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April 13, 2018

I like that they carry organic and hemp shirts. But it's anything but easy. I feel like I need the Rosetta stone to figure out how to mock up and order the products.

Earth Nourish
United States
8 months using the app
Edited August 6, 2015

Update** Print Aura fully refunded both orders and put money in my account with them should I decide to give them a second chance. Their support staff worked well with me to refund my order and assured me that what had happened was rare.

My experience with print aura is extremely unsatisfactory! I have made two orders from them. The first I paid extra to rush through the printing process and paid extra for the quickest delivery. That was 2 weeks ago and I still do not have that order. I made a dumb decision and decided to make a second order, because I needed shirts fast and just thought the first order would be a day or two late. So I ordered a second time, this time I actually received shirts. However multiple shirts had stains on them. One has a black goo on it that will not come off. If I could upload pictures I would. DO NOT USE THIS PRINT/SHIPPER!!!!!!

Live Tyler
United States
12 days using the app
May 23, 2017

I downloaded the print aura shopify app because I felt as though the current t shirt fulfillment company did not have enough selection of products for my customers (i.e t shirt and sweatshirt styles and colors). After doing some research, I found print aura and was impressed with the variety of products they had. Still being weary because of the mixed reviews they have received, I decided to just create one sweatshirt through print aura on my website, and ordered it for my self to see what the buying process would be like for my customers via print aura. I was excited when I received my sweatshirt so quickly, only a few days after I had ordered it, but was really disappointed when I opened up my package. Their print quality was horrible, and the graphic on the back of the sweatshirt was already peeling and stuck together. I'm so glad I tested their products before selling them to my customers, I can't imagine how absolutely embarrassing it would have been to have my customers receive such a low-quality product.

Riley Clarke
United States
6 days using the app
October 10, 2017

Their selection is great which makes for their shop to have great potential compared to other stores (i.e. colors, pocket tees). However, their website is really slow, hard to navigate, hard to use, and there's too many variables we have to fix and create on our own in terms of my images. Printful has been much much easier to navigate and I'd rather have good quality and easy to use companies.

For example, I was so excited that they have pocket tees but you have to create your own mock up images using other softwares so it was quite disappointing. You can't visualize what the shirt will look like on print aura. I called customer service regarding this but they just gave me the run around and basically said they can't do anything about making the process easier for me.

Might be something to consider, Print Aura, because the potential for making it a great company is there but your website is way too hard to navigate with too much extra work for business owners. Glad I tested it out before I put it up in my shop!

Matching With Chloe
United States
6 days using the app
Edited February 20, 2015

Edit: After this review posted I was contacted by the owner of PrintAura, and was told that the issue would be resolved and that I would not be charged for their mistake. As a result, I've updated the review to 3 stars.

Original: Terrible. I'm so happy I decided to order a shirt before I opened the product up to my customers. Not only did it take nearly two weeks for the shirt to ship, they then sent me the WRONG shirt. After contacting PrintAura, they put in another order, which thankfully I caught, as they seemed to be trying to CHARGE for the replacement shirt.

I would not recommend this service to anyone that cares about their customers, they certainly are not worth the headache.

World Hollywood Entertainment
United States
18 days using the app
April 6, 2016

Very frustrating. Very disappointing. Very unprofessional. I could go on. This is the worse experience I've ever had with an app on shopify. How do you offer a complicated product (sure it's easy to install, but then you have to set up your business on their website to sync with your shopify store, and it's complicated and time consuming) and NOT offer the ability to talk with someone?
I feel so cheated, I put the time in to read everything on their website, I watched all the videos, and STILL I had questions when I started to go through the process; like I said, it's complicated and all that information sometimes doesn't make sense when unexpected things happen, and you simply NEED to be able to talk with someone. That's why I feel cheated, I did my homework, did the research and when I needed someone to assist me to get over the hump, and they failed me each and EVERY time. EVERY time I called this company I got a voice mail telling me someone would call me back if I left a message. How do you go through a complicated set up process and have to send them an email, write them a message or leave them a voice mail and then wait for them to reply in half a day to a full day later? Then when you get the reply, if they misinterpreted what you were saying in your message, you have to wait another half to full day for someone to get back to you. Completely frustrating. Completely disappointing. Completely unprofessional. Seriously, a complete waste of time!

Your Hometown T
United States
About 3 hours using the app
May 7, 2018

Installed....uninstalled. That's how far I got. Just poor web/ux design. I didn't bother fumbling around it.

Reactive Performance Shop
United States
4 minutes using the app
January 16, 2020

We got $2000 stolen by Printaura. We're dealing with it for about the month and Printaura refuses to refund them back.

The worst of all is that they just charged us for $2000 in 2 transactions without any shame. Without any orders coming in.

And after you contact them they basically say to you "yeah, we will refund them back once you win the case on PayPal against us".


That's all they are.

Each and every one of them!

Their customer service is by far the worst the world has ever seen and will not help you with anything. But I guess they were not meant to be helpful.

If you want to have your money stolen just like we did, go ahead and install their app.

If you do want to help yourself out stay away.

Staying away from this company is all it takes.

United Kingdom
2 minutes using the app