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Printful - We print T-shirts, Posters and Other Print Products

Printful - We print T-shirts, Posters and Other Print Products

Price: Free More info
  • No upfront costs - avoid inventory, expensive t-shirt machines, etc.
  • Personal branding - we make it look like you sent it
  • No manual orders - everything is automatically sent to Printful, saving your precious time

Outsource your printing

Printing your awesome designs on different stuff is one less thing you have to think about. Your orders will be automatically sent from Shopify to us at Printful, to print and send out the order. Since everything is printed on-demand, you don't have to worry about keeping inventory, or guessing at what sells best - we've got you covered.

By letting us take care of the production, you can spend your time on what's important to you.

How does Printful work?

When an order is made on Shopify that contains a Printful product it is automatically sent directly to us, where we print and send your order to your customer.

Printful also automatically updates tracking information for that item within Shopify.

  1. Click the “Get App” button

  2. Create an account at Printful or sign in with your existing account

  3. Upload any print files to Printful for products that you would like to fulfill through Printful

  4. Answer a few questions about what you're selling (product type, size)

  5. Grab a margarita and relax!

You can also watch this tutorial that shows you how to do it.

Your profit depends on you

Your profit depends on what you set the end-price at. The higher the price, the bigger the profit margin for you. But we ask for the bare minimum to be able to cover the t-shirt and printing expenses, which we buy direct from the supplier to give you the best prices. You can see our pricing page for suggested price points, to make sure that you get a great profit.

Stuff you can get

  1. T-shirts - American Apparel (t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, v-necks, kids, youth), Gildan (t-shirts, tank tops, v-necks), Alternative Apparel (men's & women's, tear-away labels available), Anvil (tear-away label t-shirts) and Next Level

  2. Sweatshirts - American Apparel hoodies, raglan sweaters

  3. Posters - 8x10, 12x12, 12x16, 16x16, 12x18, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36, 44x44 (inches)

  4. Framed Posters - 8x10, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, 12x16, 12x18, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36 (inches)

  5. Canvas - 12x12, 12x16, 16x16, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36 (inches)

  6. Mugs - 12 and 15 oz. dishwasher/microwave safe ceramic white mugs (Made in the USA mugs available)

  7. Totes - American Apparel E549 Bull Denim Woven Cotton Tote and an "all-over" tote that you can print from seam to seam.

  8. Throw Pillows - 18x18, all-over-print, individually cut and sewn in LA inches, including inside pillow. Pillowcase only option available.

  9. Embroidery - hats, beanies and snapbacks available. Each print file needs to be digitized for one time $5 fee.

  10. All-over t-shirts and tank tops - a dye-printing technique that allows for your ideas to be printed "all-over".

  11. Desk Calendars - spiral bound, easel format calendar for $15.

Interested in more products or sizes? We might be able to help. Email us at support@theprintful.com.

Quality you can count on

Our apparel is created with the latest in garment printing technology using Brother DTG printers and our inks are water based and eco-friendly. This makes the feel much softer than traditional screen printed shirts, but just as durable.

Posters and canvases are printed on Epson Stylus Pro 7900 using Epson UltraChrome HDR ink-jet technology. Posters are printed on 10.3 mil thick Epson Enhanced Matte Paper. See more on quality.

We took care of the little things

  1. Sample the goods and see what your customer's getting. You can order samples of your designs for 20% off & FREE SHIPPING, found in the Printful “Submit Orders” dashboard

  2. Use our mockup images. Access images of our products you can use in your Shopify Store here or use our Mockup Generator.

  3. Use our description texts we've pre-written descriptions you can use in your store, so that you don't have to. See product descriptions (click on the product).

All US orders have tracking

When we send an item, we automatically trigger the Shopify shipping notification with the tracking code, which is sent to your end customer so they know where their package is.

Shopify "Unlimited" plan users can also use the feature to override Shopify shipping settings so your customers will have a choice of USPS and FedEx expedient shipping options.

