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December 20, 2018

Do NOT use this printer! If I could rate them a '0' I would. The customer service is horrible and the turnaround time is slow. The website is clunky and you have to submit manual orders, which is time consuming.

And if a certain item is out of stock you won't be notified immediately. I submitted orders but I wasn't notified until more than a day and a half after I submitted my order. I then submitted a replacement order and that sweatshirt was out of stock. In my business, customers aren't able to order products that are out of stock or they are notified immediately. That type of unprofessional behavior creates a bad experience for my customers and for me.

There are better print on demand companies that offer a better experience from designing, to ordering, to customer service. Save yourself a lot of headache and stay away from Print Aura.

Furious Flower Designs
United States
8 months using the app
August 4, 2017

I was a little hesitant to use PrintAura because of some of their reviews, but decided to give them a shot because their selection is huge.
I've been really pleased with the print quality and have only had one problem. One of the shirts had several small holes from where the printing solution had dissolved the shirt fabric. Panic! What if that had been sent to a customer!? I sent pictures to PrintAura and explained the problem.
I'm giving them a 5 star review because of the response. I sent the complaint off in the middle of the night. Within a few hours, I checked and saw that a replacement was already being processed. It was like 6 am, and way before normal business hours. I didn't get any notification, they just started fixing the problem. A little after 9 am, I received an email apologizing and officially informing me that a replacement was on its way. They explained what happened and assured me that it is a rare event.
I cannot complain about their customer service. I was blown away by how fast and easy it was to get this fixed. I may end up with a customer who gets a similarly damaged shirt, but with PrintAura handling everything so fast I'm confident that I can keep my customers happy.

Mo Fig
United States
6 months using the app
September 11, 2018

I have worked with Teelaunch; Custom Cat; Gooten ....Like... all of them! I'll tell you why I like Print Aura

PROS: The Variety of Apparel is number one here. My shop stands out because I can offer fashionable trendy styles and colors. For Instance Printful offers Bella + Canvas 8800 Women's Flowy Racerback Tank for 17.95 but only offers it in 4 colors where Print Aura that same style for LESS $17.50 in 23 colors. Customer service has always been very responsive and helpful!! I feel supported and they are my partners in pleasing my customers.
AND they have an off-the-menu option ( not listed on their website) for Overnight shipping if you, as a shop owner have one of those emergencies. Their quality is long lasting and consistent and I don't really have to worry about artwork wearing off too soon , like with some other producers

CONS: Sometimes their website is buggy and Yes their mock-up generator is very clunky but I do have a work around that requires manual labor on my end *but* I see it as an entry barrier between me and my competitors. Most people will just get impatient and go elsewhere. I will be giving them 5 Stars if they should making load product more seamless .

Essential Oil Style
United States
Over 8 years using the app
April 20, 2017

Not impressed at all. The customer service is rude rude rude!

After reading everything in the Image Guidelines, I began building my store... only to find out I wasn't saving my images as CYMK - My bad!

But them after REDOING everything, I stumble upon their YouTube page where I learn that the images need to be rasterized before uploading... a step that is NOT mentioned on their Image Guidelines page.

When I asked why this video isn't listed, and if there are any more steps I need to know about, I was directed to the Image Guidelines page.

The company give you NOTHING but the run-around.

It's sad really, because the potential for greatness is there! Unfortunately, they don't understand the meaning of professionalism.

Regular Gal
United States
7 months using the app
February 22, 2019

I really wanted to like PrintAura. They have a great selection of products. But their interface is wonky. Products are pushed in, and appear on the site, but they will show up as "sold out" when you try to checkout. They display as shopify products, not printaura products. It takes over half an hour for orders to appear on the PrintAura website. There is NO PHONE NUMBER for customer support. Too much hassle. Don't bother.

