Music Player by Websyms

Music Player by Websyms

by Websyms IT Solutions

Add your audio playlist for every product and page

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Excellent app! If you want to engage your customers and want them to spend more time on your site, this is the app. Very happy.

Emileo's World

I honestly have mix feelings about this one. Before I begin I want to mention I sell in multiple platforms. And have a YouTube channel. Won't be mentioning the name. I always try giving my costumers & viewers the best I can. So I had to put the video that i was making a review about this app. So yeah review on hold. 1. First time global show once and then went missing. Support didn't contacted me for 2 days. Until I wrote my first reviews. Since then app has updated is look and I'm 100% happy to say global works, fast responses now, I can either show or hide the widget. If you people want to see how it seems once you have it set up visit my site music plays auto. The only issues I'm having right now. Music file even when they do upload it doesnt show for me. Spent 2 days stuck there before hitting up support. I would love it if the music play randome. In other words I don't want everytime costumers come for the same exact songs to repeat in order. When we walk into physical stores songs are always different & changing. You don't know what to expect. So if they can make that possible I'll be grateful. I notice when clicking from category to category. Music stops. That's sucks for me. I want it to keep on playing otherwise it annoys costumers. If they can make that happen and fix all does issue. Like they did with global not showing and time it takes on responding. I'll give them 100% 5stars. So far I say it depends on you guys. Keep in mind they fix there first 2 issue so that shows me they commited & actually listen. Again if you guys need a view of how the app will work for your site visit my site song take a couple of min to start playing. I wish I knew the name of the guy/girl that help me and was actually patient trying to figure out what was wrong with me. He/she the #1 reason why I choose this app over the others support 100% fast.


An app with a lot of potential, but can get in the way of viewing on your store when the player is open and stops each time people go to another page. Currently only a 3-star product. Great idea though!

Developer reply

July 16, 2019

Hello, There is an option in app to control whether you want the player open by default or not. So if you don't want to show the player, you can configure it and it will only be opened by customers when they want it.

Regarding player stops each time people go to another page, if page will refresh, complete HTML of page gets reloaded which we can't control. Although to overcome this problem, we are maintaining the current state of audio to make sure it restarts from the same point where it stopped.

Bracken Guitars

I use this app for my guitar page and its perfect! Would love to see some more and better themes for the music players but these will do the trick!


Just amazing ! Great customer service 2. Now shoppers will feel more your store and culture around it trough setting up the right ambiance. This is in my opinion give a little great boost to our sales :). Thank you guys !


Does the job, easy CSS hacks to change the design. The support replies promptly.

Update: Their tech, however, appears to be not 100%, I notice downtime from time to time. I'll keep this review running to see how we progress

Update: Been told about server migration, expressed disappointment about lack of warning. For the last four hours, the message is "All will be good in a few minutes"

Developer reply

July 16, 2019

We messaged you that server is under maintenance and will be up shortly.

Annick of the Wild Grass

This app is sweet and simple. You can add a song or a playlist of songs to your Shopify store just like in your favorite shop in town. You just need to get the mp3 music file you want and add it to your playlist in this app which connects directly to your shop.
The feature I love most is being able to completely hide the widget for the app on your store. This is the only music player app you can completely hide - so the focus remains on your store and products.
If you want to add music to your shopping experience this is the best app out there :)


I use this app to sell my music and it still has problems trying to play music just by using the phone. you have to press play or skip 3-4 times before it plays, that needs to be fix ASAP or i'll start loosing my customers...

Developer reply

July 16, 2019

Mobile OS doesn't allow autoplay to make sure it doesn't irritates users by allowing everyone to play audios/videos. This is why Pressing play is required on Mobile Phones.


Great customer service and really good app product. I would happily recommend.

Byc Shops

I needed a little help, but this is great if you just want to have it on your home page. You can also add to product pages.

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