comments can help other merchants decide whether to use this app. how

Curvy Gyals
United States
4 days using the app
Plug in Useful replied May 21, 2021

Hi Kristina,

We thank you for your review.

We see that you've just recently installed our app. Do you have any concerns at the moment?

Hope to hear from you soon.

PIU Team

May 31, 2016

Does not Work anymore. Made 2 attempts to Contact support/Developer No reply Speed Check dont Work and Also Blog Check. Dont Bother theirs other apps to use that have more Features that actually Work

Corvette Solution
United States
6 months using the app
July 19, 2017

Do not purchase anything, this app is not helpful and even though they tried - they ended up messing up my storefront.

Yourturnkeystore 102
United States
4 months using the app