Six Eighty & Co.
United States
7 months using the app
September 21, 2020

I feel bad writing this review because it’s not a nice one, but if I can save someone else from making the same mistakes I did, it’s worth it. I’m new to the apparel business. I chose Print Aura because they have the best collection of environmentally conscious clothing of any of the print on demand companies, although, I was able to find a great company that has enough to fill my store. I chose Print Aura before I had come onto the App Store on shopify so I had already spent five months with them having test designs made so that I could photograph them and get my website up before I saw the bad reviews in the App Store. When I saw them, I panicked because my communication with their customer service and the quality of their website had already given me problems. Basically their customer support is Monday through Friday via email with one woman named Cheryl. Cheryl would only respond to my email the next day so for example, if I sent her an email on Monday I knew I wouldn’t get a response back from her until Tuesday. She would also only respond to one question per email, so if in my initial email I asked two questions, she would only answer one. At that point, I would ask the second question over again and have to wait another day to get the answer back to that question. Her answers were curt. She was never downright rude, but I could almost see her eyes rolling when she opened an email. When I asked her for help linking Print Aura to Shopify, her reply was, “you just have to push it through.” Push what through?? I decided right before launching my site that I would slowly switch all of my products over to this other company that I had found and phase out my products on Print Aura. My opening day came. I made some sales and I emailed her and asked her if the sales had gone through just to make sure that we were correctly linked up, as she had been so vague about the process, I was nervous about it. I didn’t hear back from her for almost 5 days!! I had to shut my website down and I immediately switched all of my orders over to the other company and dealing with them has been like night and day. Their website is so user-friendly and they have live chat 24/7. I don’t want to name them because I don’t want anyone to think that this review is about anything more than a warning. To sum it up, the customer service at printaura is terrible! They caused me numerous sleepless nights and major major stress, not to mention lots of money. If I had to do it again, I would’ve done things differently, so let me be your trial by error and believe me when I say that there are far better companies out there!!

Little Pink Robin
United States
3 months using the app
February 11, 2017

More like Print Awful.
No one ever answers the phone when I call and email responses are often inconsistent, "canned", condescending, and rude. When my customers receive crappy products it reflects poorly on me and my brand!

PrintAura does not act like a partner at all. It seems ALL they care about is padding their pockets while cranking out as many products (regardless of quality) as possible... Because, I mean, after all... if there is an error in an order it doesn't reflect on them whatsoever. It reflects on us (the small business). We get to take the brunt of the upset customer's irritation and loose money because of their careless mistakes. They have absolutely no skin in the game and it shows in their customer service.

I have had issues with a high percentage of my orders. I simply asked about quality control. The response I got was "Thanks for voicing your concern. There is most certainly a lot of quality control over here. However, we ship out a lot of products and errors can occur."

IF the level of quality control going on was what they claim, there is absolutely NO excuse for the number of errors that have occurred. When I responded to this asking them to call me to sort this out the response I got was, "Phone support is very limited this time of year due to the holidays. Emails get priority with us.
I have already made it clear to you that due to the volume of products we print and ship, human error can occur. When we are notified of an order error (via email with the order number and a photo), we can replace the order or issue you a refund. If you have orders that need either a refund or a replacement, please send us an email per order and include the order number and a photo showing the issue."

1. There has NEVER been an apology for any of these issues and saying things like "I have already made it clear to you" without any sort of "we are sorry this keeps happening" is really rude. 2. If your production volume is so HUGE that errors are occuring to this extent maybe hiring some extra quality control personnel would be helful. 3. By the time you let orders with problems (missing packing slips, incorrectly printed garments, damaged garments...etc) ship to our customers it's too late... an impression has been made. I get that some mistakes and issues are just a part of doing business... but come on. AND!! to get this "promised refund" is extra work for us, not only do we have to try to help our upset customer we also have to spend extra time to submit photos and order ID info in "separate emails" to Print Aura. It's just crazy.

I am beyond frustrated. I have tried to approach these issues with understanding and grace... but that last email I received was the final straw. I have only been working with them for a couple months and the amount of errors and lack of positive customer service interaction tells me it's time to find another option.

I'd say steer clear of this company.

Waffle Lane
United States
3 months using the app
May 18, 2018

They entice you with their selection of sweatshop free/eco/american made apparel, then they send you the nice garments with garbage printing.

Chimera Alchemy Studio
United States
3 months using the app
February 14, 2014

Excellent support, nice tools and a friendly manager

Shihan Essence
Almost 3 years using the app
August 22, 2017

THE WORST DROP SHIP COMPANY ON SHOPIFY. Customer Service is HORRIFIC. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL. You may have one or two orders that are ok, if you have one that isn't good luck trying to resolve anything with them. Pure incompetence. Should have paid attention to the bad reviews over the few good ones.

United States
2 months using the app