Cool cats already using Printful

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  2. Raccoon Brand

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  7. and over 2000 others

Orders ship from Los Angeles

We're located at the heart of LA. By printing locally, we're able to ship quickly from the US. Ideal for everyone, especially international Shopify users! Not to mention we're close to the largest apparel wholesalers in America and just a 20 minute drive away from American Apparel's factory in downtown LA so we can stock Apparel products faster than anybody else.


Have a pressing question not answered? Check out our Shopify FAQ or get in touch with support@theprintful.com

About Printful

We started with our own Shopify store called Startup Vitamins, and realized the need for awesome dropshippers. We know what you're going through, and that's exactly we're your best fit - we know what you need. That's quality, reliability, and kick-ass support. We've worked in the software industry for 11 years (check out Draugiem Group), so we've been able to make the most stable and user-friendly Shopify integration solution. We have a very international team, including cool kids from the US, Canada, and Latvia (that's in Europe). We're super friendly, so if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, hit us up at support@theprintful.com

Always growing

Since we launched the app in Nov '13 our Shopify users have sold $4,103,335.39 worth of print products.

Printful - We print T-shirts, Posters and Other Print Products reviews (49)


Shipping time is nearly two weeks. Customer service has generally been good, but today I experienced the one bad employee that doesn't understand an issue the first time around, and then gives attitude on the chat (written proof that the service sucked). The product and results are good. The presentation is poor though. I would like to see my products placed in plastic.


NO POLYBAGS on your apparels!! Let me repeat, as of 9/15/15, they DO NOT PUT POLYBAGS when they ship their apparels!!

So... if you want to create a website for your small school team, or small town fair, Printful could work and save you some upfront money.

But!! If you want to create a "Brand", Printful is a No No! As a costumer, imagine if you order a Tshirt from Store, and they send you the Tshirt or a hat without POLYBAG!! What kind of impression would that leave!? That customer will NEVER shop from you. Not only that, he/she will spread the bad service like wild fire. Polybags are a must to keep the product from dirt as well!

I had customers that complained because their apparel came with dirt and stains. Come on Printful... You can do so much more. And actually, you had!!

Yes! They actually "did" send their apparels in polybags.... but for whatever reason (Which is always to save couple bucks), they decided to "REMOVE" the "polybags!!" from all their apparel shipments!!! Come on... How much would that save you? 5 cents at most!? So jut to save 5 cents, you would loose so many possible costumers!!? You can do the math here. You'll end up loosing thousands, millions of dollars... just because you wanted to save... 5 cents....!!! Come on Printful.... BRING THE POLYBAGS!!!!

If they do bring their polybags in time for the apparels, I'd easily give them 4 stars. But as of 9/15/15, because they DO NOT OFFER polybags on their apparel.... they get 2 stars! Again, if you want to sell you apparels to your family and small town fairs, Printful might work. But if you want to create a Brand, and you want Printful to be stepping stone, look elsewhere.


I really like the Printful platform. They definitely seem like a good bunch of people that genuinely care about their team(s), their customers and theirs products & services. I have only been using them for a few weeks now and do not have samples in hands yet, so it's still too early on to tell what I think of them long-term, but so far so good.

They drop insightful emails with sweet tips and tools for me to implement into my store and businesses, which are always useful. Options for white label printing and branding also are advantageous. Customer service is very personable and knowledgeable.

I think the biggest knock against Printful would be their turnaround times, as several other store owners have already expressed. Since they are a POD business, I understand the premium that we as sellers have to pay, and I'm fine with that. However, since us sellers have such a low profit margin (because their products are costly), at least a tradeoff that we could pass on to our buyers is that we offer speedy shipping.

Though I'm willing to see how things transpire over these next few weeks and I will then update my review. I do not have enough experience with their service and products at this time to provide a well-rounded review, but I'm happy with what I've seen so far and wanted to post my thoughts to help other prospects.


Alphly wouldn't exist without this service.


This app rocks. It makes it so easy to plug swag into your business. Go look at our site at the cool tshirts, bags and even dog shirt we can sell! We would never have done a dog shirt before.

They don't turn things around the next day, as other reviewers have mentioned. I've spoken to the CEO and he's assured me that is because they are growing so fast they are having trouble keeping up with their demand. He even invited me to their factory and I checked it out. It's super clean, amazing and high tech. These guys are inventing the future over there.

If you're looking for a great and easy way to add swag and products to your store, try out Printful and you won't be disappointed!


I've been using printful for the past 3 months with my webstore and they are absolutely amazing. The customer service is top notch, The quality of the product is perfect. The price for products may be a little high however if you want the best quality your going to have to pay for it.

1 Year after using Printful - I'm coming up on a year using this company and I have to say, I've been experiencing what people are saying. Slow turn around time, Low quality printing standards, and sky high printing prices. I would have say about 4-5 months ago I started experiencing these changes. My customers were complaining about defects in clothing products. Printful charges way to much to even make a profit. I would have to say printful is good for when you start your company to see if your products will sell. After that I would recommend finding other print shops if quality, price, and turn around time is your main concern.


LATER ADDITIONAL NOTE here at the top: I did go to Merchify and they are HEAVEN! They have the instant sync between the Shopify platform and their dashboard that this outfit, Printful, completely and sorely lacks. See the below and my glowing review at Merchify's app site:


I'm a card carrying member of MENSA and have subscribed to their magazine for decades. I also owned and operated a software company that sold around the world digitally in the 1990s long before it was fashionable with 4,000+ customers in 40+ countries around the world (including China, long before they hardly had any internet penetration).

I know good software and I know bad software. And a large part of the determining factor of how good a software is less in the coding, and more in the user friendly simplicity and simple, straightforward instructional help.

On this basis alone, not even to mention the fulfillment issues that others have noted below, I am finding this whole process a little terrifying. And like I mentioned above, I'm a member of MENSA and have been online since 1988.

The fulfillment issues warn me that if I manage to put in the hundreds of hours that it appears necessary to effectively interface with their cognitively disorganized mess of multiple videos here and there and everywhere vainly trying to point back to one of the most poorly designed "dashboards" that I have ever seen, that I'll be rewarded in the end by fulfillment problems that others here that have waded thru all of this have discovered.

They escalated me to their head support guy and it hasn't improved much. When you have to be a professional graphics designer to do business with these companies, something is wrong. They haven't thought thru their business model properly to make it work with the masses of people out there. Native intelligence should be all that is necessary, not narrow professional training in a specific field. In today's world, good programming and good instructions should be able to make the latter no longer necessary.

I am still looking at ThePrintful but I am now also looking at Merchify hoping that they might hold themselves to a higher standard. I'll probably be writing a review over there shortly.

I am like another reviewer here in the sense that IF there is a DTG printer out there that has an APP out there with a dashboard that

1. uploads the graphic in one place and has all of the variants and instructional videos and what not in one visual place to STEP BY STEP take the person thru the process instead of leaving GAPS AD INFINITUM in what actually needs to be done, let me know.

2. Then uploads THEIR products into my Shopify store so that I can sell their products as affinity type items with my company's logo on it,


I'll be there faster than you can say boo. :)

PS Their customer service and tech support is reasonably prompt and they try to be helpful, but I don't think they "get" how poor their interface is with the non-graphic-designer public.


Functionally sound - this review is more as a cautionary tale for UK-based online businesses.

Alas! I really wanted this app to work for me. It is, in theory, exactly what I need, but the high cost of the items, the shipping fees and the surprise customs charges meant it wasn't a viable option. We ended up losing money on all products because we refunded our customers their excess customs charges before pulling everything from the online store before too much damage had been done.

on the upside, my customers are delighted with their now super-limited edition items!

If a local option were available, we'd still consider it, as the shipping and customs really were the dealbreakers more than anything. quality of products we used was fine and no fulfillment issues aside from customs.

a pity! We were really keen on this!


Even if product's initial setup is quite long (hand pick designs for each t-shirt color and size one by one) service looks excellent so far. Quality of print is very good and the ability to order samples is awesome!


Amazing. Hands down.




Support & Sales

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